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Alrighty. You know the little My Little Pony flash creator that was made a little while back by the talented artist, generalzoi, right? I'm sure just about all of us have either used it, heard of it, or seen of one of its outcomes.

Not any disrespect to the artist or anything, but

Do NOT submit ANY of those to our "featured" gallary.

They will NOT be accepted.

They are technically not a piece of original artwork if you screenshot your little invention you made in the game and post it on here. It's fine if you submit those to the RP characters, or even Non-RP characters, but for heaven's sake, people! It should be common sense..

Also, don't mass-overkill with the uploading feature. I checked my group messages, and I had over SIXTY submission requests from the SAME PERSON, and worse than that, it was the pony creator, as mentioned above! All of them wanting to go to the featured section, too!! You know how time-consuming that is? To go through every single on of those to find the actual pieces of art that were submitted by others into the correct categories...

Anywho, sorry for the rant.. I hope everyone is having a nice summer.

Love, Neon.
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Greetings Mare's and Gentlecolts!
You have been cordially invited to come and join us over here at OcRoleplay!
We are a My Little Pony focused Freeform site. The herd consisting of 100+! This place is a mish-mash of stories galore ranging from the canon focused My Little Pony to cross-overs involving the denizens of Fallout.
We are also a original character focused roleplay group in which our members create so many fun and amazing characters from earth ponies all the way to griffins and more. Cyberponies, Treeponies, moth ponies, aliens, there's almost no limit to what can be done!
The only limit here is your imagination! So Come and join the herd, we will always welcome new members with open hooves!
:icondoomande:doomande 0 0
Ponies by fullmoonbeast Ponies :iconfullmoonbeast:fullmoonbeast 6 1 Roswell by FalseFruitification Roswell :iconfalsefruitification:FalseFruitification 12 7 Pony Pack MLP by Piucca Pony Pack MLP :iconpiucca:Piucca 37 9
The Time Has Come, Dashie's Goodbye
I close my eyes,
And I can see,
The cardboard box…
Just a moment and I find
  Little Dashie.
Merely A small,
We've gone so far,
And done so much
And I feel,
Like you were always My Little Pony
A family,
Though Dusk and Dawn!
These memories of you,
They're most cherished to me!
The Time has come!
It's for the best I know it.
I should've guessed that you and I,
Somehow someday
We'd  have to say,
You've helped me find,
Friendship  inside,
And the Magic,
To make my Parents dream come true.
How could I find,
Another daughter,
Like you.
Two of a kind,
That's what we are
And it seemed,
that it'd be forever lasting.
Yet as this family
is torn apart!
I wish we could go
back to the beginning!
The ponies have come!
It's for the best we know it
I suppose I guessed that you and I,
Somehow, someway,
We'd have to say,
Somehow Dashie,
We have to say…
:iconsoriokink:Soriokink 73 54
Uncharted 2: Among Ponies by nickyv917 Uncharted 2: Among Ponies :iconnickyv917:nickyv917 178 66 Pie 2: Band of Thieves by nickyv917 Pie 2: Band of Thieves :iconnickyv917:nickyv917 221 111 Mare-Do-Well: Canterlot City by nickyv917 Mare-Do-Well: Canterlot City :iconnickyv917:nickyv917 193 127 Pinkamina Diane Pie cosplay - avatar by DariaAmbrosia Pinkamina Diane Pie cosplay - avatar :icondariaambrosia:DariaAmbrosia 225 43 WANT SOME CUPCAKES?! - Pinkamina Diane Pie cosplay by DariaAmbrosia
Mature content
WANT SOME CUPCAKES?! - Pinkamina Diane Pie cosplay :icondariaambrosia:DariaAmbrosia 212 122
Day Off by NovaBrush Day Off :iconnovabrush:NovaBrush 168 30 Rainbowdash vector by laricot Rainbowdash vector :iconlaricot:laricot 6 0 Luna Crescent by Jiayi Luna Crescent :iconjiayi:Jiayi 1,585 48 R2-SPIKE by Tim-Kangaroo R2-SPIKE :icontim-kangaroo:Tim-Kangaroo 75 12 MLP :: Epona by neokeia MLP :: Epona :iconneokeia:neokeia 126 29

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Welcome to MLP Pony Role Play! You are allowed to have up to as many characters as you can handle, and you must remain active!!My Little Ponies belong to Lauren Faust, who's deviantART account happens to be right at this link: fyre-flye. So, come join in on the fun, and come RP with us!


Why hello there thanks for coming to our group. This group is run by these amazing people:



SO yeah... You get the point! Have a Nice Day here at our group and have a nice time If you want to X3. Byenow
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MysticM Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2021
I just recently made this...

My Little Pony RP Invite/GuidelinesI'm in the mood for some good ol' My Little Pony RolePlay. If you got a story or scenario you want to RP with me then feel free to comment about it below and we'll see what we can set up.Just let me set up some ground rules first...I just found this RP Invite browsing. Is this exclusive for Watchers or your friends?Nah it's cool, you don't have to Watch, llama, fave any of my art or do me any favours to butter me up. If you're just passing by and hankering for some pony RPing then I'll be happy to play. No harm in asking. See last two subjects on whenever or not I will play with you or not.What continuity should it be set in?I prefer My Little Pony Tales and Equestria Girls. If you want to RP set in the original or MLPTales series, I can perhaps do it but I'm not as familiar with the original series. I've seen all of MLPTales though. The only continuities I prefer not to would be if you want to play in your own fan-made poniverse with it's own rules and the likes I may not be familiar with. I'd rather play on familiar ground. The only acception to that rule would be if it's a small, contained scenario than a full world and continuity.I'm also the sort who prefers to use established content from the continuity over making up new stuff. The only acception to this rule would be "Alternate Universe" scenarios with minor or intriguing changes.What characters can we play as?Play as your own made character or anyone from the continuity if you want, I don't mind.I myself prefer to play as my character Epic Mount, I have alternative backstories for him for various settings. All I'll ask is that if we're playing a pony RP, then we're playing as ponies. If you want to RP as anthro ponies then I'll regard it as an AU thing and I'd rather keep the human-like MLP RPing to Equestria Girls.As for asking me to RP as ponies other than Epic, I'll be happy to play as other canon pony characters but I prefer male roles that I am familiar with.How should we roleplay?I don't mind roleplaying in script or semi-lit format, I sort of freeform between the two. Like most RPers I prefer descriptive roleplaying and all I ask is a paragraphs worth of response (three sentences at minimum). If writing a big response is your thing then sure, just please give me time to read it and don't expect a big response back.Decent spelling is a must but I don't mind if it gets a bit sloppy here and there as long as I can read it.And if theres evenings you really do wanna play but you don't really wanna bother that much or wanna move the story along I am forgiving with short-and-sweet responses. I won't penalize if you reply with just a sentence or a short response but let's not make a habit of it. Descriptions help visualise the scenarios, don't just say "I did the thing", tell me how you did it and what happened. Feel free to bug me about it if I'm not painting a clear picture.Where can we roleplay?If you want a quick 'n casual roleplay I don't mind breaking one out on this Journal's comments. Prefer we keep it semi-lit for that and will settle for sentence-size responses than paragraphs. But for more fleshed out campaigns I think devART's notes would be best for that.I also use Chatzy now and again which doesn't need registration to use. If you want to make a Virtual Room to roleplay on I will be fine with that. I'll simply save the chatroom to faves and I'll check on it now and again or you can send me a note if you want to continue playing.I don't have kik, Skype or whatever that other one was. I'm not really the sort for such messengers so please don't ask to roleplay there. Chatzy or deviantARTs Notes or chat is really the only way I'm cool with.What should we roleplay??If you wish to propose an adventure you want to play with me then ask about it on this journal comment or notes. Particular if there is particular scenario you want to roleplay.Can we +18/NSFW RP?I don't mind, it's optional. But discuss what you have in mind in a Note and I'll consider it. If we're RPing and things get a bit kinky let me know you're OK with it. (I don't have an F-list but I am open to giving something a go if I'm comfortable with it, though I do mostly dom roles myself.)Such actual roleplay sessions are exclusively over or Chatzy or devARTs Notes or Chat.I don't want to play anymore.I'll wait patiently for your response for a few days, I can accept if you're busy. But if you really have had enough of roleplaying with me, please be decent and tell me when you had enough. Don't ghost me.If you ghost me for a few days I may ask what's up before just leaving you alone. I won't bite your head-off if you had enough and want to quit but if you want to quit because you're not happy I'd at least would like to know what it is if I can make ammends. But fine if you find the RP has gone stale or just want to finish up.Why won't you play with me?I dunno how many will want to ropleplay with me after posting this journal, I can probably simulationiously play about 3-5 roleplays over Notes alone before I start feeling somewhat overwhelmed. I may get back to you after awhile if I have free time to play with you.Also when it comes to RPing via notes I think devART had the habit of saying a note is sent but turns out it ends up lost in the mail. So if you've been waiting over a week for my response feel free to send me a note asking or the very least comment on this thread asking about it and I'll get back to you on it.Same goes for me waiting for your responses. If you're going to put our RP on hiatus for awhile please let me know. I'll wait a few days before asking about it.Other than My Little Pony, what other roleplay you into?Really just My Little Pony and Sonic the Hedgehog. You can find my Sonic the Hedgehog RP Invite/Guidelines here which you may notice the similarities with this invite/guidelines.I've made OC for other franchises such as Captain S (Captain N: The Game Master) and my original character Omen (Both an original character and a fan version for Ruby Gloom), if you want to ask me to RP with them then I'm willing to try it.And of course my Sonic OC Mystic Monkey, but please read my Sonic RP Invite/Guidelines first if you want me to RP with him.It's been a long time since you made this RP Starter, is it still open?(After this journal aged a few months or years.)I'll leave it open indefinately, I don't mind if it's been a few years and get a comment asking to play (May wanna check my "Recent Activity" on my userpage. While I am lurking devART most of the time it will tell you if I have not been on as much.)But if I can't, won't or don't want to roleplay from this journal anymore I'll let you know.If I am hardly on to roleplay or just don't wanna roleplay, browse the comments for those who respond with "Pony RPer here" and perhaps go note them if they want to play.
TheMightySephiroth Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2020   General Artist
KC19941 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2020
hello everyone i created a new original character based off this girls appearance  red hair girl in hoodie by Joysuke  her name is Hoodie and shes a super her powers are super strength and super durability if anyone would like to do an awesome roleplay with me and my girl here send me a note
Vanguardmaster47 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
Hi there So is anyone here interested in an mlp roleplay about season 8?
milkshakelover Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2019
I am
Vanguardmaster47 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2019
Sweet thnx!
milkshakelover Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2019
What did you have in mind?
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300Pegasi Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
if anyone wants to rp feel free to note me, I'm good with just about anything, but I'd prefer using oc's.
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