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~Cute as can Bee~ by cayfie
What do batponies sing about? by moemneop
COMM: Pumpkin Moon (+Speedpaint) by ScribbleWoof
eeeee by xn-d
Music Tree by Parrpitched
Sunset Reading by MalinRaf1615
Surprisingly Happy Family by Parrpitched
Meeting The Six [Part 5] by AwesomeWaffle11
Unicorn OCs
My Pony OC Kirpichek by ReinerKeiter
.:| Missy |:. by lC0smic-Nightl
.:| Atticus |:. by lC0smic-Nightl
Donation Reward for DigitalValkerie (Pt.2) by Fermin-Tenava
Earth pony OCs
A little Couple by TheBenAlpha
Commission\344 by AiriniBlock
Commission\343 by AiriniBlock
[COMM]ShumpehAdopts - Rin by AdaKola
Pegasus OCs
[MLP] Holka Withers (AT) by AmberPone
Commission\345 by AiriniBlock
ENDVERSE Fluttershy X Discord Next Gen by Feuerwelle
BRIDGEVERSE Silver Spoon X Cozy Glow Next Gen by Feuerwelle
Bat-pony OCs
.:Lets talk about my crush:. by MLP-Snowy
{Random Gifting Is Magic} Slick Wings by Amura-Of-Jupiter
Luster Love (Character Redesign) by LuxiWind
Navy (Character Redesign) by LuxiWind
Alicorn OCs
Golden Sketch by VChart920
Art Trade - Percival by Parrpitched
It's Cat Time | [BG] by xHalesx
I waiting for you by TheBenAlpha
Human or Anthro OCs
Lyons the Lone Knight The Pseudo Organazation by Gamerpen
Red  the silent summoner The Pseudo Organazation by Gamerpen
Oaxarn by Gamerpen
The Master of The Pseudo Organazation by Gamerpen
Multiple species OCs
Chibi pony commissions - Batch 4 by Volvom
Back Off by Parrpitched
i think you're stuck in F key by AmrasFelagund
Happy Birthday Corvus! 2020 by MObubbles
Other species
SWEETVERSE Rainbow X Vapor Trail Adoptive Next Gen by Feuerwelle
BRIDGEVERSE Flurry Heart X Wolf Next Gen by Feuerwelle
News for Neptuna by Blumydia
[Commission] Desert Rose by CreadoraChan
Artisan Crafts and Plushies
OC pony balls by MrCAPiTAN

Mature Content

Grizly Reminder pg 50 by ZoaRenso
Flash and Animations
comission Aurelia charm by age3rcm
References and Cutiemarks
Lemon Spring [Reference Sheet] by RubyFlank
Bases, Collabs, Tutorials and Resources
: Let's Commit Crime | OPEN Collab : by lC0smic-Nightl
Adoptables, YCH and Merchandise
Potter house Scarf  YCH  OPEN by UnicRyla
Icons, Stamps, Memes, Asks, etc
Monocrome icon? by Owl-ClockWork
Sorting Help
Doe likes herself better when.. by Pandorasia
Group contest entries
Pirate Ponehs (Contest Entry) by AwkwardNutella
Background and Main Pony Adopt Grid [CLOSED] by Parrpitched




Welcome to our group MLP-OCs, this group is for all MLP lovers come together and make our own fan based characters from the show. Its basically to have our ideas for ponies drawn, written or in any other form of art come together to show our characters off.


Submitting stolen artwork to our gallery is prohibited; you will be reported for art theft and removed from the group (if you keep doing this). This includes using others' artwork in your own work without permission. Work containing fragments or whole pieces of art not copyright to you will not be accepted. This includes commissions, gifts, etc. that were made for you (unless you have permission to post it). We only want work you made. The only exception to this rule is collaborations and bases. Please submit a request for the original piece from the original artist if you want it in our gallery. This includes screenshots and not crediting people for their bases,vectors, and etc. that they have made for you to use.

Porno, exposed genitals, extreme gore,vore, fetishes and other stuff is NOT accepted here, Saucy images and images containing blood are ok as long as it doesn't cross the line. If its a mild grim/dark it will be okay. Like cartoon like with no graphics. For example a zombie pony's leg can fall off but no details like blood, ripped flesh, and ect. It can look like it "popped off". If your image is flagged as Mature Content, it will be declined.

No generated art, no exceptions. We no longer accept Pony Creator images.

Art using vectors and bases will be subject to our quality control. Poorly edited vectors and bases will be voted on by admins.

Please do not submit WIPS (works-in-progress), sketch dumps, pony creator images or literature with improper grammar and chat speak. Deviations using vectors and bases must be edited with a degree of finesse, i.e. not just using paint, and spending time on your artwork. Regarding traditional art, preferably we'd like to see scanned versions of your art. when a picture of your work is too blurry and too dark it will be declined.

We are now happy to allow commission sheets and journals into our gallery. This folder will however be cleared out every 6 months, so to keep it relevant and up to date. Contests may also be submitted, but are subject to the 6 month rule as well.

:bulletblue: Folder Description
:bulletblue: Group Hall of Fame (March 2015 - May 2017)
:bulletblue:Group Hall of Fame (***New***)
:bulletblue:Chatroom! (Chat with fellow pony fans!)

DO NOT advertise or beg for art, points, watch and/or [...] on our front page. That is just rude.

OC of April: Maple Breeze by MapleBreeze57

Maple Breeze Reference Sheet| [C] by xHalesx

If you have a suggestion, idea, problem, or anything like that please do not hesitate to note the group!
Hello everyone,

I am honestly not sure how to word this journal. In short, it is regarding the future of this Art Group, MLP-OCs, and I suppose all Art Groups.
These concerns are brought about by the now permanent roll out date of DeviantART Eclipse on May 20th.
This was announced just recently.

Personally, I am not a fan of the supposed sleek look of dA Eclipse. To me it is very messy, hard to navigate and honestly? Doesn't look anything special that would make it worth upgrading to.
That is my opinion of course, I'm not here to preach.

My concern falls into how groups will function or if there is even a place for art groups such as MLP-OCs in this future. Within the Eclipse previews, I see no changes to making groups work for the new website version.
I don't see much of a future for groups. I honestly don't see much of a future for myself here either.

If anyone is interested on perhaps trying to sway the DeviantART Team one last time, check out this journal:…

Or sign a petition…

Other than that, really I'm here to say that we had a good run, wish you all the best in the future with your art or endeavors.
Stay safe and wash your hands!

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Anyone have tips or at least reference ideas for draconequus?

Cause everytime I draw out mine it looks too snake like or looking too much like what I'm using for reference  
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