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** If your piece needs a mature content label, please DO NOT submit it to our group! **



- Please make sure you submit your art in the right folder! If not, it will be declined.

- Every kind of Fan Fiction goes into the "Fan-Fictions" folder, not to any of the characters' folders!

-We accept all forms of pony My Little Pony art, including, but not limited to, vectors, traditional and digital art, fan fiction, and real world photography combined with ponies. If it has a pony and it isn't against the listed, it is okay to submit!

Mature Content

- Nudity, Gore, Vore, Fetish art, etc. are not allowed, with the exception of FanFiction. Anthro is allowed, as long as it contains nothing too sexual. Please submit to the Anthro folder, or else it WILL be declined.


- Unlike other groups, this group accepts all kinds of quality! Feel free to submit your art to the appropriate folders.

Lastly, don't submit hate art! Hate art will not be accepted by the admins in the submission process and you also risk the possibility of being blocked by the group.

- All rights reserved by fyre-flye/ Lauren Faust and Hasbro (c)

Gallery Folders

Mane Six and Spike
MLP Mane 6 Redesign for AU by a-x-o
super duper party pony | mlp by foxklt
Twilight Sparkle Surprised by LoneBoy48
Nail Art by neo-shrek
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Go Go Go!1 by Krista-21
Scootaloo {+Speedpaint} by MonsoonVisionz
Sweetiebelle by MonsoonVisionz
Cutie Mark Crusaders Pleading To Stay In Town by LoneBoy48
Flirty Princess Cadance by Negatif22
Rain Shine Proud by LoneBoy48
Princess Celestia Headcanon 2021 by WanderingPegasus
Princess Celestia Redesign by DivineMoon04
Other CANON Characters FULL
Twilight And Star Tracker by LoneBoy48
Let's get down to business. by HeavySplatter
Dissectible Derpy by SymbianL
Many Marble Faces by SymbianL
Fan Character 4
Sunbutter Cookies[commission] by Shido-Tara
Twihorn Shining - Sheriff of Trottingham by Malte279
:COMM: Smiling Brony by LupiArts
[Commission] Last Minutes Cake by Sa1ntMax
Other CANON Characters 2
Cozy Glow by neo-shrek
Vapor Trail by Subleni
Queen Chrysalis and Thorax by LeonKay
Sketch - Chrysalis by Ihmislehma
Fan Character FULL
Jasmine Oc by irsyakistasakhavi
Bacon Team by MlpShimmySunshine123
Lovely time by LittleTigressDA
my birthday by MlpShimmySunshine123
Fan Character 3
3 watermelon angels (commission) by Krista-21
Pink Princess OC - Request by SphiraDraws
Sweet Treat [OC] by Sparky-Boi
| MERMAID-PONY | by FairyPie2909
Humans - EQG FULL
Twilight Sparkle Concern by LoneBoy48
Sunset Lashing Out On Micro Chips by LoneBoy48
Valentines Letter (Valentines Special) by TheRETROart88
Hot choccy time (Christmas special) by TheRETROart88
Rogue Diamond version 63 part 2 by UrhangrZerg
Plush, Crafts, etc.
.:Commission:. Eclipse Seapony Plush by MousehMakes
Not the RocK we are looking for! by Malte279
Groups 2
FutureHooves: Mane Six - Mother Time by Azurllinate
Icons,Journal Doll, etc.
General Grizznik, Zarf and Xarri Voice Guide by 4-Chap
Groups FULL
pinkiedash | mlp by foxklt
Melody Gold by HeavySplatter
Random MLP Ship Adopts (Open)(Points) by Nihilego-Null
Commission Information
Chibi Character Art Commission Guide (OPEN!) by Will-Owl-the-Wisp
YCH ref pony [8\10 slots OPEN] by Lidelman
Crossovers 2
Mario and Dreamix Peach by user15432
Shadow Play (A MAP Review Title Card) by MorphiusX
Other CANON Characters
Discord Gleeing by LoneBoy48
Fan Character 5
Spring by MonsoonVisionz
Humans-EQG 2
Dirty Secret! by UrhangrZerg






Earth Ponies


Pegasus Ponies



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Cynderthedragon5768 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, please keep these kinda things off of this group as to not encourage this sort of thing from other people who might see it. There are places to advertise these things(there are plenty "artist beware" places to post these topics) publicly but this is not one of them.^^"

Best of luck.
SpokenMind93 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So you're ignoring it then or are you gonna look into it?
Cynderthedragon5768 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist, no, I'm not the police of the internet. I'm not doing anything, nor have the power or authority to.
I'm just saying the front of my art group isn't the place to advertise and be open for discussion about it, otherwise EVERYONE would be posting similar comments. Soon people would be having fights in the comments and that's not what I want. There are plenty of artist beware groups on DeviantART, and sites that are better suited for that.
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