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** If your piece needs a mature content label, please DO NOT submit it to our group! **



- Please make sure you submit your art in the right folder! If not, it will be declined.

- Every kind of Fan Fiction goes into the "Fan-Fictions" folder, not to any of the characters' folders!

-We accept all forms of pony My Little Pony art, including, but not limited to, vectors, traditional and digital art, fan fiction, and real world photography combined with ponies. If it has a pony and it isn't against the listed, it is okay to submit!

Mature Content

- Nudity, Gore, Vore, Fetish art, etc. are not allowed, with the exception of FanFiction. Anthro is allowed, as long as it contains nothing too sexual. Please submit to the Anthro folder, or else it WILL be declined.


- Unlike other groups, this group accepts all kinds of quality! Feel free to submit your art to the appropriate folders.

Lastly, don't submit hate art! Hate art will not be accepted by the admins in the submission process and you also risk the possibility of being blocked by the group.

- All rights reserved by fyre-flye/ Lauren Faust and Hasbro (c)

Gallery Folders

Late Night Doodles by MyPaintedMelody
Save Sadness by MyPaintedMelody
BronyCon Mascots Print by MyPaintedMelody
Mini Scented Pony Auction [CLOSED] by MyPaintedMelody
Mane Six and Spike
Stippled Twilight by Nutmeg04
Waiting For You Chapter 1 scene 2 by Rainb0wDashie
Waiting For You Chapter 1 scene 1 by Rainb0wDashie
Stock Photo Pinkie by ShadOBabe
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Part of Your World  by PitterPaint
Vector Scootaloo #1 by Jellmelon
Cutie Mark Conspirators by Sintakhra
Chalk Sweetie Belle - GalaCon2018 by Malte279
You're not the first and you're not the last one by Soronaan
Princess Luna by mirry92
Princess Celestia by mirry92
Horse in a jar by Heedheed
Other CANON Characters FULL
Minty G1 by user15432
Water Fun by Shokly
Those Left Behind by Moonlightfan
Magic sweet by MinDash12
Fan Character 4
Angela [ Pastel Girl Challenge ] by SilverKatu
Your Angel by Orfartina
Bon Appetit by SpellboundCanvas
MLP Next Gen: Ophelia Moon by Celestial-Rainstorm
Other CANON Characters 2
Flash Sentry sleeping time by jucamovi1992
Lyra - The things I didn't do by Ilynalta
Substitute Teacher by Celestial-Rainstorm
Kirin #2 - VECTOR by Cirillaq
Fan Character FULL
Plushie by Moonlightfan
[YCH] Ember by sevedie
NextGen Hunterverse Bio: Tinker Bell by QueenNightmare2
NextGen Hunterverse Bio: Zipper Rush by QueenNightmare2
Fan Character 3
Watch This, Kid! by Devon13168
you own my heart by Huniee
Anna Belle by ColonelWalther
I Love You, Dad. by Devon13168
Humans - EQG FULL
You Are A Very Cute Caterpiller. by Devon13168
LoE - Fluttershy by FlashLightIsTheBEST
LoE - Applejack by FlashLightIsTheBEST
LoE - Rainbow Dash by FlashLightIsTheBEST
Anthro Series: She was my Greatest Failure by Axel-Doi
Plush, Crafts, etc.
Scotaloo by V-ZeN
Spice Girls (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu
Groups 2

Mature Content

Hat's Dir Auch Gefallen, Engelchen? by MustLoveFrogs
Groups FULL
Caught [MLP] by Shad0w-Galaxy
The Irony of Growing Up by StarryOak
Another Kirin Adopt [Closed] by ArcticWhistle
Commission Information
Comissions Open! by Microwaved-Box
YCH lineless (read desc) by Nomina999
Crossovers 2
Discord (MLP Soul Prison): Yu-Gi-Oh! Card by PopPixieRex
My MLP Controversey Meme (Redone) by DaSlickstanator
Other CANON Characters
Student Six: Smolder by Sintakhra
Fan Character 5
170 by Sarka-Rozka
Humans-EQG 2
Seaquestria Girls - Applejack by Sugar-Loop


Seeking new admins! Note the group if interested!



Pegasus Ponies



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