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A Tale from NDK

The story you have just read is true. The likenesses have been changed to protect the Cosplayers.

I've been working on this since the end of September. An exhaustive effort, but I really wanted to share this story. It's nice to celebrate a positive event, even on a small scale.

I should note that the real bookmarks I bought don't look like those in this comic. You'll have to take my word that they look awesome. I really debated on what to do. Scanning or tracing them felt like art theft, and so I turned to the members of the MLP Vector Club for inspiration.

Thanks go to the following artists who helped make this possible:
Applejack by maxmontezuma
Derpy Hooves by Mihaaaa
Doctor Whooves/Time Turner by Silentmatten
Fluttershy by Flizzick
Pinkie Pie by Are-you-jealous
Princess Celestia by Santafer
Princess Luna also by Santafer
Rainbow Dash by BIGCCV
Rarity by MysteriousKaos
Twilight Sparkle by Yanoda

I also created background silhouettes of ponies using Vector Club works as a base. Thanks guys!

Gangam style is hard to draw. Fortunately, Shmarky knows how to pose dancing ponies.

And because I couldn't hope to draw a crowd the size of NDK's scope without going insane, I want to thank these artists for supplying silhouette vectors:
Silhouetttes by raspete
More Silhouettes by raspete
And other silhouettes by Dana_cz

By the way, if anyone happens to know a website for the bookmark artist, I'd love to give them some advertising.

You can see photos of the real NDK Cosplay crews at my friend's gallery.

Hope you enjoy!

Update: Even though this didn't make it on to Equestria Daily, I am still over-the-moon proud of this piece and grateful to all the commentators and people who faved this work. Some people have posted of this on Derpibooru and, which is pretty rare given that it features an OC. I really appreciate that people are eager to share this work and hopefully folks take away a positive message. Thanks a million!
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HectorBoloMK33FTW's avatar
Panel 6, Scootaloo formed an alliance with the Empire. Wonder if the marine's with the Tau...
MetalBrony87's avatar
Who's that guy with Lyra?
NerdyNova's avatar
It looks like Wolverine from Wolverine Origins.
NerdyNova's avatar
Oh, it is. He also has the claws.
Megatron with a Pinkie Pie head instead of a Decepticon mark on his chest. And people wonder why you're Best Reviewer.
neko-canada's avatar
Omg I can't believe you went to NDK, that was the first convention I ever went to.
SergeantPanther's avatar
Dan Vs. needs to return.
Flimflanboy's avatar
Ah, conventions. Such compassionate, yet chaotic places.
My personal favorite parts of this comic were Gundam Style (Icy what you did there) and the subtle nod to Sweetie Belle playing Minecraft in that one Don't Mine at Night remix.
DemonicLucario's avatar
The shadowy figure with the white face in the center of the top panel.....I used to know that character's name! I forgot, who is it?
Can anyone remind me?
no face from spirited away
DemonicLucario's avatar
Oh yeah, that's his name. He's cool.
NuddleDuddles's avatar
OK, but if Richard is hangin' Round the Con, I'd suggest you not stay to long. Y'know... his little killing habits.

(This is a sweet story, it restores my faith in humanity a tad! I'm happy they're OK!)
RoseDragon1's avatar
That's a good one!
Do I smell a Friendship letter in the works at the end...
Come on... It would only be appropriate!
EqG Pinkie Pie (Wink wink nudge nudge) Plz 
kwendynew's avatar
I recently remembered a thing called "Report Manga" (I enjoyed to read Warugaki report manga on Danbooru), and this is the closest to report comics western thing I know. I wonder if anyone from pony fandom tried to draw a comics about attending events like this.
hero1211's avatar
I have a question who's the guy after dan and megatron?
MLP-Silver-Quill's avatar
That is Light from the series Death Note.
hero1211's avatar
thanks i'm not familiar with it so that's probably why
Zalleus's avatar
...You're welcome.
DrX-Raven's avatar
Raven: This is one small world.
Not even Discord finds the chaos of a con funny.
BlackHat6's avatar
Hmm....It appears no one mentioned a something "mischievous" happening in Panel 2; SO I WILL, Quit staring at Sailor Moon YOU!! XD
gamexpert1990's avatar
That's a wonderful story. Awesome comic too, but I'm slightly biased: I love reference cramming, even if they sometimes get past me...
Sparkshot11's avatar
Starscream is never going to leave Megatron alone after this.
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