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MLP-FiM Chatroom

Welcome to the official My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Group! We're so happy to have you!

Now, for the rules!


Mature Art

We do not allow mature art! What does this mean, exactly? What are the standards, you may ask? Simple!

If it doesn't belong in a 90's Disney movie [Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, etc.] then it doesn't belong here! This means, specifically:

:bulletblue: very, VERY small amounts of blood. We're talking a maximum a cut on the arm. For example, if Scootaloo crashes her scooter and she has a cut on her face or something. That's OK. Dismemberment? No way!

:bulletblue: Shipping is allowed, but nothing overtly sexual. Kissing, hugging, cuddling, snuggling. All these things are perfectly acceptable. Anything beyond that, No way!

:bulletblue: Character death is allowed, but no blood and their eyes must be closed. Like said previously, Disney Standards. We're talking Mufasa-esque at the worst here, fillies and gentlecolts.

The Featured Folder is still locked to members. Everything else is open!

If you have any questions about the folders, where to find things, feel free to note or comment the group, or any of the staff. They will be happy to help you.


Quality Standard

We are one of the biggest groups on all of DeviantART, and because of that we get over 2,000 submissions a week. Because of that, we have a Quality Standard, to cut down on what actually gets into the group, and therefore into YOUR inbox's. Not everyone's work will be accepted, but you can take a look at our affiliates who will gladly take everyone's work, regardless of level.

:bulletblue: We have a minimum standard for what we will and won't allow into the group. Such things are posted with examples in the Admin Area, where the moderators are split into teams to judge certain types of art. [Digital, traditional, Artisan Crafts, Customs, Vectors, etc.]

:bulletblue: If your art is declined, and the moderators did not comment on it, then your deviation most likely does not meet the quality standard. This can be a hard pill to take, but please understand it's just as hard to give, so we tend to not comment on the deviation submission. People who cause a fuss about the Quality Standard will not be indulged.

:bulletblue: Please keep in mind that we do not accept Pony Creator pieces. These may be great for creating an initial reference of your character for you or an artist to draw from, but they will not be accepted into any folder.





allow Vectors in this group! There is no special folder for them; sort them by character like any other type of art. Thank you!



As a general rule, we expect our members to be fairly well behaved in the group area. Frustration is understandable in some instances, but please to not abuse our good humor.

:bulletblue: Don't be a brat and there won't be any trouble, basically. The staff is held at a standard to treat our members with respect. We expect the same from all of you.

Do NOT comment asking why your deviation was declined. You will be ignored, and your comment will be hidden. If your post a link to a deviation you're wondering about, it will be marked as Spam.

:bulletblue: Our mods work hard to go through the massive quantity of submissions we receive each day. As such, on occasion some things slip through the cracks for reasons ranging from misclicks to simple exhaustion clouded judgement. If you see a piece that you feel doesn't meet our criteria, please drop us a note in the group telling us where in our gallery we can find it OR send a note with that information to Wooden-Flashlight and it will be looked into ASAP!


MLP-FiM Admins. These are the people that you can contact in case you have a question or two. It is recommended that you contact Wooden-Flashlight, the Founder, for more important material.

The Tyrannical Princess

The Grand Viziers


Moderator Applications OPEN!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2015, 6:11 PM
Hello all! It's been a while, I know. Currently we're in desperate need of moderators, so I'm going to open slots again for people to come volunteer to vote. Since summer is here and a lot of people are off on break from college and other schools, I thought now would be the perfect time to open them.

How do I become a mod?

Send me Wooden-Flashlight a Note. The application format is listed below, but please read the types of mods and their roles first.

We need mods who will vote on specific types of art. The Mod types are broken down into teams:

-Digital Art Team
-Traditional Art Team
-Customs Team
-Plushies Team
-Artisan Craft Team
-Mixed Media team
-Fan-Fiction team

We get _hundreds_ of submissions a day that need to be voted on by _at least_ two people. They need to be judged for their quality standard, maturity, and to make sure it's not theft, or used without permission- or generally breaking the rules of the group or DA. I'll explain the general job of each team.

Digital Art Team
This is the team that votes on digital art, only. These people must be well versed in digital media to be able to properly judge quality. These people need to be able to determine the difference between low-quality art and differing styles, in addition to making sure no art theft happens. There may be a secondary team of people who work on Vectors only, but at this time I don't think that's needed.

Traditional Art Team
Votes on traditional art, only. Must be versed in traditional media. This group must look out specifically for bad scans and/or photos of traditional art. Even if the art itself is up to quality, a bad photo or scan of a piece will not be allowed. Scans of art with lines from notebook paper are also not allowed.

Customs Team
Must vote on custom MLP toys! This counts only for those made from a bait- a canon toy that is modified. Must be able to verify that it is is good-quality custom.

Plushies Team
These guys vote on our plushies! Basically to keep WIPs and low-quality photos into the gallery.

Artisan Craft Team
Vote on all artisan crafts that aren't customs or plushies. Statues, paper crafts, jewelry, clothes. Very wide subject range. Again, no bad photos or WIPS.

Mixed Media Team
For voting on mixed media; for example, a digital pony put into a photograph, or even a canon toy's photograph taken. This is basically the "other" and many people will be put into this team as well.

Fan-Fictions Team
The hardest mod, to be honest. These people must READ every fan-fic that comes into our inbox and judge it's quality and if it belongs in the group. Determine if it is within our rules [for maturity, subject matter, and folder it belongs in.] We need a large-ish team for Fan-fics so that not 1-2 people are reading fics. We still need a two-vote system for these.

To put in your mod application, send me [ Wooden-Flashlight ] a note with your application. Format below.

To: wooden-flashlight
Subject: Mod Application [Which team]

Go by name/handle:
Hours available:
Notable skills:
Why I Qualify for this team:
Why I want to be a Mod:
(Optional) References: [NOTE: This can be individual people, groups you've made/work for, your own artwork, anything you feel is an example of your qualifying.]

Go ahead and put in your application! You don't know until you try, after all!
Thank you all for your patience as we transition into the new staff. We should have efficiency back in the next week or so.

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Help get rid of an art thief[Edit] If stolen pictures don't seem to work in this journal, you can just go to the mentioned profile's gallery and compare it to links with original drawings I gave in the other half of the post. Everything works weird when the user blocked your account, sorry for that.[Update] Wow now they are calling the original artists asking them to take the pictures down, and people giving links to original posts "stalkers". Still refusing to remove anything. I guess the journal will stay up for a long while.Ok I didn't want to be that person who has a lot of followers and makes a post calling out some poor clearly confused child, but they're removing and blocking anyone politely telling them to stop instead of cooperating, so I'm forced to continue it on my territory.The person in question is ShinePonies Simply looking at their gallery you can see their drawings are too different from each other and have a poor quality, which right away indicates they could've been taken from somewhere. And a quick search showed that indeed this user purposefully erases any signatures on a drawing, edits it's colors slightly to try to trick Google Lens search, and claims it to be their own, refusing to give the real owners credit. And like I've said removing any comments asking them to do so, even from original artists.Funny enough the only picture they've taken down was the one belonging to Imalou, after it was pointed out to them that they literally reposted a drawing made by one of the main concept artists for the GEN5 movie, big oof.I'm not encouraging people to go and attack them (you'll just get blocked anyway), but to not support them and go follow the real authors instead, report any stolen artwork (... -> report -> It violates intellectual property rights ->This is someone else’s intellectual property), and get original artist's attention so they can do it as well. I don't want this journal or my whole account to be accused of harassment now, when I'm just trying to help other artists.---This is what we've gathered so far:Stolen:,Original: ,Stolen: ,Original:,Stolen:,Original:,Stolen:,Original: ,Stolen: ,Original:,Stolen: ,Original:'s dA accountStolen: ,Original:,Stolen: ,Not sure if original, but a proof that the drawing is from 8 years ago: ,Original: last one is especially serious, because potetecyu_to is quite distraught over the situation, but is active only on Twitter and begs people of dA for help.There's few other artworks that I failed to find original owners of, but they've been spread over the websites like Pinterest for quite a while:,,,,,--- ShinePonies, like I've said in the comment you deleted, taking other people's artwork and claiming it to be your own isn't the way, but making something on your own and seeing yourself progress as an artist. Which I highly encourage you to do and good luck if you try, you're still young and even my own art looked like crap few years ago.If you remove all the artworks you've stolen (or your account gets shut down from the reports) I will hide my journal as well. But if I find you doing the same thing all over again on this or a different account, I will call you out once again.Everyone else thank you for reading! <3
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