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Welcome to MLP:FiM Diversity!

We are a group that supports all human My Little Pony artwork, especially art depicting ponies as people of color and with any body type!

My Little Pony is a show about being loving and accepting of everyone - so why not be accepting of everyone's humanizations?

Respect all ethnicities and body types please! No racism or body shaming is allowed here.
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Feb 21, 2012


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272 Members
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:bulletpurple: No harassing other group members or artists. Please keep rude comments to yourself.

:bulletpink: No Spamming.

:bulletpurple: No nudity or overly sexualized artwork.

:bulletpink: Human art only, please. It can be digital or traditional.

:bulletpurple: You will only receive one warning before being kicked from the group. (Unless what you did deserves and instant kicking.)

:bulletpink: Please don't submit too much at one time.

:bulletpurple: Submit to the Gallery not the Favourites folder, please. The Featured folder is only for works picked out by Admins.

:star: When you send a join request, please tell us your favorite pony to see Humanized!

Gallery Folders

[ladies are magic] by artemis-senpai
Friendship is Magic by Yamino
Summer Time Texting by Minxzie
mlp fun at the beach by narutopony
Twilight Sparkle
The Lunar Eclipse Act III Part 8 (3 of 4) by Axel-Doi
Tara Gordon Twilight Sparkle by TheGreatBurg
Witch Tara by TheGreatBurg
Sci Twi as Wonder Woman by chanyhuman
Jacqueline Taimanov Applejack by TheGreatBurg
Werewolf Jacqueline by TheGreatBurg
Apples! by frogbugg
The Power of Forest Manipulation v3 by TheGreatBurg
Green is SO your color by Mirabuncupcakes15
Bahiya Ansari Fluttershy by TheGreatBurg
Fluttershy agiAn by Mirabuncupcakes15
Mummy Bahiya by TheGreatBurg
Pinkie Pie
TH x TCM Gift (1 of 3 Curly Haired Bubble Heads) by Cloudcuckooman
Betsy Brauer Pinkie Pie by TheGreatBurg
Creature from the Black Lagoon Betsy by TheGreatBurg
Older Pinkie Pie by Mirabuncupcakes15
Rainbow Dash
Juanita Gutierrez Rainbow Dash by TheGreatBurg
Vampire Juanita by TheGreatBurg
Humanized Rainbow Dash by Mirabuncupcakes15

Mature Content

Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony) by kgfantasy
Rarity by Mirabuncupcakes15
Eleanor Wu Rarity by TheGreatBurg
Is that what you think? by TheGreatBurg
Rarity Human AU Design by frogbugg
The Princesses
A Queen on her Throne by TheGreatBurg
Queen Celestia by TheGreatBurg
Princess Luna Ver.2 by kgfantasy
Princess Celestia Ver. 2 by kgfantasy
The Cutie Mark Crusaders
Meanie belle (redraw) by Mirabuncupcakes15
We Had A Theme!!! by Cloudcuckooman
Cool Crusaders by StarryOak
MLP: Crusaders Of The Lost Mark by kiriche
Background and other ponies
Older Tiara and Spoon by Mirabuncupcakes15
My head is full of hOOmans by Mirabuncupcakes15
Pear Butter (MLP) by Mirabuncupcakes15
Comm: Inflatable Pool Toy Ocellus by sergeant16bit
Non ponies
ENG - Spike... It's me! by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
Group and Couple Shots
Zizi breeze...? by Mirabuncupcakes15
Midnight Sparkle | Pony Version by YitsuneMelody
Stained glass - Dawn by gogogoANGEL
Christmas Twilight Sparkle and Spike by sabrina200415
Akira Yuki Pony by sergeant16bit
2014 Summer Art Contest
Summer and Headcanons by Mintyfresh103
Zecora has Vitiligo
Pinkie Pie is into Nintendo
Bon-Bon is asian and Plus-size
Rainbow Dash is Japanese and Asexual Homoromantic
Rarity is petite and Muslim and Bisexual
Twilight likes LoTR and The Hobbit
Applejack is tall and has an "inverted Triangle" figure.
Spike likes eating gem-shaped candy
Derpy is Transgender and a Whovian
Big Mac is Pansexual
Cadence is Italian-Canadian
Lyra is disabled and needs a wheelchair
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chanyhuman Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2019
Could you try submitting these? Princess Tree Fairy  by chanyhuman  Tree Fairy, despite being born into a wealthy Pegasus family, started of as a social outcast and was physically weak, then one day, the original alicorn found her, and seeing potential her, decided to take her as one of his students. Overtime she was able to overcome her weaknesses, becoming stronger and more reliable, eventually becoming the first pegasus, (and pony with Down syndrome,) to become an alicorn. Now, with her astonishing powers to control the environment, she rules Zecora’s land as the princess of nature, along side her husband, a pegasus Zebra named Ark Hive, and her son, an alicorn zony named Zaman.

Jada Mineral (The Elephant Mare) by chanyhuman  Jada Mineral, or as some ponies refer to her as The Elephant Mare, had a hard time adjusting towards society because of her appearance. Ever since she was a filly she had been judge by her deformities, especially by her parents. She even had a hard time finding a job because she kept scaring everypony. Eventually, she was forced to become a sideshow attraction in order to make a living;

During this point, she developed an interest in writing, and wrote many poems, books, and even her own biography, which she would sometimes give at her sideshow. This biography got the attention of Radiant Hope and Sombra Blankflank, causing them to want to meet the writer, but when they got there, they were both shocked and inspired, as she was a misfit just like them. After a lot of convincing, the two managed to encourage her to leave the sideshow, and found her a home at the nursery, where she now lives, and continues to write and inspire.

Zaman  by chanyhuman Zaman is one of the rare naturally born alicorns. His mother is Tree Fairy, alicorn princess of nature, and his father is a zebra pegasus named Ark Hive. Often called the prince of time, this zony has the ability to go back as far as he existed, although he does have trouble going to the future because of all the possible timelines. He also has the ability to slow down time. He may have concerns of interfering with time to much, but his powers makie him a useful ally regardless.
Cloudcuckooman Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2018  Professional General Artist
Am I allowed to submit comics here?
NintendoPonyAddict Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018
seeing the porn makes me want to take my eyes out with a melon baller
monstararts Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I wanted to post all my humans into the characters folders. but it wont let me!
weirdlycool Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Hobbyist
do you accept body diversity to?
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Roasted-Torkoals Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
oops I'm sorry I forgot to tell my favorite humanized pony. I love rarity the best I would love to see more rarity
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Hello, I accidentally submitted my pic of the "MLP villains"to the Rarity folder. Can you move it to the right folder please?
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Why is it saying I can only submit once every 365 days? o.o;
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