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Hello, this is your friendly co-founder speaking, and I would just like to remind everyone that just because there are people to help clean up the folders, that doesn't mean you should just throw your submissions anywhere.
We understand if its an accident but please try and put them in the right places!

For example, all non-pony adopts go into Non-pony, regardless of if its a auction or cash adopts. All breeding's (that includes charts and breed results) go into the breeds folder regardless of if its a auction or pays cash. All bases and YHCs go into bases-YHCs.  Anything writing in a journal (not counting species or commission info) go into journal.
Hello and welcome to MLP-pony-adopts! I hope you find your stay here fantastic ^3^
As usual if there are any problems, let me know! I will fix it asap. This includes full folders, or folders that you would like me to add! (I mean, I couldn't think of ALL of them, so if there's another folder you want, I'll add it!)

Anyone can join, please do not ask! I WILL NOT INVITE YOU! I don't have time to invite people. You can join groups on mobile, in fact it's not hard. You just have to click become a member. It's easy. Do not message me about it.

-Do NOT post any of your adopts or info in the comment section of the group. This should only be used for info about stolen art, questions about the group, or notifying us if something is wrong or should be added. Any comments breaking this rule will be hidden.

As for submitting, I don't have that many rules, but they should be upheld nonetheless!
-Entries into the featured folder are voted in, and will only be accepted if it is a single pony adopt! No sheets, no exceptions.
-All other folders are auto-accepted, so please use the correct folder. I don't have time to nitpick.
-NO NSFW (not safe for work). Gore is allowed, but should be kept to a minimum, basically no nudity/nasty things.
-If your adopt doesn't fit into any folder, DON'T JUST SUBMIT IT TO ANY OLD FOLDER. Tell me which folder you want to add and I'll add it.

That's all. I think.
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