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Welcome to #MLP-FIM-Scenery!

A group dedicated to high-quality
MLP:FIM scenes and scenery!

Just Request Membership To Join!

Membership Rules

Being a member requires you follow several rules while in this group, whether they apply specifically to this group or to dA in general. Breaking rules is grounds for removal of membership. (Don't worry, if it's a grey area or you just messed up, we're reasonable people!)

:bulletblue: Absolutely No Art Theft.
If you are caught stealing art, you will be given a chance to remove material and apologize to the owner. Otherwise, your membership will be revoked, you will be reported, and your username given out to other groups.
Note: Personally-done works doing vector traces or referencing official MLP:FiM scenery is not considered art theft. Also, if you are vectoring someone else's work, make sure you ask them first.

:bulletblue: No spamming/flaming/excessive arguing.

:bulletblue: No NSFW talk.

Submission Rules

:bulletblue: We are an MLP (My Little Pony) based group. Non-MLP submissions won't be considered.

:bulletblue: All submissions go the "Submit Here" folder, they will be sorted from there.

:bulletblue: Don't expect to submit anything to Featured, the folder shall remain unused.

:bulletblue: No gore/mature artwork.

:bulletblue: No artwork without a decent background.

Submission Guidelines

:bulletblue: This group accepts both landscapes/scenery/backgrounds w/o ponies and scenes/backgrounds w/ ponies. Just make sure the background is as decently done as the ponies!
(If you need specifics, please see our journal about it.)

:bulletblue: Submissions need to have some level of quality. Poorly made or captured art may result in nonacceptance or asking by the Admins for modification.

If you're learning, that's fine, we want to help you learn with constructive criticism. All artists need it. Just ask for help if you need it!

Have Questions?

Unfortunately we can't read minds! So if you have any questions, feel free to ask the Admins!

Have Fun, Join, and Submit Art!

Hey there! It seems our group has expanded recently as we're just wanting to let everyone know a little more specifically our standards for submission just to help you along getting your gorgeous submissions to us! To do that there is two sections, one more simple and one more detailed (because I'm sure we have both kinds of ponies in here!).


What we accept:
  • Scenery, Landscapes, Settings from MLP:FiM
  • The Above Containing Some Pony Elements
  • The Above Produced By Traditional and/or Digital Methods

  • All submissions must be done to a high quality standard. That means it doesn't just looks good but looks great!
  • For Scenes With Ponies:
  • The scenery elements (backgrounds, houses, settings) need to be at least 50% of your piece.
  • Scenery must be done to same (or better) quality as any ponies you have in there.
  • The scenery must have a specific focal point of your piece as much as any ponies.


What we accept:
  • Scenery, Landscapes, Backgrounds, Buildings, Cloudscapes, Planets, Trees, Forests, Crystals, etc. from either MLP:FiM official, referenced, or original fan art
  • All of the above with some element of ponies, MLP:FiM creatures, and such done to a high quality level.
  • All of the above produced with any combination of digital art (vectors, digital illustrations, etc.), traditional (painting, drawing, sketching, pastels, watercolors, etc.), or combinations of the two.

  • All submissions need to have a high degree of quality into how the artwork was done, put on deviantArt, and otherwise presented. (If you made a pony masterpiece and took a bad picture, scan, or render of it, sorry but it's not being accepted.)
  • For Scenes With Ponies, Griffons, Donkeys, etc.:
  • While 50% is a general guideline, we really want any piece with characters to have the background art being a focal point as well as any ponies. Characters tend to immediately draw the eye so your work needs to have a component that draws the eye to the scenery elements as well. This can be achieved by increasing the quality of the background compared to the pony, making it take up more room, making the colors pop, or just adding in more elements.
  • The scenery MUST have at least the quality level of the ponies contained within, we recommend slightly better than ponies. Now "quality" is to some degree personal opinion. Our general guideline for quality is that it should match what you're doing. If you're doing a vector trace of an MLP:FiM background with a screenshot it needs to be very exactly traced, such is vectors. If you're doing more of an original watercolor piece, more artistic freedom is allowed, especially considering the medium.
  • Of course, needs to be MLP:FiM-based. If we can't tell that, it probably won't be accepted.

  • Well thanks for viewing this lovely guideline journal. Happy pony art everypony! :icongwennie-chan: gwennie-chan (Co-Founder) Note: While you or anybody else may feel they have met these standards, they are only judged by we Admins alone and mainly our Founder YoMilbert. Denied submissions are almost always given a reason why detailing why they weren't included. If you have any questions about the guidelines or standards please ask us!
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Gallery Folders

Commission. My Former Home by Baron-Engel
Legends of Equestria:Canterlot Sunset by fellroar86
Canterlot Palace aerial view 01 by Baron-Engel
Palace Guard by duh-veed
Cafe by gign-3208
Rainbow falls by BlueThunder66
Rect56676 by matty4z
FoE: Hydrostable Rapture by Jasper77Wang
Without a Care by Rain-Gear
Cloudsdale by Baron-Engel
Rich Skies by Rain-Gear
Don't Worry Angel by Ruffu
Countryside and General Outdoor
Muffin Break by TariToons
Stare Out Peak by JowyB
Silk Touch by MissSakura-Senpai
Special Delivery by Rain-Gear
Crystal Empire
Under The Crystal Palace Background by tamalesyatole
A Little Trip by Chritsel
Resurgence by Heilos
Crystal Princess by KittehKatBar
Everfree Forest and Other Forests
Sweet Dreams by TariToons
Zecora's House by Ruffu
Zecora's hut study by Baron-Engel
Mountains, Canyons, or Caves
Ruins by Saxm13
Family by Saxm13
Commission: Journey by Seyllah
The Tree of Harmony by xPesifeindx
Original or General Interiors
The Ponyville Theatre by Konsumo
Fluttershys Cottage by Konsumo
Ponyville SchoolHouse 01 by Baron-Engel
Fluttershy's cottage by Baron-Engel
The Ponyville Clocktower by Konsumo
Space, Fantasy, or Misc
Into the Darkness by Ardail
Sweet Apple Acres
Sweet Apple Acres by Baron-Engel
Waterside or Sky
Rainbow Dash cloud house by Baron-Engel
Western or Desert
Scootaloos Scooter by Konsumo
Submit Here
Forest shy by 1Jaz




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