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Welcome to the LyraXBonBon Group

If you're looking for the number one place for Lyra and Bon Bon fans to gather, then here it is; the group dedicated to everpony's favorite couple!

:bulletblue:Rules and guidelines for this group:

:bulletgreen: All are welcome to join, no application is necessary, simply hit the join button. (Everything is subject to vote simply to screen out any parasprites. All honest members and submissions will be accepted.)

:bulletred: NO STOLEN ART! Anypony found to have stolen art will be immediately banned from this group. For more info see: FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?

:bulletred: Please submit all art into the correct folder!

:bulletyellow: Mature artwork is accepted here. All mature works will be in their respective folders, labelled "After Dark". No mature pieces will be accepted into any other folders.

:bulletgreen: Have fun! ^^

Gallery Folders

Tryin' to Strike My Sister? by AnotherRaven
Lifesize Lyra plushie by Epicrainbowcrafts
Cmok coloring by piscella
Cmok! by CigarsCigarettes
Even Chubby Can Be Pretty by LupiArts
Fluffy Lyra by Valmiiki
Bon Bon
[collab] 'horse rotorvator' by astr4ltr4in
[collab] 'all the pretty little horses' by astr4ltr4in
fake by astr4ltr4in
Lyra and BonBon together
Pony Lyra loves sweets by xbi
Bon-Bon-and-Lyra-Shaded by Chaoslynx1989
Lyra? by RuushiiCZ
LyraBon Family by Feuerwelle
Lyra or Bon Bon with other ponies
Goth Ponies By drippykitty by ichiban-iceychan1517
Family Friends by DinkyUniverse
Dueling Unicorns by JohnFlaherty
S5 E9: Tuesday by Esuka
Lyra, Bon Bon, and Tootsie Flute
A Sweet Heart Family by DinkyUniverse
Tootsie Soup by DinkyUniverse
Liza's parents by DinkyUniverse
Happy Mothers Day! by ShutterflyEQD
Lyra Loves Sweetie Drops' Hugs by kTd1993
Sweetie Drops' Hero- Lyra! by kTd1993
Suit Queens by MustLoveFrogs
Pones Like Us by MustLoveFrogs
Badass BonBon (animated gif) by negasun
Good morning, Lyra! (animated gif) by negasun
Walking plot (animated gif) by negasun
Lyra in a pocket (animated gif) by negasun
Hearts and Hooves Day - Bon Bon's Gift by Pony4Koma
Hearts and Hooves Day - Lyra's Gift by Pony4Koma
LyraBon- Getting to First Base by kTd1993
Ch1. Pag1 by thePonyPretender
Fan Fics
REQUEST:  LyraxBon Bon Stamp by inkypaws-productions
After Dark
Lyra and Bon Bon's special stretches by Artemis-Polara
After Dark Fics


Pony Box Sprays (Background Ponys, transparent) by Quake-One Pony Box Sprays (Background Ponys, transparent) :iconquake-one:Quake-One 72 8 Filly Lyra With a Lyre by Daieny Filly Lyra With a Lyre :icondaieny:Daieny 196 50 Abstract Composition with Lyra and Bon Bon by PostScripting Abstract Composition with Lyra and Bon Bon :iconpostscripting:PostScripting 177 14 This Is Surprisingly Comfortable by Beavernator This Is Surprisingly Comfortable :iconbeavernator:Beavernator 548 39 Bonbon does not approve of your Banana by Kalas17 Bonbon does not approve of your Banana :iconkalas17:Kalas17 227 40 I Miss Your Stupid Face! by Baka-Neku I Miss Your Stupid Face! :iconbaka-neku:Baka-Neku 175 48 Lyra enjoying her sandwich by TriteBristle Lyra enjoying her sandwich :icontritebristle:TriteBristle 217 40 Lyra's new clothes. by BucketHelm Lyra's new clothes. :iconbuckethelm:BucketHelm 119 29 Little Lyra by Wisterya Little Lyra :iconwisterya:Wisterya 55 34 Sleeping in Heavenly Peace by Beavernator Sleeping in Heavenly Peace :iconbeavernator:Beavernator 194 9 Those pictures from that night at the carnival by doctorpepperphd Those pictures from that night at the carnival :icondoctorpepperphd:doctorpepperphd 53 12 If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em by BuckingAwesomeArt If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em :iconbuckingawesomeart:BuckingAwesomeArt 146 37 Cute Bon Bon by ErisGrim Cute Bon Bon :iconerisgrim:ErisGrim 204 41 Season Two Collage by KeoSon Season Two Collage :iconkeoson:KeoSon 109 19 Lyra Bonbon More by DocWario Lyra Bonbon More :icondocwario:DocWario 182 13


Just a periodic update,

Two new folders have been added, the "Animations" and the "Stamps" folders. The Featured folder has now also been dusted off by the admins, and we'll be using that to feature art from within the group which we find to be exceptional. ^^

As a reminder, please make sure you're submitting all art to the correct folders, as it really does help us out here. Also, feel free to suggest any piece of artwork that you feel should be in the Featured folder to either myself, FunnyGamer95, or any of the other admins.


Icaron, MLP-LyraXBonBon
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