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After the Fact: Princess Trixie Sparkle

Surprise! Doing something a little different this time. At the invitation of Magpie Pony and The Lost Narrator, I am taking a look at their audio drama, Princess Trixie Sparkle.

Hope you enjoy my foray into one of the fandom's biggest projects!
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I feel sorry that I miss this one. Then again, I got into the fandom at the start of season 5, and I couldn't get over the audio, and Trixie's attitude.

Also I don't seem to like the idea of Stela. I guess she too similar of my idea's of the three royal sister.

My idea is Celestia and Luna have a middle sister name Aurora. Celestia believed to always to proper and well-manders. Aurora prefer to make everyone happy and have no rules. The two broke up, and Aurora ran away and made the Crystal Empire. However the two misstakes created Nightmare Moon, and Sombra. This lost made Celestia realized that needed to lighten up and it's okay to express her feeling.

But that just me. Everypony have there own option.

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I remember the series

Watched it hours ago while working on a project.

You realize that the link you pasted just directs us to this artwork, right?

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I did not know. Looks like a coding error that's now been fixed. Thanks for the heads-up!

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Okie dokie Loki ^^
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Do a review of Mauroz's Equestria girls comic. It is insanely detailed, crazy well written and frankly feels like the Equestria Girls series we should've gotten.

As a great man once said: OH MY GOD, YES!

And as another great man said: DO IT!!!

Although, I like "Equestria Girls" just the way it is.

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One of my first fan videos I ever watched that brought to the fandom. What larks...

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Oh cool you watched that too? My common crane comparably.

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I’m almost finished with the prologue of a princess tears Fimfic
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I love this audio drama! This is going to be fun.

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