Cutie Mark Requests are OPEN! (Read for details!)
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> If you do requests (i.e. make cutiemarks) then tell us and we'll add you to the list.
> If you're making a request (i.e. want a cutiemark), then please contact the people on this list directly.

The following people currently take Cutie Mark Requests (official + OC):

:iconlahirien: Lahirien (Check page for availability.)
:iconkinnichi: Kinnichi ???
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EmperialGOLDHobbyist Digital Artist
EmperialGold Normal by EmperialGOLD   This is my Pony and  i want one cutie mark Note in Gold with style 
Just for me 
you have the time !!!!

For exemple: 
Http Images Gold-music-notes-clip by EmperialGOLD   Https Image 800px Svg To Png 257 by EmperialGOLD   
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Hello. Can you made cutie mark for my oc Snow Daydreamer?
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i sent u a note plz reply to the email i gave which is mine >///<
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adamlhumphreysProfessional General Artist
I suppose the wording may have been somewhat ambiguous. But I've reworded the second point for better clarification:
"If you're making a request (i.e. want a cutiemark), then please contact the people on this list directly."
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Bellona27Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Sooooo the links are dead except for lahirien......
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adamlhumphreysProfessional General Artist
I semi-corrected that. Took long enough, eh? :iconajawkwardsmileplz:
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KittycrazygirlStudent Writer
Can you please do a aquamarine heart with a star like Twilight's in the middle of it please ? I am making a new pony and need a cutie mark but I am too lazy to do it XD
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MaXiumRide2Hobbyist Digital Artist
Could you do my ocs cutie mark? I just need a better quality for it.…
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ArtMeHeartStudent Artist
i can make some
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EverestMidnightStudent Artisan Crafter
Sorry can you make please one cutie mark? Some golden candies/sweets? Thanks !
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Can you do 

-two candy canes cross on the cookie

Thanks :3
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MissMele-MadnessHobbyist Digital Artist
Would you be able to create a cutie mark for my OC. One of these three options are what I'm looking for. Thanks.

1). -Stars & Constellations
2). -Music & Wings & Headphones
3). -Speed & The Night

I really appreciate it. Thank You! :)
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ShartulzHobbyist Digital Artist
I need a cutie like this a green flame and a playstation controller
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KrisNight-PROXYHobbyist General Artist
Would you please make a cutie mark incorperating these things?

-music note

That would be awesome. Please use your imagination. I'm not that picky. :D
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LuzzlyDemigodHobbyist Artist
can you do a blue heart with  white angel wings behind it but make it look like the heart has angel wings? Its a dark blue btw
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endercloakHobbyist General Artist
um can u do a cutiemark for my pony ghoulhart witch is a ghoul pony + a earth pony
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TheOverBlazeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I wish I was able to make a request but I have no money most of the time and everyone seems to be busy. From the looks of all the marks I can see why! Excellent detail love just looking at them keep up all your excellent work!:happybounce: :happybounce: 
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I haven't requested yet, but thanks in advance to everypony involved!
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littleredproxyHobbyist Artist
I whold like t make a request for a cutie mark

Its a silver moon with blood dripping off it and a kitchen knife staged in i

Thank u
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furriKiraStudent Digital Artist
NOTICE: I wont take Cutie Mark requests anymore. Thank you.
This because of my standing of having low funds and having a hard time in life.
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I'd love if you would be able to make a cutiemark for being hyper :)
But it has to mix in with the colors lightblue and white-greenish :) 
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I would like to request a cutie mark that has a flaming shield with a black glowing sword please
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Okay here goes!
So I have 2 OCs, Cloudie and Nova.
I need a cutiemark for My main oc cloudie.
It is a fluffy white/Light grey cloud with A blue and gold shield right next to it,(so long!)
And on the shield is a Black paw.

Please Pm me when it is finished!!
thanks! :D
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