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A Princess' Tears - Part 1

Part 2=>

Here's something I don't think we'll get to see in the show: breed envy.

Has a pegasus ever wanted to cast a spell? And what about earth ponies, who seem to get overlooked a lot? I'd love to see an episode where somepony learns to not only accept but also celebrate who they are without comparing themselves to others.

Part of my initial frustration with Twilight's ascension to princess was that it might sour such a message. Still, her becoming a princess forced me to sit down and ask what my fan-made character is all about. Despite some misgivings, I realized that Twilight's new role sets the stage to develop him further as well.

So here we have a continuation from my Foals Rush In comic. Hope you enjoy!

Part 2
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Awww sweet comic
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I've never seen A MLP Comic dub as amazing as this One of yours, And you Silver Quill, are one of my favorite Brony Artist. 😊😁👍👏

And are You making me wish that Clutterstep was A canon MLP Character In the show? Because It's working! :)
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espero te acuerdes de mi nos conocimos en la brony mexicon soy amiga de ponyduberx saludos
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saludooooos espero te acuerdes de mi compañero nos conocimos en la brony mexicon por si necesitas voz estoy aqui espero te acuerdes de grupo rol mlp saludooooos
Omg this comic is so sweet, may I dub this on YouTube
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Seeing how this great comic starts, (all the while I'm hating our three resident bullies in the castle noble ranks); I still find it satisfying revenge that Clutterstep is better than L.T.T., Pr B-B and L.P.Dr. {left to right - our bullies!}.

Something as small as saving filly Twilight's toy; Clutterstep is (all at once) showing a familiar set of six elements.... Good on you, mate!
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Right, found a new comic by someone who I enjoy- this is gonna be fun.

First thoughts: Were you punched round the face by some poison joke? because you don't have a black eye, you got a WHITE EYE!!!.....Not the best first impression awkward blaze v2 
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Holy hell. I've seen this comic before and I enjoyed it the first time. Then some time later, Silver Quill became my favorite Brony Analyst. While scrolling through his videos, I saw one with a thumbnail image with Trouble Shoes and Clutterstep. And me being me, I didn't make the connection. My point is that I never looked to see who made this when I first saw this. It isn't until now that I learned that one of my favorite MLP comics was by my favorite Hippogriff!
(So now I feel stupid.)
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I feel so bad for him...
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what is that white thing around his eye?
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Special talent is something that I need to find for myself, so I can relate to Clutterstep in many ways
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I know how that guy feels :(
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Actually, Canterlot is "almost devoid" of Pegasus ponies according to the MLP:FiM wiki. Most of the ponies who live in Canterlot are either Unicorns or Earth ponies. The same goes for celebrities. Hoity Toity, Photo Finish and Sapphire Shores are all Earth ponies. Usually, if the job of the pony doesn't revolve around magic or flight, the pony is almost always an Earth pony because they generally have more skills than the other races as they are less specialized. Unicorns can do limited magic as long as it's linked to their talents and Pegasi can fly and walk on clouds. It's been shown that Earth ponies are stronger, faster on the ground, many have prehensile tails, which they use as extra limbs, as well as a stronger understanding of nature cycles and especially the exclusive magic required to grow any plants. Furthermore, the show has never depicted any such thing as race jealousy, mainly because the jealousy does not exist in the first place. The fandom were the ones to create the idea of Earth ponies being jealous because, as fans of a fantasy show, we'd naturally be more interested in flying or magic because these things don't exist in the real world we live in. It's different in Equestria, as ponies actively control the environment there. It's mentioned in Bridle Gossip that the plants don't grow in Equestria without Earth pony magic to enduce growth, on top all of the animals being cared for (again, usually by Earth ponies) and clouds moving. The Everfree forest is portrayed as strange to the pony races because it controls itself, which is a reverse to the real world. In fact, the show does say these things, but we would rather compare Equestria to the real world and forget this is a FANTASY setting, where plant growth magic is just as spectacular as Unicorn magic or Pegasus flight. Not to sound mean, but "breed envy" will always be relegated to fan-created works rather than be featured in the show, because the fandom created this idea/phenomenon, not the show. You may be thinking "what about Princess Big Mac, he was in the show" right now. The fandom did create him too, but whenever the show gives the fandom a tip of the hat, it's always done in a way that does not destroy the canon depicted, because he became an Alicorn in a dream.
TL;DR: Earth ponies are very special, perhaps more special than the other races at times. You just gotta open your eyes more. :P
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You're quoting episodes that came about about two years after this comic was published. ;)

But even if Earth Ponies have gotten a better showing lately, I still think this is a topic worth exploring. And if the show won't do it, all the more reason for a fan work to try.
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How do you think Clutterstep is going to fit right in?
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I suppose that's a fair point, though a lot of this stuff was solidified in canon in season one. It is fairly noticable that many fans seem to either ignore what is stated about Earth ponies because they are blown back by the obvious wings and horns of other races, or choose to forget it. The fact that a lot of people still seem to think all Unicorns have the skills to teleport/fly/do anything does show this at times. :P
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0.0 i will say this for now that i shall let this shipping begin if even though its just a fanart character I'll let him in to the shipping section of twilight(sorry flash)...but nice artwork. :D
How do you create the "Part 2" link? Because I have no idea how it's done. Can you give some simple directions?
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Html language:

for a word: < a href="the website in here">the word</a>

For a picture: 
< a href="the website in here">the word</a>
(without spaces)
You probably already know this by now, but I thought I'd offer some thoughts 
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You brought a fair point here. In the show, we didn't get the chance to see ponies unhappy with their race.

And it's true earth ponies, with their vague abilities, might be the firsts to deal with an existential crisis. Unicorns that'd like to fly can levitate I guess. And pegasi who'd like more magic in their life can think about it the other way, comforting themselves in the thought that they can actually fly, go super duper fast as well as being in charge of the weather, which isn't lame at all if you ask me.

Earth ponies, on the other hoof,  well, I suppose it would be harder to relativize as the uniqueness of this race is really vague..

It be interesting to this as a plot for a future episode. I guess we can hope for this :)
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Aww I think I might just cry if not then die yup I think both
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Aww Clutters got his cutie mark from helping Twily!! <3
This bro is way better than flash
HASBRO you've been outdone!!! Flash Sentry EqG (angry) plz  Again!!! Pinkie pie EqG (angry) plz 
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