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MLP Satyr Rules/FAQs

What is this group? It's a collection of fans and fanart of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and all their blatant wish-fulfillment fantasies concerning parenthood and pony romance. Original Characters Do Not Steal™

What's a satyr? In this context, satyrs are the children of human-pony pairings. It's magic, I don't have to explain it.

But doesn't that mean you fu— I DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN IT.

What are the rules for creating a MLP:FIM satyr? The only hard and fast rule is that satyrs have human anatomy from the waist up, and pony anatomy from the waist down, walking erect on their hooves and sometimes having funny-colored hair and eyes. Also they're really cute!

Otherwise, the name, design, and lore for satyr characters is entirely up to you! Some satyrs might have horns or wings just like their pony heritage, or could possess magic powers. Satyrs from the same pony parents might look and act different depending on their human parentage and upbringing. Some may not even live in Equestria, instead joining their human families on Earth. Satyrs may or may not exist in the same continuities as others. You are limited only by your imagination.

Who can join? Anyone who likes MLP:FIM and/or the satyrs thereof, especially those who write or draw about pony satyrs (and nonpony hybrids, too, I guess).

What's accepted? All art and writing about pony satyrs (and other hybrids) are accepted, but should go into the proper categories:
Featured is reserved for our best pieces, picked by administrators. Yes, this is entirely subjective. No, it is not fair. Deal With It™
Mane 6 is for satyrs who have Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, or Fluttershy as one of their parents.
Hope is a special case: she was this group's—if not the fandom's—first satyr character. All art specifically of her should go in this folder.
Other Ponies is for satyrs from any supporting pony characters, like Cheerilee, Big Macintosh, or Sapphire Shores.
Background is for satyrs from incidental ponies that are used as filler in the show, especially those without a significant speaking role or a name given in the show, regardless of fandom relevance. Examples: Derpy, Octavia, DJ-PON3
Non Ponies is for any nonpony character. This includes dragons like Spike, griffons like Gilda, and zebras like Zecora, and all other sapient non-pony species in Equestria.
Mature is for all content that has been marked with a Mature content warning as per deviantART policy, whatever the medium or character.

We do not accept the following:
✦ Satyrs and other hybrids based on original characters.
✦ "Satyrizations" of canon or original characters. See What's a satyr? above for a definition of the satyrs promoted by this group.
A majority of satyr content is still produced and shared back on 4chan/mlp/ where we originally started, so a lot of stuff isn't uploaded to DA yet. In the meantime, we have a couple slapdash pastebins and a dropbox that are maintained by someone outside of mlp-satyrkids - if you're looking for more satyr content, you can look there! I can't guarantee they're up to date, but they're something.

Stories by Author - by Parent / Satyrs by Parent
Artwork dropbox (NSFW?)

I've also included these links in the Group Info box on our page, where the admins are listed.
More Journal Entries


The MLP satyr community started on 4chan, so a lot of the content isn't available on DA let alone this group... yet. In the meantime, you can use these links to take a look at what's been created so far. These links are NOT maintained by mlp-satyrkids so have patience if they're not up to date!

Stories by Author - by Parent / Satyrs by Parent
Artwork dropbox (NSFW?)








[commission] Memories by TheArtrix [commission] Memories :icontheartrix:TheArtrix 99 14 Progresssatyrabomination by MyLittlePonbees Progresssatyrabomination :iconmylittleponbees:MyLittlePonbees 3 1 Milkshakes For Four by wigmania Milkshakes For Four :iconwigmania:wigmania 13 1 Satyr Base by unoriginaI Satyr Base :iconunoriginai:unoriginaI 81 10 Mutant by yamibanner Mutant :iconyamibanner:yamibanner 4 2


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What a wonderful, wholesome group. Like ointment to the soul of fathers-who-can't-be.
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I was just wondering why you don't accept Satyrs based on OC's (as in Satyr kids of OC's). I have a Satyr story I'd like to add, but can't because he and his parents are OC's. No, I disagree! 
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Satyrs are already an OC concept in and of themselves; we have to draw the line somewhere before this gets more bloated than the pre-Disney Star Wars Expanded Universe.
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