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Welcome to MLP-OCs!
We are a platform to share and showcase your creative works across all genres that feature your very own Original Characters based on the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

We have a few rules to follow, please read through and understand them before joining and submitting your content to the group!


Posting and submitting Stolen/Traced artwork is prohibited. We do not tolerate it.
This includes using others' artwork in your own work without permission. Work containing fragments or whole pieces of art that do not belong to you. This also includes posting others commissions, gifts, etc. that were made for you (unless you have permission to post it, which should be mentioned in the description of your post). We only want work you made.
You will be removed from the group and reported after 1 warning.

:bulletblue:NO NSFW CONTENT (Extreme Gore, Pornagraphic Scenes, Grimdark, Etc)
Suggestive but not revealing images, and images containing minor blood are okay to be submitted, but they will be judged carefully and may be rejected.
Any images flagged as Mature Content will be automatically rejected.

No generated art, no exceptions. We no longer accept Pony Creator images.

:bulletblue:VECTORS & BASES
You may post your own bases in the correct folder. Any edits/dolling will be directed to their appropriate folder depending on the breed of the pony (unicorn ocs, pegasus, etc).
Art using vectors and bases will be subject to our quality control. Poorly edited bases will be voted on by admins and may be rejected.
Any bases, collaborations or vectors not credited will be instantly declined.

Please do not submit WIPS (works-in-progress), sketch dumps, pony creator images or literature with improper grammar and chat speak. Deviations using vectors and bases must be edited with a degree of finesse (i.e. not just using paint and slapping colour on.)
Regarding Traditional Art (Pencil/Painting), preferably we'd like to see scanned versions or properly photographed pictures of your art.
If a picture of your work is too blurry and/or too dark it will be declined.

We are happy to allow Commission Sheets/Journals and Contest Announcement Journals into our gallery. This folder will however be cleared out every so often as to keep it relevant and up-to-date.

Handy Links:
:bulletblue: Folder Description
:bulletblue: Group Hall of Fame (March 2015 - May 2017)
:bulletblue: Group Hall of Fame (***New***)
:bulletblue: Chatroom! (Chat with fellow pony fans!)

DO NOT advertise or beg for art, points, watch and/or [...] on our front page.

OC of the Month:

-Currently Inactive Competition-

If you have a suggestion, idea, problem, or anything like that please do not hesitate to note the group!

Gallery Folders

~Cute as can Bee~ by cayfie
What do batponies sing about? by moemneop
COMM: Pumpkin Moon (+Speedpaint) by ScribbleWoof
eeeee by xn-d
So Romantic by Avery-Valentine

Mature Content

Two Suns Always Shining by Fermin-Tenava
Besos oniricos by Avery-Valentine
MLP: Good luck kiss by MalinRaf1615
Unicorn OCs
lavender by SeveralBeees
Vivian again by MiielB
[Commission] Magical forest by AdagioString
Earth pony OCs
Fallout Equestria Starbucks coffee by DDDromm
Art Trade - Froppy by mihhyunn
Commission - Neo Starhaze by mihhyunn
Rocky Flash - An Insight  by R4HUCKSAKE
Pegasus OCs
[Adopt] Car pony [OPEN] by sapsansof
desert by nikosh14
Artfight 2022 - Miguel by mihhyunn
Artfight 2022 - Starlight by mihhyunn
Bat-pony OCs
Bat in the night by Spookyle
Well, Have You? by R4HUCKSAKE
Sorbet Haze by MayonakaOtsumami
Fantasia by K-HAO-S
Alicorn OCs
Starlit Petals (Adopt Payment) by Owlythia
My Little Pony OC: Dreamlight Twinkle (Baby) by Wanda92
My Little Pony OC: Dreamlight Twinkle by Wanda92
Flirting at the Dinner Table by xHalesx
Human or Anthro OCs
Still falling for you by TeaFlower300
A Big Ole Hug by DarkManSpectre
Tiffany by TeaFlower300
One accidentally destroys your high tech kitchen by DarkManSpectre
Multiple OCs of Different Species
Commission - I love you so by mihhyunn
Fallout Equestria- Fillydelphia by DDDromm
Scorching Torch and Ember Light | [G] by xHalesx
Commission: 102 by Nika-Rain
Other MLP Species or Hybrids
Art Trade - Sheena by mihhyunn
Adara the Cova by Owlythia
Personal - Layla Chibi by mihhyunn
new mlp oc by Spinach-Kid
Artisan Crafts and Plushies
Princess Ridatrane plush by Cwossie
EF Chapter 2 - Turnaround Part 1 by ultimimega
To the Moon and Back pt1 - The Talk by CrystalNovaa
Flash and Animations
Ergosphere is Complete! by SingularMJ
References and Cutiemarks
Rainbow Spring (former Adptable) by sweetymimy22
Bases, Collabs, Tutorials and Resources
MLP Base 68 [2 version] by x-Starshade-x
Adoptables, YCH and Merchandise
Beatrice pony auction adopt [Open] $15 by sweetjjoline
Icons, Stamps, Memes, Asks, etc
Alice Trot Pony | [AT] by xHalesx
Sorting Help
Group contest entries
Pirate Ponehs (Contest Entry) by AwkwardNutella
Pony/Dragon on cloud //Cheap Ych by MoonDrawzlv


Hello, small and brief update incoming.
I just wanted to update those of you who may notice our layout has changed! We are going through a visual re-haul to make our page a little easier on the eyes. Our rules have been retyped for easier understanding, so please take a look and refresh yourselves!
Most importantly, the lovely @fermin-tenava has been promoted to Co-Founder. They have put in so much effort to keep this group running so give them a big round of applause.
We hope you all continue to enjoy our group, thankyou for being on this journey with us!
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