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Lunch with Sister Page41 by KipTeiTei
Mature content
Lunch with Sister Page41 :iconkipteitei:KipTeiTei 1,248 464
Arcana Force 0 - The Fool by Endergon-Oscuro Arcana Force 0 - The Fool :iconendergon-oscuro:Endergon-Oscuro 3 0
Arcana of Equestria Chapter 2: A Storm of Darkness
As the sun began to crest over the mountains in the east, Spike tried to compose himself after the events of the previous night. For reasons he could not even begin to understand, somepony had broken into the ancient castle of the royal pony sisters, deep within the Everfree Forest no less. Whoever it was had power enough to put nearly an entire village to sleep at once. They were very magically adept, able to change forms and move almost silently. They seemed to have personal knowledge of the castle and the construction and supposed contents within. It did not take Spike long to realize who the most likely culprits of this caper was, it had to have been one of princesses of Equestria. “But why would any princess be stalking around the ancient castle and worrying about missing objects?” Spike thought. “Do they not have important duties to take care of in Canterlot? I mean managing these lands cannot be any easy task. I don’t think Cadence is involved but what th
:iconshadowofademon88:ShadowofaDemon88 3 0
YES by vaporotem YES :iconvaporotem:vaporotem 414 69 Livyatan melvillei family by JELSIN Livyatan melvillei family :iconjelsin:JELSIN 173 25 Trunko's Last Battle by Loneanimator Trunko's Last Battle :iconloneanimator:Loneanimator 108 33 Nightmare Knight pony by anarchemitis Nightmare Knight pony :iconanarchemitis:anarchemitis 26 1
Mending a Broken Rainbow- Chapter Six
Mending a Broken Rainbow- Chapter Six
The hallways of Castle Canterlot were silent, as they always were in the dead of night, the only exception the frantic claps of hooves as Twilight Sparkle neared the throne room. All around her beautiful rays of colored light filtered in through endless rows of crystal glass, arranged as paintings of history, and time well past. From the outside walls the castle could seem like a proud fortress, but from within each room and hallway was a piece of art. A piece of history.
Advancing deeper into the castle, and closer to her query, Twilight quickened her pace.
"Welcome home, sister!" the familiar voice of Shining Armor split the silence as he advanced into the hallway, and into his sister's path. "how was your trip back to Ponyville?"
Pulling to a halt, the princess's pupil sighed heavily. "I'm still trying to figure that out. Now please, I must see princess Celestia right away!" Jeering to her left, Twilight attempted to push farther, but Shining qu
:iconmalikvamp:malikvamp 21 34
Congratulations Rainbow Dash, You're the new Spike
Rainbow dash had gotten up surprisingly early that day. She usually stayed in bed for several hours after sunrise, but today she had a big reason for getting up before the sun even rose.
"Omigosh omigosh OMIGOSH!! It's almost time... OH COME ON!!!"
Finally, the door to the library opened, and Twilight Sparkle walked out.
"Oh, hello Rainbow-"
"Uh, seriously?" The knowledgeable unicorn was quite surprised. "You do realize the library isn't open 'till 8:30 AM, right?"
"Yeah, but I could barely sleep last night, knowing that the newest Daring Do book is coming out today, and I'm so excited!!!" squealed the excited pegasus.
"Oh, that's right!" said Twilight. "Come in, Rai-"
Before Twilight could even finish her phrase, Rainbow Dash zoomed right in, throwing Twilight off her feet and almost crashing into Spike, who shouted "Watch where you're going!" at her.
"Daring Do and the Purple Dragon's Curse!" The young Daring Do fanatic laugh
:iconkeaton-furman-prower:keaton-furman-prower 32 23
Pinkassic Park
It was going to be a perfectly normal day for Pinkie Pie; in other words, it was going to be anything but normal. Today was simply going to be a little freakier than normal.
She was happily bouncing towards Sweet Apple Acres, wondering what Applejack was doing. Hopefully nothing that was too much work, that would be boring! Although maybe she could make it less so... or maybe she could turn Applejack's work into a game! That would be so much fun! Of course, if Applejack wasn't doing anything, then she could have even more fun! But even if she didn't want to do anything with Pinkie, then maybe she could have an adventure with Apple Bloom and her friends! Oh that would be so much-  twitchy tail!
Pinkie stopped. Something was about to fall, so she had to get out of the way before-
The source of the voice was right above Pinkie, so she ran out of the way just as something big, brown, fuzzy, and vaguely Draconian, with a mass of purple hair fell where she had
:iconkeaton-furman-prower:keaton-furman-prower 44 19
godzilla animated: Gyaos by Blabyloo229 godzilla animated: Gyaos :iconblabyloo229:Blabyloo229 55 22 Pisciss Preman - Kraab Omnitrix version by Zimonini Pisciss Preman - Kraab Omnitrix version :iconzimonini:Zimonini 217 18
Mature content
Spirit Journals: Enter The Wolf :icontempestwulf:Tempestwulf 17 13
Bronies: Draconequus Rhapsody
Where is my old world?
What is this treachery?
My reach is curved now,
It has lost its infinity...
Can't open my eyes
Look inside instead to see
There is no peace here, there is no sympathy
They might have been oh so very right
I am mad, just a cad
Eternity my prison, it holds nothing kind for me... for me...
My work, it is undone
Everything I ever made
Now lies organized and maimed
Chaos, it's over now
And for it the world shall never be the same
My world, ooo
It's all in ruins now
In just a hundred years they won't remember
I was here. I have lived. But does it really matter...?
Regrets? Perhaps a few
Would I do it otherwise?
Question's aching in my mind.
Goodbye everypony - It was quite fun
Even though you forced me into this retreat
Chaos, ooo - (My work is undone)
I don't want to leave
I sometimes wish I'd never been made at all
I see a little silhouetto of three mares!
Correction! Correction! They are all but only fillies!
Chocolate Milk and Kiting! - Are they truly Fighting? - Y
:iconictiv:Ictiv 4 4
Fluttershy Boom
Fluttershy's eyes widened in shock as she saw her fellow Pegasus falling to the ground, unconscious. She panicked for a second before she dove after her friend. By the time she dove after her friend, there was a big gap between the two, a distance that she didn't think she could reach. Still, she pumped her wings as hard as she could, going for a steep dive. She knew that she would have to push herself if she would ever have a chance to reach her friend. She flapped her wings hard, trying to make up the distance, but still it wasn't enough. She pushed her body harder, but was meeting some form of resistance. She instinctively put out her left front hoof, trying to push past this invisible barrier. Her wings were aching from all the stress she was putting them through, but she pushed through it; her friend needed her and she would not let her down.
She shut her eyes and screamed in frustration, needing a bit more power, a bit more speed if she could reach Rainbow Dash. With one more pum
:iconmadd-the-sane:madd-the-sane 7 1

There are pony cutouts (more like paper pony dolls) on the Hub's MLP:FiM website.



"Hey Pony Fans! Download your
very own My Little Pony Cutout
each week! Don't forget to vote
for the 7th character cutout.
Voting ends May 19th, winning
pony will be revealed June 10th."

The voting poll is on the right side of the page, next to the Wallpapers.

It says:
"Pony Fans! Vote Now!

Who do you want to see for the 7th cutout?
Fan Favorite will be revealed on 6/10

Princess Luna
DJ Pon-3
Princess Twilight
Queen Chrysalis


Once you vote, you are all done!

Remember, the paper doll pony cut out will be revealed on June 10th.

(What if DJ Pon-3 won, and shows her cutout WITHOUT HER GLASSES?!!?  We might get her real eye color!)

(What if Queen Chrysalis won and you could change her into some other pony?)

(What if Trixie won, and you could get her with the Alicorn amulet and she could be evil? Mwahahaha!)
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Hey, I've had this Idea for a fanfic for sometime now, and Have been ironing and fleshing it out for almost 2 years now. It's placeholder name is Locked up and it's an alternate ending to Lesson Zero where Celestia returns to Twilight's Library and has her arrested and sentenced to 3 years in a mares prison where she is cut off from spike and the rest of the mane 6 while her parents and shining armor are heart broken and can't get over the fact that Twilight is now a convict serving time in a harsh environment

If you want more info, heres a link to one of my DA galleries:…

Tell me what you think.

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