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What do batponies sing about? by moemneop
COMM: Pumpkin Moon (+Speedpaint) by ScribbleWoof
eeeee by xn-d
Sorry by ChaosPhantom444
How dirty its here! by Rapid9
Hearths  warming memories. by Prince-Harmony
caught in a moment of a weakness by Show-A-Bit-Of-Teeth
Lavy by DaringTiger
Unicorn OCs
Shadow Wraith GIF by KilianKuro
.:Cursed by emilisweetie1
Fishies! - OC by BitPony
Cutie Mark Crew Chibi YCH:Minty by kuren247
Earth pony OCs
We have not forgotten. Gartha is still alive. by Schmacknphss
Huong by WarNightZollo
My little Pony Acrylic by ZuukiGothzilla
Tears of Joy by PaperBagPony
Pegasus OCs
Star Shower || When I draw it by hand by xXCISFriendoXx
Cutie Mark Crew Chibi YCH:Sleuth Holmes by kuren247
NextGen Custom Commission: Luna x Fluttershy by SleepyDemonMonster
Misty And Sky Older Ver. by Domcia13
Bat-pony OCs
Flame of war GIF by KilianKuro
Commission\107\ by AiriniBlock
Commission\104\ by AiriniBlock
Value Study - Bat Pony OC by BitPony
Alicorn OCs
Never Give Up by Percy-McMurphy
Under the Cherry Blossoms {Commish} by QueenWildfire2k18
Diamond in Cotton Candy Skies - YCH by Acry-Artwork
Happy Nightmare Birthday Night by EvilFrenzy
Human X Anthro OCs
Eirwen by SakuraVhan
Eira by SakuraVhan
Collab - Cold Blooded Love by FlashLightIsTheBEST
Collab - HAPPY BIRTHDAY AZURA ! by FlashLightIsTheBEST
Multiple species OCs
Royalty Adoptables - OPEN (6/6) by Cascayd
Fam Five  by BluefinArts
Commission\108\ by AiriniBlock
Get Out of My Face by Suramii
Other species
MLP Oc-One more race by RomanticGaze
Art Trade: Sugar Gloss by MObubbles
Bearie I REDESIGN I MLP I OC I by BearieTheBear
Pony Blind Box (7/10 Open) by ratjayadopts
Artisan Crafts and Plushies
Luna My little Pony Fanart by ZuukiGothzilla
The Rightful Heir: Issue 3 - Page 043 by GatesMcCloud
Hello, Sedna: Illustrations from book by DiscordTheGE
Flash and Animations
Peachy Lane (OC) Turnaround animation by BitPony
References and Cutiemarks
.:Destiny Love  [NEXT GEN] by MLP-Snowy
Bases, Tutorials and Resources
Ocarina of Time by Antone-t62newo
Adoptables and Merchandise
Christmas Ponies adopts [OPEN] by SakurAmy9
Icons, Stamps, Memes, Asks, etc
Bowling Family by Owl-ClockWork
Sorting Help
Iced Caramel by TheScarredMoon
Group contest entries
Pirate Ponehs (Contest Entry) by AwkwardNutella
Contests and Raffles
COMMISSIONS! by Orfartina




Welcome to our group MLP-OCs, this group is for all MLP lovers come together and make our own fan based characters from the show. Its basically to have our ideas for ponies drawn, written or in any other form of art come together to show our characters off.


Submitting stolen artwork to our gallery is prohibited; you will be reported for art theft and removed from the group (if you keep doing this). This includes using others' artwork in your own work without permission. Work containing fragments or whole pieces of art not copyright to you will not be accepted. This includes commissions, gifts, etc. that were made for you (unless you have permission to post it). We only want work you made. The only exception to this rule is collaborations and bases. Please submit a request for the original piece from the original artist if you want it in our gallery. This includes screenshots and not crediting people for their bases,vectors, and etc. that they have made for you to use.

Porno, exposed genitals, extreme gore,vore, fetishes and other stuff is NOT accepted here, Saucy images and images containing blood are ok as long as it doesn't cross the line. If its a mild grim/dark it will be okay. Like cartoon like with no graphics. For example a zombie pony's leg can fall off but no details like blood, ripped flesh, and ect. It can look like it "popped off". If your image is flagged as Mature Content, it will be declined.

No generated art, no exceptions. We no longer accept Pony Creator images.

Art using vectors and bases will be subject to our quality control. Poorly edited vectors and bases will be voted on by admins.

Please do not submit WIPS (works-in-progress), sketch dumps, pony creator images or literature with improper grammar and chat speak. Deviations using vectors and bases must be edited with a degree of finesse, i.e. not just using paint, and spending time on your artwork. Regarding traditional art, preferably we'd like to see scanned versions of your art. when a picture of your work is too blurry and too dark it will be declined.

We are now happy to allow commission sheets and journals into our gallery. This folder will however be cleared out every 6 months, so to keep it relevant and up to date. Contests may also be submitted, but are subject to the 6 month rule as well.

:bulletblue: Folder Description
:bulletblue: Group Hall of Fame (March 2015 - May 2017)
:bulletblue:Group Hall of Fame (***New***)
:bulletblue:Chatroom! (Chat with fellow pony fans!)

DO NOT advertise or beg for art, points, watch and/or [...] on our front page. That is just rude.

OC OF NOVEMBER: Ruby Perl by twilightcomet

Ruby Perl [AT] by Chirpy-chi

If you have a suggestion, idea, problem, or anything like that please do not hesitate to note the group!

Hi, Everyone!

Sorry for the delay in the contest due to personal shortages. I'm aware that we're already way into November, and the contestants all had to be very patient this time, so we decided to just take it as it is and adapt.

Now to the results for November's OC of the Month competition! The votes were counted until 9th November (since that's one day after the last journal edit)

There were 5 entrants this time round so the votes were counted in this system:

1st place votes receive 5 points

2nd place votes receive 4 points

3rd place votes receive 3 points

4th place votes receive 2 points

5th place votes receive 1 point



In 5th place, scoring a total of 27 points....


Wizardy Saoirse by Butterfly1624

Belonging to Butterfly1624


In 4th place, scoring a total of 28 points....

Lime Dream

Lime Dream by LimeDreaming

Belonging to LimeDreaming


In 3rd place, scoring a total of 39 points....

Aurelia Charm

Aurelia Charm by AureliaCharmCutiees

Belonging to AureliaCharmCutiees


In 2nd place, scoring a total of 41 points....

Bay Breeze

Waifu Material by EmbersLament

Belonging to EmbersLament



The winner is............


Ruby Perl with 43 points!!!

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

Ruby Perl [AT] by Chirpy-chi

Belonging to twilightcomet



Rainbow Dash applauds by Mihaaaa Twilight doing something by Mihaaaa Applejack clopplauding by Mihaaaa Rarity clap by Mihaaaa Pinkie Pie clapping by Mihaaaa Fluttershy applauds too by Mihaaaa

Ruby Perl is the winner of the contest, which means she will get featured on our group page for a whole month, along with earning a well-deserved spot in the hall of fame:

Group Hall of Fame 2.0 Hall of Fame
This list contains all the OC ponies who won our group's OC-of-the-month-contest from September 2017 onwards!

September 2017: SuperNova "Nova" Glitch

by :iconNecromaxic:


October 2017: Jester

by :iconChaosPhantom444:


November 2017: Azura

Thank you all for participating and voting, and again: my deepest apologies for the delay!

As a compensation, we'll move the dates a little.
That means the contest for OC of December will be omitted and nominations for January will start at December 20th. So the OC of January will be announced at 31th and we'll hopefully be back on track.

As an added bonus, participants of this month will be allowed to partake in that next contest right away instead of skipping for one month.

Thanks guys and hope to see you next time!
More Journal Entries



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BitPony Featured By Owner Edited Nov 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello everyone! I'd like to take (free) requests of your guys OCs since I'm getting back to doing art and commissions but I'm a bit rusty, - n- So practice is needed and I'd like to use that to make someone happy and draw their OC for them! ^w^
CameoFiasco Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2018
Anyone have tips or at least reference ideas for draconequus?

Cause everytime I draw out mine it looks too snake like or looking too much like what I'm using for reference  
CameoFiasco Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2018
who can I talk to about minotaur ocs?
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sakuradonut Featured By Owner May 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, may I please join?
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