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A Princess' Tears - Part 36

<=Part 35 | Story's Start | A Dodgy Business

And... done.

Wow. This feels weird. I've been at this on-and-off for a year. This started as a reaction to Twilight's ascension and, like many stories, took on a life of its own. Despite the pressure of getting pages done, I've enjoyed this.

And I'm grateful to all of you for sticking with me on this journey.

Now I need you to do one more thing:

Ship Pinkie Pie and Talky Box.

Truly, they were made for each other.

I'll be making a journal post regarding Clutterstep's future. Until then, thanks for reading!
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I couldn't stop laughing through most of this. Thank you for making this comic. ^w^

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Very nice work. This would have been a fun episode or at least an inclusion into the IDW FiM.

I really wish the series did something like this, especially the nobility reacting to Twilight becoming a princess. An entire season's worth for a story arc right there.

I'll be honest if Clutterstep had an Element it would either be Fortitude, Willpower,or Empathy.

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necesito mas dibujos sobre ellos :( SON BELLOS

It’s kind of sad when an OC is a better love interest for Twilight than Flash Sentry.
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Is it unrealistic of me to think that you're continue this in comic format?
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Is it cool that I read this whole comic and imagined Clutterstep sounding like Chris Pratt?
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I love this comic. It’s cute and funny.
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You did an amazing comic man great job
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Damn, I remember when the first page of this came out.  I hadn't even made a Deviantart account yet.  I literally just had the latest page bookmarked on my tablet for a year straight.  Now it's like, what, four... nearly five years later?  I'm really glad I came back to reread this.
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Great job. I really like this comic. Especially how you showed Twilight's feeling dealing with her change in role. It was really well done.
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Luna: Hurts, doesn't it?
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Ohhh, you goofy hippogriff! You're the best!
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Awesome read! I found a page on Pinterest and so I came here to read the rest! (hard to find them in order on there after all). This comic is so good. It makes me wish it was a comic book one could buy in the store! (Although then I wonder what the cover and alt covers would look like!)
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A page on Pinterest? I wasn't aware because I don't have an account. Could you let me know the link?
Will there be a sequel comic?
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that... was... amazing!
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This needs a sequel.
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you should do some more with clutterstep and twi
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