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Sunset Sky Mlp Adopt ( Closed ) by mlp-melodymark Sunset Sky Mlp Adopt ( Closed ) :iconmlp-melodymark:mlp-melodymark 21 3 Shy Hoas by HeavyMetalBronyYeah Shy Hoas :iconheavymetalbronyyeah:HeavyMetalBronyYeah 353 16 Grelka by VGins Grelka :iconvgins:VGins 21 2 Foe by IIapIIIuBbIu Foe :iconiiapiiiubbiu:IIapIIIuBbIu 137 9 Roseluck by Camyllea Roseluck :iconcamyllea:Camyllea 134 13 Best plait by mokyMK Best plait :iconmokymk:mokyMK 99 3 A VERY Hungry Pinkamena by RoboCop17 A VERY Hungry Pinkamena :iconrobocop17:RoboCop17 74 6 Pinkie Kat? by RoboCop17 Pinkie Kat? :iconrobocop17:RoboCop17 59 5 Pinkie Heart Power by RoboCop17 Pinkie Heart Power :iconrobocop17:RoboCop17 101 5 Through the forest by MinosUa Through the forest :iconminosua:MinosUa 33 5 Trixie Happy Holidays by iMoshie Trixie Happy Holidays :iconimoshie:iMoshie 309 23 Ponytail Rarity [Animated] by iMoshie Ponytail Rarity [Animated] :iconimoshie:iMoshie 245 10 Twilight (Different Mane) by Sunshineshiny Twilight (Different Mane) :iconsunshineshiny:Sunshineshiny 476 51
My Little MMD
My first Youtube Video
MLP meets Ureshii!
Babs Seed/Babs Wolf
Sweetie Belle
Motion link: (You should also check out her other videos, they're amazing!
All models (c) GirlAnimePrincess, I just changed Babs's appearance (*cough*BabsWolf*cough)
The Motion is (c) to the wonderful Ureshiiiiii
All characters (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Song is (c) The GAZETTE
I only own the video, no more, no less
:iconswordmaster200:Swordmaster200 1 14
Again, I need help :( plz
Remember a while ago, when I wrote this journal about how I lost a lot of my fimo material and a lot of money along with it?
In case you don't here's a reminder: 
I hoped by then things would change, that I'd be able to get back the money without losing any... It would seem that I'm wrong as usual...
I've been participating to cons for almost a year now and, though I've not earned much, I gained some sort of a good reputation and friends call me to participate to 'cons and events. I had expenses but I also had some entries... 'Til now.
A friend said we'd be participating the 11th of July to an event close to my house where I would've been able to sell my stuff as well as organize the area and the people in it. I was thrilled, truly, I was so happy and I didn't even know where to start.
Yesterday we had a reunion with the people who own the place and who decided to make the event and what do we discover? That none of the people who'll be there, myself inclu
:iconreddish-muse:REDDISH-MUSE 0 33
I bit early, I know, but I wanted to wish everyone in this group a wonderful day tomorrow :)
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Group Info

This will be a group dedicated towards artwork, comics, literature and other works all based around the TV show, My Little Pony.

Rules of Submission:

Art Theft - This is pretty straightforward. if anybody notices art that has been stolen, inform me immediately and I will carry things on from there.

Sex and Nude Art - While I'm more than willing to have risqué pictures in the gallery, I would ask that no outright nudity be shown. If you're unsure of whether the art you have in mind qualifies for this, attempt a submission and I will let you know if it can be accepted or not.

Violence and Gore - In a similar vein, art heavily depicting horrific images or excessive violence will not be permitted. Again, if you're unsure, submit and I will look it over.

Harassment - This right here is completely unacceptable. If any members of this group try to harass each other, action will be taken.

I hope that clears things up for all those just joining us. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
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Want your MLP character doodled? Here's your chance!
MLP Sketch Commissions OPENHenlo! As stated above, I am available for any MLP related commissions. I'll only be available for sketches, as well as colored, or shaded sketches! I lack MLP drawings lately, so you'll be helping me expand the examples section of it, haha. Sketches of course will be done in a much better quality than my main example! (I just drew too zoomed in oh my god)
Before commissioning, please share this journal! It means a lot! 

For a quick Commission request, please follow this form commenting with all the details necessary of your oc so I can know what to do a accurate as possible!

   Name of OC(s):
  Clear References:
  Description of OC (s):

——————— ・ ⋅ ✩ ⋅ ・ ———————
                E X A M P L E
——————— ・ ⋅ ✩ ⋅ ・ ———————
Untitled by NovaMorphex
——————— ・ ⋅ ✩ ⋅ ・ ———————
Payment's will be done via paypal!
——————— ・ ⋅ ✩ ⋅ ・ ———————
Tini Peach Lineart - 3$
Tini Peach Colored - 4$
Tini Peach Shaded - 5$

    Full Body
Tiny Cherry Pixel Lineart - 5$
Tiny Cherry Pixel Colored - 6$
Tiny Cherry Pixel Shaded - 7$
——————— ・ ⋅ ✩ ⋅ ・ ———————
Commissions will be in much better quality!
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