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After the Fact: Made in Manehattan

A little Apple in the Big Apple! Let's see how this episode played out.

Hope you enjoy!"

Title card by the always talented James Corck :iconjamescorck:.
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Lilbob2000's avatar
I can't wait to watch that.
Flimflanboy's avatar
Ah, New York. The center of paranormal activity since four brothers crawled out of the sewer. A place for fast food, faster traffic lights, and faster still convention lines. (I speak from experience.)
Good to see ya back on track, Silver. It started with a Fluffle Puff reference and only got better than there.
I only hope you can crank out htese S5 ATFs before Season seven rolls arou-
spudman98's avatar
Hey remember two years ago when a Sharknado hit the city
ArcCahlon's avatar
lol keep honking i'm reloading. yeah that is a true sentiment. but best was with the method mares. that needs a warning before hand all liquids will be laughed out. i don't know I must be a rarity (sorry had to do the pun, ok not sorry at all) but i felt this was a stronger AJ episode because AJ is always stronger helping others.
FireHeartDraws's avatar
Hehe, with Silver Quill at the helm, we can understand the terror in AJ's and Diamond Butt's eyes. XD
bruiser128's avatar
Really great how inspire others to get involved.
EchoWing's avatar
Fantastic this one. Very worth the wait.

Of course, next comes Big Mac in a dress. Can't wait to see the reactions to that.
Element432's avatar
I'm just so happy you put my friends drawing first in the end of you video
FrostTheHobidon's avatar
wolf12832's avatar
How soon before you tackle Season 6 and the Starlight stuff?
Snowdog-zic's avatar
Looking at this it makes me think they where promised that they would get to their destination in no time at all.
InfiniteWarlock's avatar
Okay, perhaps as this type of episode is one that further supports the ship fuel towards what we call Rarijack, what is you're opinion on the believability of said ship? Do episodes like this further the drive to see these characters together? Is the concept of shipping nothing more then a fad? If not what kind of ship do you support if you believe it? FlutterDash, Twipie, AppleDash, anything?

If you ask me, I feel this is a topic that is very much open to discussion. It's not going away anytime, so we might as well make the most of it.
AligonRuler's avatar
Since when did you become a taxi driver?🤔
AndyofIndiana's avatar
I know you made Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash facehoof in previous season five episode reviews and you made both Applejack and Rarity facehoof this time around.  However, you said your singular challenge was to make Fluttershy facehoof.  Did you make Pinkie Pie facehoof in a previous episode review?
ssjcharon's avatar
Yep, he got Pinkie Pie in his review of Party Pooped at around the 12:42 mark.
MLP-Silver-Quill's avatar
I managed to get a facehoof from her during my Party Pooped review. :)
GanymedeSkies's avatar
In manehatten?

More like above it.
Raymanlover14's avatar
Nice review you got there, Silver. =)

And that's a neat Title Card. =)

If you wish me to do a title card for you some time, just let me know! =)

But not at the moment since im not in the mood to draw anything at the moment due to... unfortunate events. ^^;
HoneyBeeGirl94's avatar
Nice review! I'm glad that you're back to your After the Fact videos.
Fujin777's avatar
I see a Rescuers reference.
riddleoflightning's avatar
wrong pun!

Griffons cant melt though steel beams
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