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Fluttershy Says Goodnight: Amethyst Star

Happy Friday, all! Much like Pinkie, I'm trying to rest after a week of early releases, conventions, and exploring Seattle. I also picked up some con crud, which is no fun at all! But next week we shall touch base with Pinkie Pie and see how she's feeling. Hopefully we'll both be in better shape.

Thanks once again go to :iconundead-niklos: for creating Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight. And to :iconboneswolbach: for creating the Ponyville background:
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it was a massive, over whelming ! all consuming amount of  * explodes *  CONTINUITY! 
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That 4th frame with FS blushing is so adorable! And funny out of context, what scandalous things is Amethyst Star suggesting? :D
AJR001's avatar
Amethyst, that's pretty petty. You forgot the quesadillas... :XD::XD:
I think Twilight would be perfectly fine with counting ladybugs. 
spartan012TheFK's avatar
amethyst and fluttershy they look so good together💎🦋
WritePillar's avatar
Well, of course. Amethyst wants to get back at Twilight for taking her job.
crazyzukofangirl1280's avatar
If Ponyville was constantly bringing in spring late, she kinda deserved it
DrX-Raven's avatar
(OoC: I feel like I know this pony)
tigreanpony's avatar
That was cute, nicely done.
templar127's avatar
Nice to see Flutters getting some help!
TwilightIsMagic's avatar
Good to see you didn't say "done" with the premature releases getting their goodnights. Thanks on actually doing them for the proper releases.
Shhh FLuttershy you are going to make us miss some quality laughter.
Myrkin's avatar
Heh. It seems Twilight has a talent for causing mares to have unresolved issues with her. Amethyst Star... Trixie Lulamoon...
Did you receive my message to Pinkie from the last comic?
pretty amethyst star
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Well, I guess she still has some resentment for Twilight taking her job.
Hey silver will you be adding any other non pony characters for the next goodnights
Quinkenguard's avatar
Good to see Fluttershy being an astute leader.

I don't know why every other episode of her being assertive makes her turn selfish.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Or selfless? Except for that Iron Will episode the rest has real justified reasons.
Quinkenguard's avatar
What about that episode of her running that boutique in Manehatten?
That one frustrated me to no end!
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
It's more like becoming a different person than being assertive.
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