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I've opened the folders back up to member submissions with a limit of three per day per folder. Non-members get three per week exclusively to the non-member folder.

Please remember that this group is dedicated to ponies. While there are other ground-bound species like zebras, buffalo, etc, this group is intended for earth ponies, and your submissions need to focus on them.
It's been obvious for a while now, but it's time to admit it: I'm just not even here. I'm not monitoring my groups, I'm not contributing to them, and I barely even remember most of them exist half the time. I'll be closing submissions to all groups this journal is being submitted to. Unfortunately I will not be nominating any replacement staff in the meanwhile; last time I gave someone else the reins to a group important to me, it turned into an absolute fiasco that resulted in the new shutting the groups down rather than give them back or find new admins. I want to make it clear that I will not be deleting any existing content from the groups affected by this decision or the groups themselves. I will simply be putting them into standby mode.

Edit: I will still (infrequently) be requesting art into the groups myself, just to keep them from outright dying, but I can't make any promises about how often.
I apologize for the lack of activity lately. I'd try to make some excuse, but why bother? I've been depressed so I haven't even been trying to keep up with my groups, because it's just... so important... to mindlessly play videogames for four hours a day.

I'll try to get back on track a bit more, and apologize for any expired submissions.
Hey there kids! New month, new theme. This time around, the theme is flowers. If you choose to draw something for this month's theme, you've got a lot to choose from! A pony with a flower cutie mark, a flower-related name, or even just a random pony picking flowers or arranging a bouquet. Participation is completely optional, so don't feel pressured to create anything! And if you're not inclined to do anything special, you can still comment below discussing your favorite flower pony!


Art submitted to this group should be yours! Use of free lineart (including coloring book pages) is fine, as are collaborations, but images made with dollmakers or traced from official art (including vectors) are strictly forbidden. Direct submissions of official art or screencaps are also forbidden with the exception of side-by-side comparisons with redraws.

If you didn't/can't ask the original artist, you don't have permission, and it doesn't belong in this group.

If the source is unverifiable - "I don't know who made this base," crediting "the original artist" without saying who the original artist is, etc - it doesn't belong in this group.

Pony hearts, wet mane ponies, "licking" icons and "trotting" icons are covered under this rule as well. It's too hard to police whether they're made from stolen bases or not, so these types of images will not be accepted into the group.


Images will be judged by the quality of the image, not the quality of the art. Badly-drawn ponies are fine. Badly-drawn ponies on lined paper are not. Badly-customized models are fine. Blurry/pixelated photos of badly-customized models are not. Likewise, nothing should be visible through the paper, and photographed work should have as little "extra stuff" around the image as possible.

Mature Content


This includes violent and sexy art of any sort, even if there's no mature filter on it. Gore, ass, etc, are forbidden.

Submissions that contain links to adult content in the description are also forbidden, though I may sometimes miss this. Please let me know if you see something come into the group that contains these links.

Anthro and humanized ponies

Currently this group does not allow humanized ponies, as it's too difficult to police the difference between background ponies, ocs, and completely non-pony characters drawn as humans in the same style as humanized ponies.

Anthro ponies are allowed on the grounds that they are "ponies with human traits" rather than "humans with pony traits." This means that Equestria Girls fanart is not allowed in this group.

Non-earth ponies and non-ponies

No single species should outnumber earth ponies per submission. For example, pictures of the Mane Six or Cutie Mark Crusaders are allowed because even though unicorn and pegasus ponies TOGETHER outnumber the earth ponies, unicorns alone or pegasi alone do not.

In images focusing specifically on an earth pony, it will be up to the judgment of the mods whether ponies in the background are to be counted as outnumbering the earth ponies or not. If the image focuses specifically on a non-earth pony, it will be declined.

Zebras, torch hounds, and other ponies with physical traits of non-pony species are not considered earth ponies by this group's standards. Sharp teeth and slit pupils are acceptable.

Bat ponies will be counted as pegasi. Seaponies and merponies will be considered separate species.

This group does not accept:

Written submissions

Comic pages

Ponies "built" in Minecraft

"Anti" art of any kind - character, ship, song, episode, artist, etc

Submissions that "call out" a specific person or group of people

Cutie marks alone, even if they all belong to earth ponies


As of May 2017, ponification of real people is forbidden, except for ponysonas.

Sketchdumps/etc must be consistent in quality per individual submission.

Certain rules may be suspended at the mods' discretion in regards to submissions to the "Accessories, Clothing, and Cosplay" and "Other Crafts" folders.

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