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Some of you may have seen it before I flagged it all as spam and blocked the account responsible for it, but around 16 hours ago, someone spammed some disgustingly racist shit all over our comment section. I wasn't online when it happened so I reacted a little late to the issue. You all have my apologies.
Now, I really don't advise you to look into it yourself. I don't know if group members can peek through flagged-as-spam comments, but if you can, just don't bother. It's just some racist shit and a link to a Discord server that's probably here to be even more disgusting than what's on that DA profile. You don't want to see what I saw when I was looking into blocking the account so it can't be used to spam more of this.
Be safe online, everyone.
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Story Advice Appreciated (Spoilers) I know the MLP:FiM ended years ago and people have moved on. We've all grown up and lived our lives, so why finish a fan-fiction that has sat dormant for years? Well, I promised my readers and myself that I would finish it, no matter what. So here I am, not only keeping that promise, but remembering how much I LOVED writing this story. I have been going through my story and cleaning it up before I write the next chapter. I have so far finished Chapters 1-10 and I am currently on Chapter 11. I've been having a great time making minor changes and fixing mistakes, but I have come across something that is much bigger than tinkering with the dialogue. And now I have a question for my readers, if anyone would like to give their opinions. (Spoilers below)How should I go about Bismarck and Radiance? In the original story, nobody knew that Bismarck and Radiance were secretly married until it was revealed that she was pregnant. A double twist. In hindsight I feel that it would be more natural if it was already established that they were married (without the eloping drama). There would still be something going on between the two, but the pregnancy reveal would be sufficient for a fun twist. The only problem with this alteration is the impact on their story. I would need to change their interactions and all mentions of their relationships. It can be done and would be fun to edit, but I would like to get the feedback of others. Would that change be too drastic from the story you followed?ORWould it be a fresh take to clean up some plot issues? Like I said before, I know it's been years. Life moves on, but if anyone can, I would love to hear your thoughts. If nothing else, it would be great to see how people are doing. I hope you are all happy and thriving. As always, thank you so much....
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Hang in there, guys!



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READ FIRST: This group is dedicated to the children of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, NOT children who are fans of the show.

That means our artworks are the offspring of MLP characters, canon or original. We do not accept MLP artworks of canon characters alone, cosplays, original characters whose parents are not MLP ponies, and so on.

IMPORTANT: If the parents are not mentioned in either the description or your submission's comment box, we will not accept until it is given. We'll be patient and helpful, but help save us the trouble of not knowing where to put your art. Thank you.

No porn, incest, or pedophilia will be accepted ever.

We DO accept membership even if you don't plan to submit art or fics, so don't be afraid of the "wait for approval" when you try to join. That's just us making sure no inappropriate users barge in. ;)

Side note: This group is not looking for new Co-Founders or Contributors, so please do not apply for that. If we want you to be either, we will ask you ourselves. Thank you for understanding.
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