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MLP Two-Parter Mad Lib



Let's be honest, MLP likes to stick to a formula with its two-parters.

So now you can write your own Two-Parter with this easy-to-use, unsafe-to-publish Mad Lib. You can download the file and fill in the blanks without having to print. Enjoy!
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Here's a funny one that I made (Reference to MLP: FiM S5 E11 "Party Pooped"):

Twilight Sparkle is concerned about her quesadilla phobia and is feeling depressed.

But there is no time to dwell as Equestria is in danger from the evil "El Capitán" Queso and his quesadilla army and the Royal Ponies cannot help.

Twilight travels to Mexicolt to try and help, but she becomes separated from her friends and all seems lost.

The villain's arrogance creates an opening and the friends reunite to defeat their enemy with the power of Taco Tuesday that conveniently solves everything.

Twilight learns a lesson that answers her personal dilemma and she is rewarded with a new royal sombrero.