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Fluttershy Says Goodnight: Wake Up Call

Welp, guess that's it for "Fluttershy Says Goodnight". I admit to being biased towards the single-greatest-pony-who-ever-lived-don't-question-it, but this was "Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight", so there we go.

Pinkie's hopefully recharged and I'm mostly mended from the con crud. Now to start regaining ground!

Thanks again to :iconundead-niklos: for creating Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight. And to :iconboneswolbach: for the forest background:
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Love that the Yak is the one harping on consent. 
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*phone rings

Hello? What's that? Oh, you saw that coming a mile away too.
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the part where the yak yells to wake pinkie kills me
CrisisDriver's avatar
Oh God...I love this! Prince Rutherford for the win! No kissing without consent...a gentleyak to say the least.
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Nah, my controller won’t provide audio and now I have to get a new controller. Motherfucker.
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Fuck me. Fuck this controller. Fuck.
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Prince Rutherford ftw!
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That prince has the right idea, consent is respectable.
Mage-of-the-Small's avatar
Prince Rutherford, my new favorite Disney prince
Pum6kin's avatar
I'm, he's not a Disney prince, just a Hasbro prince.
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That how Prince Charming should have woken her up. 
BJDazzle's avatar
Hello again, Rutherford. I feel like you've been in a lot of these goodnight comics.

And I'm glad you were smart enough to not make the same mistake that Big Mac did in Hard to Say Anything.
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
That started out funny, but I would appreciate it if you wouldn't put all that "Social Justice" and #MeToo stuff into a MLP: FiM comic. That whole development with #MeToo which, yes, does include the vilification of classic stories such as "Snow White" (She was under a freaking magical curse and kissing her awake was the only way to get her to wake up from an eternal sleep that would have eventually killed her, for Luna's sake. Besides, kissing someone while that person is asleep doesn't automatically mean that the kissed person wouldn't be okay with the kiss. For all we know, Snow White definitely was okay with it and happy that it happened.), one thing we definitely don't need is that kind of stupidity implemented in a pony comic.
Please keep such social issues out of future comics.
Mage-of-the-Small's avatar
This isn't even controversial dude, kissing a sleeping friend without their permission is a form of sexual harassment/assault (legal definitions may vary by locale). If she's okay with it, she obviously wouldn't press charges, but that's not remotely the point.

Imagine waking up to someone you knew but were not attracted to doing that to you. That's the point.

By the way, MLP has had a moral at the end of every episode/two-parter since episode 1. It's completely in keeping with the show to put a moral in a pony comic, even if you don't agree with it.
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
None of these definitions matter. At all. And neither if the woman is okay with it. It doesn't matter to them. Because everyone participating in that weird stuff that derived from the whole #MeToo thing going on is assuming that kissing someone in their sleep is universally wrong. Which it isn't. You might have a partner you're in a relationship with for some time and you spontaneously kiss them in their sleep because they look cute while asleep and because you know they don't mind it. Then it isn't wrong, because your partner is ok with it.
You might be the prince in "Snow White" and kiss Snow White awake, because you know she's under a curse and will die if you don't. Then it isn't wrong, because you saved her life. And, last thing I recall about this fairy tale, Snow White was pretty happy about that. She knew it was done for the morally right reasons, so not only did she have no reason to protest against it, but was also glad and thankful the prince saved her life.
Yet, those who are part of this movement vilify everything that happens without having asked for permission first and call it "abuse" or "harassment", whether that is true or not, because they don't grasp the difference. That's what's riling me up. I am not defending actual abuse or harassment, but I find myself more than just rolling my eyes at it when everything is classified as such vile things by people who are either paranoid, too stupid to know the difference or just like to see the world (or, you know, MEN) burn.

Besides, my main point here, that you overlooked, was how that stupid logic is even applied to renowned, classical works of literature and how the comic here jumps on that bandwagon, because Fluttershy's and Prince Rutherford's lines are clear references to that fairy tale. I bet everyone who complains about Snow White being kissed awake by a prince has never really heard that fairy tale before and simply jumps straight to judgement mode with red-glowing eyes because all they know about it is "There is that woman who got kissed in her sleep without consent, so that fairy tale is so wrong!" and that's where they don't care about the actual story anymore. Finest behavior by them to reveal they fail to grasp the most easy concepts of morality and rather twist everything according to their own products of paranoia and an intense desire for judgement.
And the way you use the term "moral" here falls exactly into that. Morals aren't relative. And neither subjective. MLP: FiM has morals, yes, but this isn't a moral here in this comic. It's just fuel for the fire of a movement of people who don't properly grasp what sexual harassment is and where that definition should be applied. We don't need this in a pony comic that is supposed to be innocent, funny entertainment and not an instrument of social justice. Excusing that with moral relativism won't help.
Mage-of-the-Small's avatar
Going off of what Murrimabutterfly said, you remember that in the og fairy tales, whatever version you read, the prince waking up the sleeping woman in question hadn't ever met her before, right? Of course even people like me who support #MeToo understand there's a difference between a romantic moment in a well-established and strong relationship and a stranger kissing you. But in the fairy tales, the Prince Charming of the day was a stranger to the Princess du jour.

You're overreacting to a pretty light joke, you know? Stuff like those fairy tales haven't aged well, and Silver's just poking a little fun at the outdated and oppressive social norms of our forebears. It's not about #MeToo, it's really basic feminist literary theory, stuff I was thinking about in like middle school. I actually remember my mom explaining consent to me, it's simple stuff, and I realized the princes in most of those fairy tales did bad shit without consent because people used to think this stuff was okay, but as a society we're smarter and better now.

Morals are completely subjective because the exact morals you get are highly dependent on your culture and time. There are morals in all past writing that sound ridiculous today— take "The White Man's Burden" as an example, or the part of The Oddyssey where Zeus tells Aphrodite that women don't belong in combat. People put in morals that not everybody agrees with all the time. Obviously we know now that people of color aren't inherently inferior to white people, and that people of all genders, trained properly, can perform equally well in combat roles. The reason morals are there are to teach, and you are adamantly refusing to learn, just as I adamantly refuse to learn racist or sexist ideas from the ancient literature I study, only proving my earlier point.

TLDR: You're plugging your ears and refusing to believe you are doing so, and this conversation will get us nowhere. Have fun overreacting to a light joke, and I hope you can somehow find a way to have a pleasant day.
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
"Stuff like those fairy tales haven't aged well"

It's a work of fiction. It can't age. Unless you talk about the physical paper it's been printed on. It can't change its quality or its meaning. The only thing that changes is how society views it. But that's not a quality criteria to judge it with. A piece of fiction doesn't suddenly become worse (or better) because society develops in a certain way. "Prince Charming" kissed her awake to break the curse and save her life. This was a good deed and the morally right thing to do, regardless of the fact that he didn't know her before. It was considered okay back then and if it is considered not okay today, then society has done a step backwards, not a step forward.

"Morals are completely subjective because the exact morals you get are highly dependent on your culture and time."

Morals are absolute. It's what makes them morals. There is no relativism in morals, because morals themselves aren't relative. What you mean with these stories is a "message". Messages are subjective and can convey everything depending on the author, from good deeds to the most heinous, disgusting and vile immoralities. But morals are not subjective and should not be seen as such.

"basic feminist literary theory"

That's not much better. Today's feminism is saturated with very radical, and often downright nonsensical, beliefs.

"But in the fairy tales, the Prince Charming of the day was a stranger to the Princess du jour."

So, what are you suggesting is, that the prince should have let her die because he was a stranger to her and because he didn't know if she would be okay with the kiss?
MurrImabutterfly's avatar
In the original story, Snow White wasn't woken by a kiss--the curse didn't demand "True Love's Kiss" or any of that nonsense. Her coffin slipped, the jolt from hitting the ground dislodged the piece of apple, and she woke up. Disney added this weird thing that the Brothers Grimm vilified (look at the original Sleeping Beauty as an example).
And, dude, chill. It's a comic about talking pastel ponies. It's okay to point out the weirdness of the whole Disney-fied tale and make a joke about. It doesn't automatically become a political statement by doing so.
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
No one's vilifying the Grimm Brothers' tale, other than social justice warriors. And, yes, if the creator of this comic willfully made this "joke" because he thinks that Snow White getting freed from the curse with a kiss, whether that's in Disney's version or anywhere else, constitutes sexual harassment, then it's a statement. Not a political one, but it expresses what he thinks about the matter regardless. So it's a statement. The message he incorporates in this comic is completely out of place here.
MurrImabutterfly's avatar
You misread me. The Brothers Grimm vilified the idea of "true love's kiss" or any form of love breaking a curse. Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty both are examples of this. In Rapunzel, love causes the prince character to be assaulted by Rapunzel's mother and blinded by thorns after he falls; only Rapunzel's sorrow (her tears) saved his sight. In Sleeping Beauty, the king/prince/some rando (varies from source/retellings) forcefully has his way with the princess's sleeping form; the pain of the assault/the pain of childbirth (again, depending on the retelling) wakes her--not Prince Charming giving her a peck on the lips.
In Snow White, the prince has basically nothing to do with Snow White waking.
The Brothers Grimm avoided love as a fix-all solution, but Disney shoved True Love into every story they adapted from them. It's an odd choice, and something that's incredibly creepy.
I honestly don't know why you have your knickers in such a twist over this. SilverQuill wasn't preaching, he was mocking. He wasn't making a political statement, he was making a joke. 
Not to be rude, but mayhaps you should take a break from the internet until you realize not everything is here to offend you and that not everything that calls out inappropriate behavior is a political statement.
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
Now you're using reverse logic on me. I am not offended, I am calling out someone who clearly is. In the environment of today where #MeTooers, social justice warriors and feminists call everything "sexual harassment", even old stories when they don't actually contain sexual harassment (and, yes, that does include a story where a woman is actually woken up and freed from a deadly curse by a kiss), there is no way this can't be the intended meaning of that ".oke".
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