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DianoXwarbs by Rayodragon
Rayo Equestria Guys version by Rayodragon
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Pinkie Pie by CopperCox
Flankylicious Magazine Cover
a wisp of ... by iNceri

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Best in the Business by Raver1357

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My little lingerie by MohawkRex
Trixie and Twilight 3 by Pyruvate
Mane 6 Flankylicious
Pinkie by 0Blackster
Little witch by 0Blackster
MLP SFW Fluttershy little wiggle dance by FluttershyFanN80085
Sneaky Fluttershy by fajnyziomal
OC Ponies Flankylicious
(Request) - Teacup by MateusCarvalho564

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Don't cross by daisyminttea
random pony by 0Blackster
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Minor and Background Ponies Flankylicious

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Sweet Biscuit by omnisimon11

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Goth ass of Inky Rose[?] by DrawAlaverr

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Octavia Melody by MrStrats
Request #8 - Inky Rose by Nathayro37
The Great and Power Trixie Flankylicious
The Great and Powerful by Chombeau

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Flying Trixie - My Little Pony by DrawAlaverr

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Babysitter Trixie by ZwitterKitsune
Babysitter Trixie by The-Park
Sketch #1 by daisyminttea

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Why Me!? - Celestia Ending NSFW - 05 by Gutovi

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YCH Animation. Pony little wiggle dance. by FluttershyFanN80085

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Rarijack by Tentacless
Clean Art
Twilight Sparkle by SHREKRULEZ
Birthday Greeting 2019  by SHREKRULEZ
Toon Buff #53: Spike by SHREKRULEZ
Summer Heat 2020 #7 by SHREKRULEZ
Royal Flankylicious Celestia and Luna
Danny Williams, the Original Pony Pimper by MightyDragonEmperor
Maid Luna by Kitten-in-the-jar
Partido amistoso con Celestia (no wings) by Reylobo0mega
Partido amistoso con Celestia (wings) by Reylobo0mega
Anthro and Humans Flankylicious

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In the name of the moon by ArtOfBunchi

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twilight nude vesion by iloota

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twi by iloota

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Rarity beauty Ass NSFW by TheLostGameBoy
Colts and Stallions flankylicious
YCH Commission: It's not a pumpkin! by feekteev
Heart Shape Flanks
Akali K/DA Popstars :nsfw optional: by Emerald--Weapon
Fan Fiction clean
MLP and Friends S.1 Ep.10The following new series is rated Y7+-FVfor Mild Adventure Action, Peril, Some Rude Humor and Some Thematic Elements.Not suitable for much younger readers and infantsPREVIOUSLY ON MY LITTLE PONY AND FRIENDS:The jewel got cracked as Clamdor himself just losing too much power.His jewel just recharging while Twilight and her teammates tryingto demolish it's destructive powerful emerald. Until he has returned andthe chase is on again. The emerald is fully powerful and about to hit anyplace.Time is running out and do you think they can stop his destructive emerald?THE CONCLUSION WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTION NOW! (Main Theme: Little PONY and FRIENDS: FRIENDSHIP ADVENTURES (TM)(Twilight Sparkle and her friends are playing with their new friendsfrom Earth) (magic appears) (INTRODUCING ANOTHER NEW ENEMY: CLAMDOR THE DRAGON)(magic of friendship overpowers his evil magic smoke) (all standing against him) (Spike about to kiss Rarity til Pinkie Pie giving him a cream pie)(all giggling) (Clamdor growls) (Twilight Sparkle assemblingwith them as she flies to winks at you)My Little PONY and FRIENDS: FRIENDSHIP ADVENTURES (TM)Series Development by:LAUREN FAUSTSHREKRULEZJOHNSPARTAN1982JAYFOXFIREand ALANSTARWARSFANSTORY ARC #2:GOING TO EARTHPart 5: The End of Clamdor's PlotStory by: SHREKRULEZ and ALANSTARWARSFANTeleplay by: SHREKRULEZ and ALANSTARWARSFANStory Editors: JAYFOXFIRE and IVANGExecutive Story Editors: MYSTERYFANBOY718, JOHNSPARTAN1982 and SHREKRULEZProducers: MYSTERYFANBOY718 and TOONFAN0 Story Directed by: EKJR When we last off.....CLAMDOR: WITHIN MINUTES WHILE TRAVELLING THE JEWEL IS READY TO DESTROY!HA HA HA HA!(all ponies, dragons and 3 humans are despair) APPLEJACK: It looks like our time just ran out, y'all. That jewel's power gonna ripping this world out forcefully.APPLE BLOOM: Thought Alicorn's powers to overcoming that emerald's destructiveness.RARITY: Hold me, Spikey Wikey.(Spike's hugs her in protection) PINKIE: We need a joke before he'll rule everything and what not.(all mad at her)PINKIE: Asking too much. Got it.FLUTTERSHY: I wish our power of friendship helping our problem.TWILIGHT: (thought what Fluttershy said) Power of friendship. (3X) THAT'S IT, FLUTTERSHY! FLUTTERSHY: It is?ALL: It is?TWILIGHT: Don't you see?The only magic of friendship is our cutey marks.It's connecting the Elements of Harmony.It's our only power to stop this from happening.RAINBOW: OH, YEAH! THE ELEMENTS OF HARMONY AND OUR CUTEY MARKS!I LOVE YOUR IDEA, FLUTTERSHY!(Fluttershy smiles) RARITY: What are we waiting for?We must concentrate within our Cutey Marks. PINKIE: Yeah.To teach that sour candy of his core a lesson about friendship.(they getting closer towards to each other) (their Cutey Marks just shining much brighter) (the Elements of Harmony vanishing til they reappeared) (the Elements zapping the Dragon Warriors away from them)As the ponies using their Cutey Marks, the Elements of Harmonyjust connecting them so they can harnessing their powersto elminating the Jewel of Embtress. Clamdor turns aroundand gasping. CLAMDOR: NO! IMPOSSIBLE! YOU MUST BE DESTROY! (he charges til the Elements of Harmony kicking him away) (he thuds)JASON: Their Elements of Harmony are wicked awesome.SCOOTALOO: I know, right? WAY TO GO, PONIES! KALA: I want to make a shirt for this, man.HARRY: Twilight and her friends just using their friendship powers.They might have a chance.(they going outside of the Castle as the evil jewel saw them withtheir Elements of Harmony) (it's zapping them until it zaps the jewel)(it starts cracking) CLAMDOR: NO, MY BEAUTIFUL JEWEL! I MUST STOP THEM BEFORE IT'S DESTROYING ITSELF!SMOLDER: Ember, I have a suggestion and it's gonna be a blast.EMBER: Or on fire from behind. Let's do it.SPIKE: Lady dragons, allow me to assist you from your plan.BOTH: Granted. LET'S DO IT!(they flew from behind and blowing their dragon breath) (he got burn and groans in pain) (Morris family laughing)HARRY: TOO HOT FOR YOU!?!!HA! (10)KALA: Need some marshmellows with it? (giggles)JASON: How about roasting dragon's butt for dinner? (the dragons looked at Jason for his comment)JASON: For him, not you guys. (all nodded) (Clamdor growls) (about to bite them) (high kicks, tail whipsand more burning) (he groans in pain) (the jewel about to zap them but it didn't worked) TWILIGHT: IT'S WORKING! NOW, LET'S END THIS FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL!ALL PONIES: RIGHT! APPLEJACK: TIME TO BURST YOU ROTTEN APPLE LIKE SLICES, EVIL CORE! (they using their powers to hit the jewel) RAINBOW: MUST FOCUS BEFORE WE'RE GONERS!FLUTTERSHY: KEEP TRYING, EVERYPONY!(it starts cracking) RARITY: IT'S REALLY WORKING, DARLINGS!NOW, TO SMASH THAT UNWELCOMED JEWEL OF PROBLEMS! CLAMDOR: NO! HARRY: HIT THE DIRT!(the dragons & the Cutey mark Crusaders are gathering the Morris family as the jewel exploded) (the Jewel of Embtress gone forever as the Dragon Warriors been changinginto good dragons including Clamdor himself because he was a good dragon) (he flew down as the ponies grabbing him safely) (they approaching towards the humans,dragons and ponies) SWEETIE BELLE: IT'S ALL OVER!THE JEWEL IS GONE AND FRIENDSHIP GROWS STRONGER!YAHOO!SCOOTALOO: You're making the Crusaders more embarrassed enough.(Sweetie Bell giggles) DRAGON #1: Thank you, ponies, for breaking a curse.TWILIGHT: "Curse?" What do you mean?You don't like hostile anymore. What are you? CLAMDOR: Perhaps I'll explain everything to you.(flashback appears) CLAMDOR: (narrates) Years ago, away from Ponyville, I am you teacher, Twilight.I taught you about everything in knowledging you intelliect.Using your unicorn powers. Helping others in need. When you're gone, times changed as I grew too old.PINKIE: YOU DON'T LIKE TOO OLDER TO ME!KINDA YOUNG AND HANDSOME DRAGON I EVER SEEN!MAYBE I SHOULD CALL YOU YOUTH DRAGON OR TERROR OF MAGIC OR...!(her mouth closes) (she muffles) APPLEJACK: Sorry, sugarcube, she's getting too much excitement a lot lately.Continue, Clamdor.CLAMDOR: (narrates) 1 year later, I found this jewel.It has magical properties beyond my imagination.The Jewel of Embtress. It was a ponies' tale.But it's for real.DRAGON #2: As he touch it, the powers from hatred transforming him intosomething worse.DRAGON #3: Including us dragon trainees as well. We've become monsters. CLAMDOR: (narrates) Indeed. It transporting us to their world with differentcreatures.JASON: HEY! WHO ARE YOU CALLING..!?!HARRY: HUSH, JASON, STOP INTERRUPTING!(Jason stammers) CLAMDOR: We conquering this world from hate. Now. Thanks to you ponies, it's gone forever. TWILIGHT: Thank Celestia we're here to help your powerful problem.Glad everything's all right. (evil castle about to crumbling apart) (pieces going down on the floor)(all shrieking) RARITY: Hate to interrupting our apology party but....THE CASTLE'S COLLASPING!SPIKE: RARITY'S RIGHT! IT'S NOT STOPPING TILL IT'S FULLY DESTROYED!EMBER: WE HAD TO LEAVE NOW! SMOLDER: YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME TWICE! (they flew as Ember grabbing Kala, Smolder grabbing Jason, Twilight let Harry ridingher, the Cutey Mark Crusaders got grabbed and they're leaving) (the castle miles away from the Golden Gate Bridge and crumbling pieces intothe water and sink) (all evil disappeared as everything is back to normal)(all people cheering) And so, the evil emerald is fully perished forever and never returned.They made it to the bridge while the Police Officers and the Mayorcame to congratulating them to putting the end of everything.MAYOR: Mr. Morris, everypony and one, thank you for stomping the terribledestruction. San Francisco is saved and nothing'll changed that.HARRY: Well, those magical dragons been blind by hatred of it's jewel.They learned in which hatred can clouding their minds. Friendship can fix things, sir.MAYOR: Indeed. CLAMDOR: I will never do that again, I promise.ALL DRAGONS: US, TOO! (all hugging and smiling) TWILIGHT: (looking at Pinkie Pie about to be overly excited) Okay, Pinkie Pie, say those words out loud.PINKIE: IT'S TIME TO PARTY!(party streamers flying and balloons floating) (all murmuring as Spike flexing his right arm) (burps) (both ponies giggling)(Rainbow Dash made a Sonic Rainboom) (all cheering) (she winks) (she flew away) HARRY: Great turnout, huh?TWILIGHT: Indeed it is, Harry. I got just a song to end our first quest here. (Rainbow plays the saxaphone) (Friendship Will Always Be There)TWILIGHT: When everything is going wrong.I'm gonna sing this song.Friendship will always be there.From here to there about everywhere. Friends need guidence and true hearts.That's how friendship really starts.Friendship will always be there. From here to there even everywhere.Nothing will ever changed it at all.Or even recall. RAINBOW: It was awesome to have my friends.My friendship never ends. Helping others will change everything.Even a song I sing. Everything is awesome to enjoy being with them.Either you, or her or him. FLUTTERSHY: Having friends can make my lifestyle grand.That's why it helps to make you understand.My friends loved me and you.Is what it can do.RARITY: Got a perfect friends as my family.From fantasy into reality.Friendship will always be there.To anyone, anypony, dragon, everywhere.ALL: Friendship will always be there. From here to there or anywhere.It doesn't let it go.But it how's it show. Our lifestyle will always friendship around.It's quite as good as it's sound. (2X) TWILIGHT: It's why friendship always be around. (song ends) (all applauding) After the party's over....they're about to leave.KALA: (sniffs) Is this goodbye?JASON: (sniffs) I'm gonna miss you all very much, man.KALA: So am I. (both hugging them) FLUTTERSHY: (sniffs) We had to. Ponyville needs us to continue our friendship.RAINBOW: It's awesome and everything but I'm gonna miss you. (sniffs)RARITY: Goodbye, my darlings, for your friendship and your kindess.TWILIGHT: Wait, there's a way. AHA! (using her horn powers to make Cutey Mark Medallions) HARRY: Nice. What are those?SCOOTALOO: Cutey Mark Medallions.It'll take you to Ponyville by pressing it twice.APPLE BLOOM: Or you'll need help in any other way.SWEETIE BELLE: Darn tootin'. Oops. (all laughing) CLAMDOR: Don't worry about me.Since I'm younger now, I'll go back to the Dragon Lands.To teach them about friendship.EMBER AND SMOLDER: WE'LL SEE YOU ALL LATER! (all vanished into thin air)SPIKE: We'll always be friends no matter what. See ya. (hugs and winks) TWILIGHT: We'll be in touch. (smiles in tears) (all waving) (the portal closed) Now, in Ponyville's Cantlelot Castle....TWILIGHT: (sighs) It's great to be back.I will see them very soon.SPIKE: Queen Twilight, can I have a day off?Wanna be with Rarity for our romantic picnic.(Rarity smiles at him and winks) (he thuds with hearts spinning around) TWILIGHT: (giggles) Called me Twilight and yes, enjoy your day off.You earned it. (Rarity grabs him and going away) TWILIGHT: Friendship can be around everywhere. (winks) (at the Everfree Forest, red eyes shiningly mad and laughing evilly) Who is that red eyed person or somebody that someone'll know?Find out on the new 5 story arcon the next MY LITTLE PONY AND FRIENDS: FRIENDSHIP ADVENTURES! THE END! (end theme plays) Coordinating Producer: JAYFOXFIRESupervising Producer: ALANSTARWARSFANExecutive Creative Consultant: SHREKRULEZFor Creative Arts Studios/4C EntertainmentDevelopment Coordination: JOHNSPARTAN1982ALANSTARWARSFANandSHREKRULEZSeries Producers:SHREKRULEZALANSTARWARSFANJOHNSPARTAN1982andJAYFOXFIREHead Story and Series Development: SHREKRULEZHead Writer:SHREKRULEZAdditional Story Concepts/Writing by:JAYFOXFIREIVANGJOHNSPARTAN1982Production Estimator: EKJRCreative and Story Consultants:SHREKRULEZandJOHNSPARTAN1982Creative Director: ALANSTARWARSFANSTAFF WRITERS/STORY DIRECTORS:SHREKRULEZALANSTARWARSFANJOHNSPARTAN1982IVANGJAYFOXFIREandTOONFAN0STORY:Head of Story/Story Department: SHREKRULEZAdditional Story Direction: JAYFOXFIREStory Coordination: SHREKRULEZ, JAYFOXFIRE and ALANSTARWARSFANAdditional Story Coordination: JOHNSPARTAN1982 and IVANGStory Supervisors: SHREKRULEZ and ALANSTARWARSFANTechnical Coordinator: MINERVAMINKStory Supporters: TOONFAN0, IVANG, MINERVAMINK, EKJR and MYSTERYFANBOY718WRITING/SCRIPT CONCEPTIONS:Head Writers: SHREKRULEZ and JOHNSPARTAN1982Additional Dialogue/Script Concepts: ALANSTARWARSFANWriting Coordination: SHREKRULEZRewrite Supervision: SHREKRULEZ and IVANGRewrite Coordination: JOHNSPARTAN1982Script Boy: SHREKRULEZScript Settings: SHREKRULEZScript Supervisor: ALANSTARWARSFANProduction Concepts in Writing: SHREKRULEZWriting Supervision: JAYFOXFIREDialogue Coordination: MINERVAMINK and JAYFOXFIREAsst. Dialogue Coordination: JOHNSPARTAN1982CONTINUNITY SCRIPTS:JOHNSPARTAN1982SHREKRULEZIVANGJAYFOXFIREandALANSTARWARSFANCOORDINATION:Production Direction: MINERVAMINKCoordination Supervisors: IVANG and JOHNSPARTAN1982Coordinating Direction: IVANGPost Direction in Coordination: MYSTERYFANBOY718Additional Coordination: MINERVAMINK, SONICFIGHTER, EKJR and PENELOPEPUSSYCATCOMMPRODUCTION:Production Coordinators: JAYFOXFIRE, MINERVAMINK, BIMBETTESKUNK, EKJR, IVANG andPENELOPEPUSSYCATCOMMProduction Runners: SHREKRULEZ and ALANSTARWARSFANAsst. Production Runner: JOHNSPARTAN1982Entertainment Editors: JAYFOXFIRE, MINERVAMINK and BIMBETTESKUNKCo-Entertainment Editors: BECENTERPRISES, JOHNSPARTAN1982Additional Production: MATTHEWTEHSKUNK, MOQFFEA, TALON-THE-CYBERFOXand FROSTTHEFORBIDDENPOST PRODUCTION:Post Production Services by: NEW TOWN ENTERTAINMENT and CREATIVE ARTSStory Establishments: SHREKRULEZ and ALANSTARWARSFANTechnical Coordination: IVANG and JOHNSPARTAN1982Pre-Production Coordinator: SHREKRULEZAsst. Pre-Production Coordinator: IVANGAdditional Director of Special Projects: JAYFOXFIRECoordinating Supervisors: SHREKRULEZ and ALANSTARWARSFANProduction Administration: SHREKRULEZ and ALANSTARWARSFANMain Title Themes by:FORD KLINDER, ANNE BRYANT and BARRY HARMANOriginal Songs and Lyrics by:SHREKRULEZ, JAYFOXFIRE and JOHNSPARTAN1982Production Supporters:JOHNSPARTAN1982IVANGEKJRJAYFOXFIREandMINERVAMINKProduction Management for Story Department:MIKE292012FOR CREATIVE ARTS STUDIOS:CEO and President: SHREKRULEZV.P. of Story Production: ALANSTARWARSFANStory Establishments: SHREKRULEZProduction Director: JOHNSPARTAN1982Executive Consultant: IVANGPublic Relations: EKJRSupport Associate: MINERVAMINKDirector of Story Production: PENELOPEPUSSYCATCOMMAssociate Producer: JEH517FOR HASBRO STUDIOS/ALLSPARK ANIMATION: LAUREN FAUSTDANIEL INGRAMBETH STEVENSONSTEPHEN DAVISKRISTEN NEWLANDSBLAIR PETERSCHRIS BARTLEMANMEGHAN McCARTHYWILLIAM ANDERSONCALEB CHANand JAYSON THIESSENExecutive in Story Production/Creative Affairs:IVANGExecutive Producers:SHREKRULEZALANSTARWARSFANJOHNSPARTAN1982Executive Producer:JAYFOXFIREExecutive Producers:STEPHEN DAVISLAUREN FAUSTandMEGAN McCARTHYThe characters and the events in the fan fic are fictional.Any similarities of the characters during actual events in the livingor dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.Ownership of the copyrights of cartoons and motion pictures arestrictly prohibited. Any material been reproduction, duplicated evendistributed will result in the criminal prosecution as well ascivil liabilities.My Little Pony and characters TM/(C) by Hasbro Studios, L.L.C.Series (C) 2019 by DHX MEDIA COMPANY, ALLSPARK ANIMATION, CREATIVE ARTS STUDIOS/4C ENTERTAINMENT and WORKWILL ENTERTAINMENTAll Rights Reserved.dhx media (R) ALLSPARK ANIMATION A Hasbro CompanyIn Association With:CREATIVE ARTS STUDIOS/4C ENTERTAINMENT (R)A Nostalgiatoon CompanyWORKWILL Entertainment (TM)Distributed by: Claster Television Incorporated (R)A Hasbro/Nostalgiatoon Company
Clopfic Mature

Mature Content

Booyaah by ZombieElegant
Anthro Lingerie Pony Winner 2013

Mature Content

My little lingerie by MohawkRex
Honorable Mention

Mature Content

Pinkie Pie by CopperCox
:iconrayodragon::iconsaysplz: This one was very very hard to decided But the legs kinda ruin it, sorry But tt-n and me have to put in the Honorable mention.

Third Place

Mature Content

Best in the Business by Raver1357
:icontt-n::iconsaysplz: A lot of attention to details, and I like the "edgy" lingerie design.

Second Place

Mature Content

My little lingerie by MohawkRex
:icontt-n::iconsaysplz: Also, because they put work into different lingerie designs to fit the different characters very well.

First Place
a wisp of ... by iNceri:icontt-n::iconsaysplz:This one has a very nice mood to it, and the lingerie looks very delicate too.

These are just my own opinion, I'd love to hear what you think too.

So the Winner of Second place Note me :iconrayodragon: Your OC pony so I can draw it for you.
The winner of the First Place Note :icontt-n: for the drawing you want.
Third Place, First Place and Second Place will be on the winner Folder for this contest.

Thanks for being part of this contest.
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MLP Sketch Commissions OPENHenlo! As stated above, I am available for any MLP related commissions. I'll only be available for sketches, as well as colored, or shaded sketches! I lack MLP drawings lately, so you'll be helping me expand the examples section of it, haha. Sketches of course will be done in a much better quality than my main example! (I just drew too zoomed in oh my god)
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For a quick Commission request, please follow this form commenting with all the details necessary of your oc so I can know what to do a accurate as possible!

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Untitled by NovaMorphex
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Tiny Cherry Pixel Lineart - 5$
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