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Ponyville Ciderfest 2018 Promo by InkyNotebook
Two sides of a kirin by InkyNotebook
TrotCon 2018 by InkyNotebook
Museum Mom by InkyNotebook
TPM Store
My Years 2018 by Lux-The-Pegasus
NCMares Derpy Hooves by Shuxer59 by Shuxer59
Naitmermoon by SanyaDikiySex
Yakovlev-Vad Metalestia by Shuxer59 by Shuxer59
Museum Photos
Brony Charity Party 2014 by InkyNotebook
CANterlot Con 2014 by InkyNotebook
Sweet Apple Acres Con 2013 - 4 by InkyNotebook
Sweet Apple Acres Con 2013 - 3 by InkyNotebook
General Submission
Shadow Wraith GIF by KilianKuro
Flame of war GIF by KilianKuro
Luna, you just a space :3 by The-Fox-Experiment
Flight GIF by KilianKuro
Unverified Display Only
saffron masala plush by PlushyPuppy
open wing Gilda plush by PlushyPuppy
war Au rainbow dash plush by PlushyPuppy
Becoming Popular by Chungsae
Unverified TPM Store
Day and night by Halooleee
Spirit of hearth's warming yet to come by Halooleee
Spirit of hearths warming past and present by Halooleee
Fluttershy Doodle by TheFluffyVixen
Needs sorting
Picnic by Chungsae
Zecora by Chungsae
MLP:FIM Nightmare Moon really evil edition by uBrosis
Rarity Print 2016 by Wicklesmack
Test 3
Is it a Squid or Pony? by Ardail
Darth Tempest by Ardail
Once Upon A Time by Ardail
Into the Darkness by Ardail









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Hello everyone! This email went out on time but we're a bit late uploading it here. All payments have gone out as well.

Thanks for being patient as always. Ponyville Ciderfest was fun and there was an astounding attendance this year thanks to their musician festival theme. There were nearly double the amount of attendees from last year.

See images here :

As we mentioned previously we were back in the regular vendor hall this year but it turned out really great. We had an amazing setup thanks to PVC staff and lots of new merchandise to show off thanks to all of you, our artists.

Our new blankets, zip pouches, and our button & keychain station were met with lots of interest and we even took some custom orders. Our second test of our new shirt designs went great and we sold nearly half of our stock. We are currently working on a bigger, more prominent visual display for our t-shirts which should increase sales in the future.

As a reminder our website will be getting its next major update coming up soon, and with it will comes a new sign up form. We will be moving from Google Forms to using our own in house database system, so we can simplify how everything is organized, and make it easier for you to see what new things we offer and change how you would like to participate with us. This new system will include account making for our artists so you can log in, upload your art directly to us, tag it and choose permissions for it. This updated form will be coming out shortly, and again will be required to be filled out for all our current artists, as well as new ones. After this, we plan to launch a full-fledged online store hosted on our site. While we prepare we’ve set up a temporary Etsy shop :  

We will be launching our printing service business soon too. As the staff here have been volunteers since 2012, we are expanding to provide jobs for those who have invested hundreds of hours into helping us at conventions. These services will help us directly and also help to ensure we can keep running the Traveling Pony Museum project into the future.

Currently we are able to take orders for anything we make but official information will be made available online once we have our public launch. Part of that will be custom t-shirt & tote bag printing for our artists at a discounted rate ($5 to $8 each) with no minimum order requirement. We’ll also offer our high quality poster prints, and fabric printing. Email us for more information.

Finally we would also like to extend an official welcome to Spindle Spice who has become our official staff artist. She has already made great strides towards improving our products and advertisements. We’re looking forward to working with her as we expand our ventures. Check out her work here :    

Thank you again everyone, if you have any questions for us please let us know,

-The Traveling Pony Museum Team-

P.S. Don’t forget to join our Discord chat!
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Group Info

The Traveling Pony Museum is a collection of artwork and plushies from artists in the brony community. The Museum travels to many of the major brony conventions throughout the United States.


So what does being a part of the Traveling Pony Museum mean? It means your plushies or artwork will be featured at conventions all over the United States for all to see! Your name and your contact info will be posted with your work so that the community will be able to find you. Of course, your artwork will be protected and well taken care of.
Want to help out? - Please read below, and >>this information<<

What is the TPM?
The Traveling Pony Museum is a collection of artwork and plushies from artists in the brony community. The Museum travels to many of the major brony conventions throughout the United States.

Why should I be involved?
Your artwork, if selected, will be on display at major conventions for all to see. We print on high quality paper with excellent printers. Physical art is displayed on tables with usually a no-touch policy in place.

We can also sell your prints in our (at-con only) store; We handle printing, and you gain exposure and a commission charge. Proceeds cover our travel costs, and we could not do this without you! Limitations and commission charges can be negotiated. You MUST be officially signed up with us through our official sign up form in order to sell with us. Please contact us @ for the form.

What are the requirements?
Physical objects must be appealing to look at and of reasonable quality.

Prints, as a general rule, need to be complete scenes. OCs are not usually allowed due to their lack of wide appeal. Works must be of your own creation. Show traces and remixes are not allowed.

I don't make art. How can I help?
Do you have an eye for good art? Join the dA group and you can submit pieces to the Group Favorites. Museum staff looks through the Favorites to find pieces to invite into the Museum. Help us find the next big thing!
Founded 7 Years ago
Feb 22, 2012


Group Focus
Art Collection

427 Members
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Membership, Rules & Folders

Please contact us for the official artist sign up form if you wish to sell your artwork through us. We currently represent over 150 sales artists from across the globe.


Last Updated June 12 2018


All Deviants
:bulletorange: Everyone is allowed to suggest favorites to us! If we like the piece you suggest, we may request it into the group gallery.

:bulletyellow: Anyone can become a member. Memberships are automatically approved.
:bulletyellow: Pieces for consideration should be suggested to favorites. Members have a separate folder than the general rabble.

:bulletgreen: Contributors are those who consistently and actively contribute art to us, or who are invited to participate by Museum staff.
:bulletgreen: If you think you meet this requirement, send a request with at least one link to your work that is in the museum.
:bulletgreen: Blank membership requests will probably be denied.
:bulletgreen: Submissions to the Unverified Display Only folder are up for display consideration only. See note below for physical pieces!
:bulletgreen: If you'd like us to consider selling your work, submit it to the Unverified TPM Store folder. It will be automatically approved. Commission rates need to have already been discussed, otherwise the default rate will apply*. See below for more details.
:bulletgreen: Submissions can also be made to Random Stuff and Museum Photos, subject to approval. Show off the pictures you took of our convention appearances!


:bulletred: Since the Museum travels to conventions that are kid-friendly, all art must be appropriate for all ages.

Physical Art - Pieces that will be sent to us for display.
:bulletpurple: We don't display images/photos of physical art, so plans must be in place for us to receive your piece(s) before you submit images of them to the gallery. If plans are not in place, and are not made in a reasonable amount of time, we reserve the right to remove the images from the gallery.
:bulletpurple: Generally, only one deviation per item is allowed, so make a collage!
:bulletpurple: Once your piece has arrived safely, we will move the image to the Featured folder!

Artwork - Images that will be printed by us for display.
:bulletblue: Images should be of displayable quality. This means: finalized art with good colors and no watermarks. Your signature, or a small logo are fine.
:bulletblue: By submitting artwork to the Display Only folder, you are authorizing us to print a single copy for display in the Museum. It will not be sold or given away without your express permission. It is also probable that we will want to include artwork in thumb-nail size for flyers and promotional material. You will be credited in these of course!
:bulletblue: By submitting artwork to the TPM Store folder, you are authorizing us to sell high quality copies of your artwork at conventions and other physical events, as well as print a copy for the Museum display. No web sales will be made without prior authorization. You will receive the agreed-upon commission per print sold. Unless specified, we assume perpetual print rights, but you can withdraw pieces at any time. Just send us a note stating which.
:bulletblue: If the dA image is not of sufficient resolution, is watermarked or otherwise unprintable, you will be contacted if we decide to print your piece. If you cannot (or refuse to) provide a higher resolution, we reserve the right to remove the image from the gallery.
:bulletblue: Once your artwork has been printed, we will move the image to the Featured folder!


:bulletblack: Featured contains images that are verified to be in the museum. Images will be moved here once they have been printed or received and will not be deleted.
:bulletblack: Unverified Display Only is a submission folder for Contributors. Images here are authorized for the Museum to use, but have not yet been decided upon. If it is decided that we do not wish to feature an image, it will be removed.
:bulletblack: Unverified TPM Store is a submission folder for Contributors. Images here are authorized for the Museum to sell, but have not yet been decided upon. If it is decided that we do not wish to feature an image, it will be removed.
:bulletblack: Museum Photos contains images of the museum at various conventions. Check out how your art will be displayed! Contributors can submit to this folder.
:bulletblack: Random Stuff has, well, random stuff. Maps, flyers, banners, swag, etc. are shown off here. Contributors can submit to this folder.
:bulletblack: TPM Store has pieces that we are authorized to sell at the conventions we visit. You must be sales verified with us officially to become one of our sales artists. Contact us @ for the signup form.
:bulletblack: Retired Art contains the artwork that has run its course in the Museum. It has either been returned to the artist, or put in storage.
:bulletblack: Favorites is where members and non-members should submit pieces for consideration. If we like something, we will request it into the group proper.

*In regard to sales, "artist commission" is defined as the percentage of profits we return to you, the original artist. Payment is done after every convention within 2 weeks through PayPal, or in-person at a convention. You will be contacted through dA, email, or in-person when a payment is ready to be made.

Effective 02-2017: If you are unresponsive, payments will be held for at least 3 months, and you will be contacted at least once more. If you are still unresponsive 30 days after the warning message, you will forfeit the payment.


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Rarity and the Blackhearts by Animechristy Hello there, I submitted this to the Unverified display, but I didn't read the description until it was too late. Would there be any chance you could move this deviation I submitted to the Unverified Store? It would be highly appreciated ^w^ Thanks!
InkyNotebook Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Sure thing!
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Hi! I recently learned about the organization that distributes printed works)
Do I have a chance to join you like artist?
InkyNotebook Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Yes of course, you can email us at for the official signup form and more information.
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My friend is looking for 150 Points or less than 150 Points commissions !
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