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Do you need somebody to help with this group? I probably won't have amazing response time, but it would certainly speed things up--especially since, as far as I can tell, there's been no activity on this group for close to a year.
how long does submitting art work take
So what's the avg. Response time for submitting an art work?
Pretty long, since it's only me looking and I have finals going on at the moment :)
Can I know what I did wrong on my submissions? I would like to fix it and try again, I think there should be more admins. Maybe a winner to a contest or something?
We generally don't accept slightly edited background with a vector on top, and your wallpapers just had minimal connection to mlp with a small vector on the bottom.
And we used to have more admins, it's just that there aren't a lot people are active and willing to do the job. Normally I don't have a problem with getting through the submission, as there are at most 2-3 per day.
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