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Seller Area: Auctions & Single Items

Welcome to the seller section of MLP-FIM-CraftsClub. This section is designed to help our members get the word out on the crafts that they are selling and to help those who are looking to purchase some of these amazing crafts find them more easily.

For the full rules on this section you can find them here

Fixed Price Single Items:


Seller Area: Commission Lists & Shops

Welcome to the seller section of MLP-FIM-CraftsClub. This section is designed to help our members get the word out on the crafts that they are selling and to help those who are looking to purchase some of these amazing crafts find them more easily.

For the full rules on this section you can find them here


NanaJoyYarns Etsy Shop
Pony Crocheted Blankets

GoldenSCuddleCraft Etsy Shop
Pony Plushes

DrachefrauFabricArt Etsy Shop
Pony Plushes

BlackWaterPlush Etsy Shop
Pony Plushes

AlphaMango Etsy Shop
Pony Plushes

happynakama Etsy Shop
Pony Plushes

Lyras Plush Ponymerch Shop
Pony Plushes

DrachefrauFabricArt Etsy Shop
Foal Pony Plushes

EquestriaKnitting Etsy Shop

SparklyArt Etsy Shop

MiiruFae Etsy Shop

SoapyBacon Etsy Shop

cutekick's Etsy Shop

MyLittleShadowboxes Etsy Shop

WolferahmsPonyCrafts Etsy Shop

FeathersOfAnAngel Etsy Shop

FandomTandom Esty Shop

Fluff N Stuff Creations Etsy Shop

BlackWingCustoms Etsy Shop

sewcute321 Etsy Shop

CraftOtaku Etsy Shop

KyonkoShop Etsy Shop

FanaticalFactory Etsy Shop
Pony pin back buttons, pendents, statement rings, split ring key chains, & bottle opener key chains

TheJewelStand Etsy Shop
Pony Jewelery

CustomPonyWoodcrafts Etsy Shop
Pony Woodcrafts

Emberfall0507 Etsy Shop
MLP Plushies and Patches

StudioNeko Storeenvy Site

Peculiar Pony Storeenvy Site
Pony Sculptures

Whimsical Squid Creations Storeenvy Site
Pony Drawstring Bags

LillyInverse's Shop

Commission Lists & Information:

Salty-Bacon's commissions info
Chibi Pony Plushes - Open

Drachefrau's commissions info

Pony Plushes - Open

BlackWater627's commissions info
Pony Plushes

sakihrumino's commissions info
Pony Plushes

Sakairi-chan's commissions info
Pony & Equestria Girls Plushes

NerdyMind's commissions info

grandmoonma's commissions info - Open

themagpiesnest's commissions list

rainbowmagicarts's commissions list

FantasyTwilight's commissions list

Gypmina's commissions list

Teengirl's commissions list

XionsManehattenPlush's commissions list

StitchCometCreations commissions list (Limited Time Commission Price)

Eeglfethr's commission info

Chibi-pets' commission list - Prices
Pony Plushes - Open

friskykitty515's commission info

Vegeto-UchihaPortgas' commission info

Rasaliina's commission info - Open

The-Erin-show's Custom OC Ponies Info

Sky-Griffin's commission info - Open

TigerLily0705's commission info

TripleRainbowDash's commission info

zuckerschnuti's commission info - Open

KyonkoHizara's commission info

KazzysPlushEmporium's commission info - Open

ChrisWithATa's commission info - Open

Zelda5's commission info - Open

mihoyonagi's commission info - Open

EmR0304's commission info
Pony Sculptures - Open

sockfuzzy's commission info
Pony Plushes - Open

Vegeto-UchihaPortgas' commission list
Pony Plushes - Open

MayEsdot's commission info
Pony Plushes - Open

firefrostt's commission info
Pony Plushes - Open

Gallery Folders

Divekick Rainbow Dash - single by frozenpyro71
My Little Little Pony Princess Luna . by JOPUTAPELIRROJO
MLP Queen Chrysalis Plushie by MakeItSew
Princess Celestia Plush by EquestriaPlush
Pinkie Pie by fireflytwinkletoes
Laying down Rarity 30 inch plush by agatrix
Life size 70inch 180cm Nightmare Moon plush by agatrix
MLP 10 inch Filly 'Coconut Creme' :.Commission.: by RubioWolf
Sculptures, Figurines and Dolls
MLP:FIM OCs Hoxie and Raindew Multi by uBrosis
MLP:FIM OCs Hoxie and Raindew by uBrosis
And when we come together by Soobel
Ponyville houses by Soobel
Needlework, Felt and N.Felting
Pinkamena Felt Doll by KarRedRoses
[FOR SALE] Handmade OOAK Discord Plushie by HipsterOwlet
Rainbow dash coin purse FOR SALE by Kawaiihakuchou101
Applejack seapony - crochet plush toy (FOR SALE) by LilSy-workshop
Duct Tape Works
My Little Pony  Wallets- introducing Derpy!! by LishaChan
Dr. Hooves Duct Tape Wallet by weRDunfo
Wallet - Rainbow Dash: 20% Cooler by FreckledAndFearless
Derpy Vision Finished by weRDunfo
Clothing and Accessories
Suits for sale! by Essorille
Flutterbat fursuit head by Essorille
Emperor Sombra cosplay fursuit by Essorille
Fluttershy by Essorille
Daily life items
Project Royale: Collector's Box by Psygriffio
Royality themed ceramic flask by rtry
Discord themed ceramic flask by rtry
Custom Nintendo Switch Controller My Little Pony by CARDI-ology
Paper cutout - Cutie Mark Crusaders forever by mosopple
Rainbowdashing by Tazimo
Discord ShadowBox by Tazimo
Derpy Hooves ShadowBox by Tazimo
Rarity Woodwork in Holly, Purpleheart, and Padauk by xofox
Superhero Derpy Woodwork in Maple and Yellowheart by xofox
What Is Life? Gummy Woodwork in Purpleheart by xofox
Kerfuffle Woodwork in Stained Maple and Walnut by xofox
Keychains, Charms, Stickers, Patches
Lil Peep ponyfication postcard (hellboy) by MrCAPiTAN
Pony postcards by MrCAPiTAN
Smol Pony clay charm by Kalimoo-Art
Pony YCH Dakimakura LESS THAN 24HR LEFT! OPEN by PoneBooth
Stencil Art and Paintings
Stylized Fluttershy on Canvas. by usernameirrelevant
Patterns, Tutorials and Templates
TwilightSparkle pudding eyes Embroidery files by LilSy-workshop
Previous generations crafts
Year of The Rat by KarRedRoses

Admissions and Rules

The rules are as follow,

In order to join you must have some kind of pony craft, which can be any kind of craft such as plushies, embroidery, paper crafts, duct tape works, and custom sculptures and dolls, in your gallery at time of submission to join.
If you do not have any crafts but you are still interested in this group feel free to watch us.

1. No rude or offensive comments towards members, if you violate this rule 3 or more times or comment is severe enough you will be banned.
2. Please submit works to the correct folders.
3. Do not steal another's work, if you are caught you will be banned.
4. Nothing displaying excessive gore or sexual content.
5. Anything submitted that is not related to MLP will be denied.
Hello, tomorrow we will be updating the Sellers Area with new listings for the week.

In the Sellers Area you may submit auction listings, commission lists, and shops. Auction listings will be displayed for one week, then changed every Wednesday. Unlike auctions, shops and commission list will not be deleted weekly and will stay posted as long as the seller wishes.

If you would like to display the crafts that  you are selling in our Seller Area please provide us with a link to them in the comments below.      


1) All submissions must include a link to where they are being sold at.

2) All submission must be sent in within 48 hours after this post. If submitted any later they will NOT be accepted.

3) There will be a cap of 35 auction listings per week. Once this limit is met we will NOT accept any more auction submissions.

4) Any one member is allowed to submit NO more than 3 auction listings per week, HOWEVER you may provide a link so that your whole auction selection may be viewed.

5) If an auction ends during the week, it will NOT be removed. If you renew an auction during the week we will NOT change the link, you must wait until the next week to resubmit it.

If there are any questions or suggestions you would like to make please leave them in the comments below.
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