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Good day everyone!

After 11 months we have more than 500 members and 16k views. I have been thinking for few months to change things in this group. To make things, easier and more useful to everyone. I will keep this short so here are the full list of changes are made.

:new::new::new: Update 3:
:bulletblue: Added folder 'Advertising or Contest related arts'
:bulletblue: Added folder 'Adoptables arts'

:new::new: Update 2:
:bulletblue: Added folder 'Resources and Stock images'.
:bulletblue: Minor changes everywhere.

:new: Update 1:
:bulletgreen:      Everything is set, you can submit now!
        (But be sure to put your arts in the corresponding folder!)
:bulletblue:      Extra folders added see the list below(folder for crossover arts).

The changes:

:bulletblue:      The gallery are sorted by the 'type of technique' (alphabet) used to draw/write/make art etc. instead of  'sort by artist (alphabet)'.
:bulletblue:      No contest any more unfortunately.
:bulletblue:      Every member can submit without approval but are limited to submit 7 arts each week (to avoid mass submissions).

And more.....

Changes in the rules:

:bulletyellow:       Every member must submit their arts correctly or you will get a warning.
:bulletpurple:       Don’t put effortless arts or poorly drawn/scanned arts!
:bulletred:       Any form of 18+ (gore etc.), stolen, screenshot and generated arts may not be submitted.
:bulletorange:       Warnings will be given if the member violates, one of these rules.
:bulletred:       Too many warnings results ban(without a reasonable reason)!

There are 34 folders:

-1.Featured (limit is 1 art each week and needs to be approved)
0. All arts that are unsorted (if you don't know where to put your art).
1. Animation/ flash
2. Animation/ gif
3. Artisan arts
4. Artisan arts/ costumery
5. Artisan arts/ papercraft
6. Artisan arts/ plushies
7.  Blog related arts
8. Cosplay
9.  Crossover arts
10. Customization
11. Customization/ wallpapers
12. Digital arts/ 3d/gmod
13. Digital arts/ comics
14. Digital arts/ drawings
15. Digital arts/ painting
16. Digital arts/ pixel arts
17. Digital arts/ vectors
18. Game development
19. Genderswap
20. Holiday related arts
21. Humanized arts
22. Literature
23. OC
24. Ponified arts
25. Photography/
26. Photography/ manipulation
27. Resource and Stock images
28. Sketches
29. Traditional arts/ comics
30. Traditional arts/ drawings
31. Traditional arts/ paintings
32. Unique arts

That's all folks!

Thank you everyone for your support! If you have any questions or ideas to improve this group be sure to comment!

:bulletgreen: As always, have a nice day and be sure to visit our other ~310 affilities (they are just few clicks away)!
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Connecting with groups and bronies!

Things you want to know and things you need to know:


Looking to affiliate your newly founded or existing MLP:FIM group with MLP-FIM-PG? This is what we look for.

:bulletblack: Have 25+ members

:bulletred: We are not accepting any groups with 18+ content, as some of our members are underaged!

:bulletpink: Love and tolerance within and outside the community

Newly founded group?
Try to collect as many members as you can and contact this group when you have established yourself.
We may also contact you! :D


Every kind of (brony) artist* are welcome! We also invite artists!

Submitting a deviation?

You can submit up to 7 arts each week each folder (for featured 1 art)!

Step 1 How did you make your art?**
Step 2 Submit to your corresponding folder.
Step 3 ......
Step 4 Profit!
:iconninjashyplz: You only have one chance or else!

NOTE: If you have a mix between techniques etc. like:

Example 1: Crossover humanized traditional art.

Submit to folder 'Crossover arts' or to folder 'Humanized arts' but not'traditional arts'.

'Genre' goes above 'techniques used to make art'

Example 2: Digital and traditional drawing.

Submit to folder 'digital arts drawing' because they are finished in a digital program.

The rules:

:bulletred: Please don't advertise your group etc. in our comments section. We'd like to keep our comments reserved for feedback and general chatter.
:bulletred: Any form of 18+ (gore etc.), stolen, screenshot and generated arts may not be submitted.
:bulletpurple: Do not put effortless arts or poorly drawn/scanned arts!
:bulletorange: Warnings will be given if the member violates, one of these rules.
:bulletblack: Too many warnings results ban(without a reasonable reason)!
:bulletwhite: Respect, love and tolerate each other!

Other Important Notes:

:bulletblue: You can only submit 1 art each week to folder 'Featured'.

*=You are an artist if you make an art without generating it, steal, or take screenshot etc.

**= We also have folders for:
- Blog related arts (Tumblr etc).
- Crossover arts (Final Fantasy with MLP FIM).
- Game development arts (gamesprites etc).
- Genderswap (opposite gender of a character).
- Holiday related arts (like Derpy Hooves day)
- Humanized arts (human version of any character)
- OC (your own original character).
- Ponified (ponified version of a character).
- Resources and Stock images (arts that useful like a tutorial).

:bulletgreen: Be patient with us! We do are best to get things rolling!

If you have any questions at all, leave a comment or send :iconalpacino-tr: a note.

We are connected with more than 320 groups so, be sure to visit theirs too!

Thank you all and, enjoy your stay!

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Thank you all for your support!:


Take a look to, one of our affiliaties!

Numbers of groups affiliated: ~330

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:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Daily
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletblack: 2-3 days a week
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletblack::bulletblack: Weekly
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: Once in 2 weeks
:bulletgreen::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: Monthly
:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: Inactive (see below for more details).

:iconalpacino-tr: I am really busy in RL at the moment, sorry for that.





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