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A Princess' Tears - Part 32



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Season finales are great for action and big climaxes, and I loved seeing Twilight's Kingdom. I remember starting this comic in reaction to Twilight's ascension. Now that we've seen her grapple with the role, I'm doubly glad I did this comic.

Hope you all enjoyed the season finale and this comic as much as myself!

Edit: I just realized, my depiction of Celestia allows her to spend some time without the crown or jewelry. In today's finale, she was sleeping with the dang stuff on. That can't be comfortable!

Also, I seem to have given a false impression, as many people are treating this as the comic's end. There are four pages left. Two for Clutterstep's resolution, two for Twilight. Don't worry, when I end this comic, it will be more overt.
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You predicted the ending of the show well

She really is a great leader

...though if im looking at the timeline?

I do understand what went wrong