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Dashie's Gift

Following after Dashie's First Flight and Dashie's First Loss, we come to our Father's Day feature!

This brings a close to the "Dashie and Dad" comic line, for now. It's been a blast to work on them, but I couldn't keep up this comic-a-day pace without cutting out a good chunk of my life (including my parents. The irony!).

Special thanks once again to :iconboneswolbach: for his Clouds vectors.

And to :icongrendo11: for the sun vector, and :icondiftraku: for the Celestia Sunrise icon. All vectors are used with the creator's permission and credit where credit is due.

Thanks for reading and happy Father's Day!
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what if the arrow ended up to the side or pointed down you need an omake version of it, it is wonderful too
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naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww >3<

I wish I can do stuff like this for my dad!!
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Father's Day: now 20% cooler!
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Things like this remind me why I joined this fandom. Sure its probably in other fandoms too, but here...there is a certain atmosphere to it.
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aaww thats sweet
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(D'aw meter explodes again) dang it silver I can't afford to keep replacing my d'aw meter
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How do we know this is Rainbow's Dash? The one from Games Ponies Play in the flashback? We don't know it could be a big brother or a cousin or an uncle or even a brother-in-law if he was lucky enough to have a rainbow main and tail and Dash had an older sister. I personlly like the idea of Dash having an older brother.
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Can I ask stupid question? How do we know what Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy's parents look like? They've never been in the show.
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Dash's dad has been in the show. I believe it was Games Ponies Play. As for Flutters, fan... art..?
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I'll have to rewatch that episode but its a problem that's bugged me since I started watching the show. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are the ones who cause me the most curiosity. However Applejack's parents are also missing and while I'm a fan of the Applejack's parents being dead, there is no concrete evidence. Also Twilight and Pinkie's parents have appeared but they haven't said anything. Hell in Shining Armour's they didn't appear to get a say about any decision, instead leaving most decisions to the bride's Aunt, while that is Celestia, I can't imagine any other parents would be that happy, also we don't know what they think of Twilight being a princess and they didn't even get to congratulate her, their daughter!! Rairty's parents have only appeared a few times, heck I didn't watch Sisterhoof social until my second viewing of the series so I didn't get their significantance in the few other episodes they were in. Putting it simply Applejack's parents are not the only issue of concern relating to family in the show.
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I think AJ's chapter books say her parents are dead.
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Okay still but that still doesn't correct some of the other issues I have. Putting it simply the show has problems with family and it's impact. Hell I'd argue one of my best friends is my little sister, I know that's sad but I do like spending time with her. Big Mac and Shining armour don't say or do enough, I want to see an episode with one of them helping solve a problem for theit little sisters and it doesn't have to be big. It could be that Twilight has been putting off a visit to see her parents and Shining armour gives a little push in a letter.
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What about Sisterhooves Social? That showed Rarity and Sweetie's relationship. Hopefully the show will do other episodes like that...
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That shows a two sister relationship and while I hold it up as an example of the show's amazing writing. There was a good reason I meationed Shining Armour and Big Mac, they're older Brothers and I'm an older brother the relationship between siblings of different genders is very different than siblings of the same gender. There isn't as much common ground between a brother and a sister. In fact Silver Quil has expressed an interest to see brothers play a larger part. MLP has great potential for many episodes that incorporate more hard hitting issues than other kid shows do, heck I wouldn't be surprised if Season 6 showed the death of a side character and no the tree doesn't count. The destruction of a home or base of operations being destroyed is far from uncommon, look at Power rangers if you don't believe me. An episode I hope for in future is one where Twilight and Celestia openly argue, that may sound werid but I'd like to see Twilight and Celestia argue and then sort it out.
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I know how in Power Rangers command centers have been destroyed. I dunno if they'll ever kill off anypony or anyone on the show (not counting Philomena, who can't be dead permanently anyway), but an episode with Twilight and Celestia arguing (I heard the latter didn't show up in Season 4 mostly) could work. Hopefully they'll have the brothers get big roles too.
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