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Hi, Fly here.

It's been ages (literally) since I've written a Journal Entry for this group, mostly because I haven't been actively involved in the MLP fandom since season 3. With the show ending and all, I'm surprised we still get as much traffic and activity as we do, but I'm not going to complain about that.

I could go on a lenghty story about how I haven't realized before this group was something like  years old and stuff. I mean, I founded it when I was in middle school, I'm now in my 3rd year of college. It was about time I gave it a slight update.

I've added two folders we were in dire need for: a Poly Ship folder for fankids who have 3 or more parents and a Chart and Trees folder for, as the name vaguely suggests, these charts with numerous ships as to illustrate a family's branches.
I'll try putting everything that was already submitted into the right folders someday, when college stops biting my ass all the time (lol).

On the topic of what is accepted or not, I'm still on the fence about next gen-related content only featuring canon characters. Excluding canon NG characters like Flutter Heart, who are accepted because canon and headcanons/AU are two different things, they're not NG per say, but still linked to it... What's you guys' opinion on it?
Same goes for parents of canon characters. They're the opposite of NG, sure, but they still seem to be somewhat on topic? Again, I'd be glad to hear the members' opinions on it.

Thank you for almost seven years of creativity, art improvement, writing and designs. It's a pleasure to see what you guys come up with when I go through submissions.

Take care,
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Hang in there, guys!



Group Info

READ FIRST: This group is dedicated to the children of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, NOT children who are fans of the show.

That means our artworks are the offspring of MLP characters, canon or original. We do not accept MLP artworks of canon characters alone, cosplays, original characters whose parents are not MLP ponies, and so on.

IMPORTANT: If the parents are not mentioned in either the description or your submission's comment box, we will not accept until it is given. We'll be patient and helpful, but help save us the trouble of not knowing where to put your art. Thank you.

No porn, incest, or pedophilia will be accepted ever.

We DO accept membership even if you don't plan to submit art or fics, so don't be afraid of the "wait for approval" when you try to join. That's just us making sure no inappropriate users barge in. ;)

Side note: This group is not looking for new Co-Founders or Contributors, so please do not apply for that. If we want you to be either, we will ask you ourselves. Thank you for understanding.
Founded 7 Years ago
Sep 9, 2012


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MLP Offspring

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