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My Bio
I became a My Little Pony fan in the latter part of 2011, well into the show's second season. As a latecomer, I'm in a strange situation. The online community is pretty unknown to me, and none of my local friends are fans.

I admire the creativity surrounding MLP, in both the show itself and the creativity of its fans. I created this account to focus my own expressions. Keep checking back and I hope everyone enjoys my drawings!

Favourite Movies
RED, Star Wars, Black Hawk Down
Favourite TV Shows
Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, My Little Pony
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Scatman John, The Fray, Dragonforce
Favourite Books
Game of Thrones Series, Ender's Game, Harry Potter, Armor, Starship Troopers, Old Man's War
Favourite Writers
George R.R. Martin, Orson Scott Card
Favourite Games
Halo, Gears of War, Zelda, Skyrim
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360
Tools of the Trade
Macbook Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Wacom Tablet
Other Interests
Anime, Writing, Drawing
Hey everyone. It's been some time since my last update so I wanted to give a heads-up on some changes moving forward. It's been a busy time. Projects like Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight comics, articles for Equestria Daily, Bronies React, Team Fortress 2: Analysis Anarchy, Curse of Strahd livestreams, Ponyfinder, the MBS Show, and several conventions have demanded much time and energy. The cost of this has been low productivity for my own videos. I've not forgotten my joke/self-fulfilling prophecy to review Friendship Games this year. Recently I read an article on The Differences Between Busy and Productive People. Looking at my own life I think
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Hello All. There's been a growing concern amongst folks that I've abandoned episode reviews in favor of my archetypes videos. I wanted to present this update so I could be more transparent with my fellow fans. First and foremost, I have not stopped doing episode reviews. It's never been my intent to stop. I do enjoy character studies and learning more about what my favorite characters might represent. Yet I apologize if the wait between reviews has given this impression. Part of this due to overload. Scare Master was my last episode review, which doubled as a Halloween special and featured a collaboration between myself and seven other revie
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Hey All! Getting ready to attend Ponycon. My first time at this convention and I have a special treat. If you register on their site and enter the code SILVERQUILL25 you'll receive a 25% discount. Ticket sales close on Sunday, so best hurry! Looking forward to seeing east coast Bronies!
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Movie Version from Season 2

MLP-Silver-Quill, Radiant Rarity is very interesting & I also love her gorgeous black sparkly dress & I think Spike is Radiant too, after all, I won’t forget the day he gave her the Fire Ruby Gemstone & sh’s amazed how generous he is, she gave him his first kiss & those two are made for each other!🐉❤️‍🔥🦄💜💎✨🌈💞👍🏻

Hello MLP-Silver-Quill I love your OC Clutterstep a character like him is probably the only way mlp could get any better and I can't wait for the next part in the Imani comic I even started righting my story about him called mlp fight for family on Fimfiction and I would love to hear your thoughts on it keep up the good work.

Hey uh MLP-Silver-Quill, are you currently active on DeviantArt?

Hello, It's a pleasure to talk to you, I was a quiet fan of yours and other MLP Reviewers Back in the MLP Days.

MLP-Silver-Quill, in today's Weekday Pun, you used a sound file that I have CHARGED myself with obtaining for a week. Could you please tell its name and where I can find it?

i see problems with your comic on the mystery on the friendship express comics fluttershy and the others didn't do anything think about that next time you write a comic

Happy birthday! May it be a good one!