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Artwork #92 of 2018 by Jiffka
Pony of Doom by GoEatCheesecake
Custom Hoof Beatz by GoEatCheesecake
OC Custom - GreyScale by Amandkyo-Su
My Little Pony Custom Guide - Supplies by Amandkyo-Su
Creation by wylf
Pinkie Pie Hot Water Perm Tutorial by Yunsildin
easy Rarity hair styling guide by wakabalasha
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle by Bubblesthewolf5678
Sci-Twi custom [FOR SALE] by Antych
Princess Twilight Sparkle by tertunni
Crystal Twilight Sparkle BlindBag by lilliesinthegarden
Rainbow Dash
What the f**k are you looking at? by MillArts-Artworks
Rainbow Dash by Bubblesthewolf5678
Crystal Rainbow Dash BlindBag by lilliesinthegarden
Rainbow Dash Toy by tertunni
Rarity by Bubblesthewolf5678
Crystal Rarity BlindBag by lilliesinthegarden
Rarity Toy by tertunni
Rarity in Armor Custom Pony by Amandkyo-Su
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie finds a llama by MillArts-Artworks
Creepy little Pinkie Pie by tertunni
Pinkie Pie by TheNunnally
Steampunk Pinkie Pie by ceramicpony
Apple Jack by Bubblesthewolf5678
Crystal AppleJack by lilliesinthegarden
Apple Jack by tertunni
Apple Jack by TheNunnally
Fluttershy by Zebralover214
Were still here (toy version) by MillArts-Artworks
fluttershy aftermath (toy version) by MillArts-Artworks
Fluttershy by Bubblesthewolf5678
Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia - Blind Bag by Flicksi
Equestria Girls: Celestia [For Sale] by Imsya
Princess Celestia Blind Bag by DjPon33
Princess Celestia McDonalds custom by Antych
Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon
Princess Luna custom by Antych
Collection Pictures
mlp FIM collection by rainbowhologram
CMC toys by MillArts-Artworks
Other official MLP Figures
Florina Tart and sagina subulata by TheNunnally
Zecora by TheNunnally
Funko vinyl Trixie is awesome! by Zebralover214
Princess Candance
Princess Cadance/Mi Amore Cadenza by tertunni
Queen Chrysalis
The Final Queen by Imsya
Movie and Game Based Custom Ponies
Hellboy Pony Custom by ashy-slashy
Shining Armor
Mlp Funko Vinyl Shining Armor by Zebralover214
Derpy Hooves filly custom [FOR SALE] by Antych
Wonderbolts Canon and OC
Join The Wonderbolts by StephOfTheEast
Lyra Blind Bag by lilliesinthegarden
[FOR SALE]Miss Cheerilee custom by Antych
Big Macintosh
Mlp Funko Vinyl Big Macintosh by Zebralover214
Braeburn BlindBag by lilliesinthegarden
Granny Smith
A young and beautiful Apple by GoEatCheesecake
Other MLP FIM Characters
Apple Fritter by TheNunnally
Blind Bag Gilda by stripeybelly
Custom MLP:FiM Octavia Melody Figure by GrapefruitFace1
Group shots
celestia and luna as toys by MillArts-Artworks
Vinyl Scratch
DJ Pon-3 aka Vinyl Scratch by TheNunnally
Dr. Whooves
Dr. Whooves and Derpy by TheNunnally
King Sombra
Brushable King Sombra by DeeKary
Revamps of older Gen Ponies
G4 Caribbean Delight - custom pony by hannaliten


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Welcome Bronies and Pegasisters! This is a group delicated to the people who collect and customise the 4th generation of MLP Figures!


- No hating against other members
- No spamming
- Be friendly to each other.
Non MLP fans, you can skip this journal.…

Please sign this petition to let Hasbro know we want more characters turned into Brushables! And not just in those special sets. But just like the first waves with Lily Blossom, Feathermay, Blossomforth etc.
Im just gonna copy the information of the petition here to make things more clear:

As for the last years. My Little Pony has been a great line of absolutely lovely toys. But since G4 Merch appeared, fans of the older generarions got dissapointed and fans of G4 start to get dissapointed too. The reason is the release of the Mane six all over again for the brushables. This excludes the blind bags and the other figures. Its all about the playful ponies line here.

What made the older generations so great is the amount of different characters to collect. Every pony looked different and has is unique charms.  But since G4, we barely got any new characters, only in the beginning. But now its all mane six all over again. And most fans (especially of the older generations) are really dissapointed by that and start to not buy anymore of the playful ponies. Now we know new characters get released in the fan favourite sets and other exclusive sets. But we want to get new playful pony characters just like the first waves. With characters like Blossomforth, Feathermay etc.  There are lots of cute ponies that can turn into a playfull pony. Like the popular Octavia, Spitfire, Berry Green and Bonbon and lots of more characters. Since we see high amounts of customs made of these characters. It is clear that people really like them.

We really want to see more different playful pony characters (boy ponies and new fillies are also highly wanted) and perhaps more different poses. We hope you will listen to use and start making brand new playful ponies. Because Im sure almost all of the fans will be really happy to see that happening.

Thank you for reading

So whenever you sign or not. Thanks for reading it anyway. Nothing may happen. But at least we will try! :)
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