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Want to affiliate your group with MLP-Earthen-Wonders? Yay! There's just a few rules we ask that you abide by.

Must be a My Little Pony group
:bulletpurple: This is so that we know members of the group browsing our affiliates are more likely to find something we know they like!
:bulletpurple: Groups with non-MLP premises that "also include" My Little Pony content are, sadly, not allowed

Must have an icon and folders
:bulletpurple: This lets us know that you're serious about your group, and are more than just an image dump!

Must have rules, and the rules must be easy to locate
:bulletpurple: For the same reasons as above!

Themed groups are totally welcome
:bulletpurple: Zecora group? AWESOME
:bulletpurple: "Pets of the Mane Six" group? AWESOME
:bulletpurple: Equestria Girls group? AWESOME
:bulletpurple: Alicorn group? AWESOME
:bulletpurple: G1/80s villains group? AWESOME

If there's a theme, stick with it
:bulletpurple: Please, no groups with "here's our theme, but ANYTHING pony-related will be accepted!"

Crossover groups subject to scrutiny
:bulletpurple: Just to make sure that it is first and foremost a pony group

Sorry, NO adoptable groups!
:bulletpurple: sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
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Submitted on
March 27, 2014


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