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Hi all! :heart:

I have not been here very often for a while. But I want to try to keep this group alive more.
This group was meant to be for only good quality art. So I want to try to make this group as I wanted it to be, and start from scratch.

Right now I am working and cleaning this group out a bit. I am adding few new rules and more folders.
More is on the way...

P'S Would you want to see a new group icon maybe?

Thank you for reading! :bow:
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Read everything before you do something in this group!

Rarity v3 by kero444(Hello all MLP-FiM-Fans!) Fluttershy v3 by kero444

(Read the rules before you do something Thanks!)

This group is for all who really like or love My Little Pony: Friendship is magic.
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Luna by kero444 -->> READ THE RULES EVERYPONY!!!

:bulletred::bulletpurple::bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletgreen: --> (R.U.L.E.S!) <--:bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpink::bulletpurple::bulletred:

:bulletgreen: If you want to put up art here you must be a member first!
:bulletgreen: The art must have been drawn by you!
:bulletgreen: Please put up finished art that you are really proud of!
:bulletgreen: Do not put up traditional sketches unless they're very detailed!
:bulletgreen: If your art is removed, don't resubmit it!
:bulletgreen: Be kind to all!
:bulletgreen: You can put up 2 pieces of art every week right now!
:bulletgreen: No literature, only art please!
:bulletgreen: No blurry and to dark pictures only good quality art!
:bulletgreen: No killing, bloody or gore art!
:bulletgreen: Do not put up Journals!
:bulletgreen: No VECTOR art is allowed, only quality art drawn by you!
:bulletgreen: Only art from the show is allowed, no art from other shows at all!

:bow::star: Good artists in this group with good pony art! :star::bow: Take a look! ^^

:iconkp-shadowsquirrel::iconegophiliac::iconmysticalpha::iconralekarts::iconhinoraito::iconbioniclegahlok::iconlimreiart::iconrizcifra::iconkloudmutt::iconmickeymonster::iconshinepawpony::iconstinkehund::iconamenoo::iconwhitedove-creations::iconajvl::icongreyradian::iconnp447235::iconecmajor::iconlaurenmagpie::iconbeavernator::iconaurora-chiaro::iconincinerater::iconpridark::iconpony-berserker::iconeuropamaxima::iconcinnamon-stitch::iconestories::iconsorcerushorserus::iconfalleninthedark::iconskyvixie::iconchritsel::iconuotapo::iconstepandy::iconshamanguli::iconlolliponyart::iconairiniblock::iconhungrysohma::iconramiras::iconwilvarin-liadon::iconrariedash: More coming...

Have a nice day or a good night! Luna and Fluttershy by GeminiGirl83 HUG!

Gallery Folders

Into The Limelight by LolliponyArt
Out Of The Woods by LolliponyArt
Fluttershy by Ramiras
Flutter May by SorcerusHorserus
Submit Your Art Here
My Goals Are Beyond Your Understanding [NATG 14] by ThatUsualGuy06
Applejack fursuit head by Essorille
Celestia  and Thorax daughter + SPEEDPAINT by ArtistGenepal
-lil' pegasi- by EquestrianUrban
Princess Luna Celestia and Cadence ONLY
Super Luna by abydos91
:MLP Fanart: Princess Celestia Bust by Viva-Indigo
Halloween luna by Kitten-in-the-jar
The night time has begun by Nutmeg04
Pony Rarity ONLY
Chibi Rarity by EmeraldBlast63
Cute Rarity by Rariedash
Captain Rarity - sticker by Littmosa
Rarispider spiderweb Halloween by TheRETROart88
Pony Twilight Sparkle ONLY
Chibi Twilight Sparkle by EmeraldBlast63
Twilight's coronation by Rapid9
snow storm by euqhoriia

Mature Content

Panel 20 of Ch. 5 of The Lunar Eclipse Act III by Axel-Doi
Photo, Cosplay, Toys and Plushies
FlutterBoop by Bugplayer
Inktober 7 .:Shy:. by Silver-Artemis-Moon
Sleepy filly Fluttershy by PinkuArt
My Little Pony - Fluttershy Rainbow Power - Plush by Lavim
Villains ONLY
Guess Cosmos likes Cats, but not Annoying Aides by Pony4Koma
To Be Forgotten 2/2 by jongoji245
la iglesia by quiet-victories
una monarqia by quiet-victories
Derpy Hooves ONLY
Beautiful on the Inside by umneem
Derpy Hooves by rocioam7
Derpy Vector 06 - Muffin Time by CyanLightning
Depry Hooves and morning post by AuroraCursed80
Blood Wolf by Samum41
6.5: Intermission (PLEASE READ BELOW) by Stardust0130
Sweetie Belle (Grown Up) by GardianRipu
Pajama Spike Reference by HarmonyBunny2021
Background Ponies ONLY
Future Trixie by EmeraldBlast63
Commission\268 by AiriniBlock
Yellow Pone SFW by ShadowReindeer
Commission\266 by AiriniBlock
Humanoid And Anthro ONLY
More Than 1 Character
Pony by Gouransion
Art of your Pony OC's here ONLY
The most glamorous guy in the mountains by MugGod
Art of your Pony OC'S here ONLY 2
New/Main Oc!-Summer Bloom by Sunshineshiny
All Mature Content Art Here ONLY

Mature Content

Fanart - MLP. Sanguine Kindess. Illustration 18 by jamescorck
All Traditional Art Here ONLY
Shy~ by Fanch1
All Comics Here ONLY
Bad Romance by Daniel-SG
High Quality Art Here ONLY
All Creatures Here ONLY
Simply Silverstream by Duskie-06
Quality Pony Fluttershy ONLY
New Fluttershy by FalafelJake
Quality Pony Rarity ONLY
Quality Pony Twilight Sparkle ONLY
Quality Pony Applejack ONLY
Chibi Applejack by EmeraldBlast63
Quality Pony Rainbow Dash ONLY
Chibi Rainbow Dash by EmeraldBlast63
Quality Pony Pinkie Pie ONLY
Chibi Pinkie Pie by EmeraldBlast63


Warrior Princess Luna by imdrunkonTea Warrior Princess Luna :iconimdrunkontea:imdrunkonTea 1,929 114 The most glamorous guy in the mountains by MugGod The most glamorous guy in the mountains :iconmuggod:MugGod 164 9 Catavia by INowISeeI Catavia :iconinowiseei:INowISeeI 1,056 39 Cinderheart by INowISeeI Cinderheart :iconinowiseei:INowISeeI 478 39 pony group hug by Dawnf1re pony group hug :icondawnf1re:Dawnf1re 1,317 45 Tempest Shadow by light-of-Inirida Tempest Shadow :iconlight-of-inirida:light-of-Inirida 413 37 RD by quvr RD :iconquvr:quvr 946 42 Friends Forever by VanillaGhosties Friends Forever :iconvanillaghosties:VanillaGhosties 2,814 140 Warm cocoa by hioshiru-alter Warm cocoa :iconhioshiru-alter:hioshiru-alter 533 12 DOMINATING! by DiscordTheGE DOMINATING! :icondiscordthege:DiscordTheGE 662 26 Princess Twilight by Dawnf1re Princess Twilight :icondawnf1re:Dawnf1re 2,896 95 MLP Friendship Forever 9 years gift - by Light262 by Light262 MLP Friendship Forever 9 years gift - by Light262 :iconlight262:Light262 4,206 240 after a long time by RenoKim after a long time :iconrenokim:RenoKim 768 34 Glimmer by Pony-Way Glimmer :iconpony-way:Pony-Way 992 57 Cold Change by AssasinMonkey Cold Change :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 1,755 50 I'll Miss You... by LolliponyArt I'll Miss You... :iconlolliponyart:LolliponyArt 952 88



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