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Magical Reading by UmiMizunone
Cliffside by the Moon by Duskie-06
Trixie! by UmiMizunone
Waters Of Frangipani ~ Commission by PonyEcho
Best Darn Pony Apple Jack Only
Applejack Vector 25 - Reading and Eating Apple by CyanLightning
Mistress Marevelous by Kenisu-of-Dragons
Applejack Vector 24 - So Many Apples by CyanLightning
apple j by godother
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To protect by Margony
Pandora by EmeraldBlast63
Commission - SirHowi by KamiThePony
Adventuress by Margony
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MLP - 9 years of friendship by RingTeam
Rainbow Dash by Rariedash
Togetherness by OinkTweetStudios
Thunderlane Daki by Lattynskit
Cannon Ponies 2
Can you guess the smell, Rainbow Dash? by Porygon2z
Princesse's morning haircare + SPEEDPAINT by Margony
Rainbow Dash Vector 32 - Cheerleader by CyanLightning
Siblings of the Young Six by Eli-J-Brony
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Rarijack by eagc7
Soarindash by dragonpriness
Little surprise |ArtTrade| by Kate9Arichi
MLP - Sweetie Belle buys the Switch by RingTeam
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A good and dirty rumble (Spike and Spyro) by Porygon2z
RT Ep. 52: War Is Magic Part 2 by MasterofNintendo
Pinkie as the Joker (2019) by Sapphmod
Kotal Kahn VS Princess Celestia by Darkvader2016
Swan Song 10/10 by jongoji245
Swan Song 9/10 by jongoji245
They're Calling Gallus and Sandbar by Eli-J-Brony
Swan Song 8/10 by jongoji245
A good way to curb Dracos anger by Porygon2z

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Twilight Sparkle with Shining Armor Preview by Wild-Stallions
(MLP) Hipster Fluttershy Cosplay by KrazyKari
MLP: Rarity human version by Lushni
Twilight ending [Animated] by Sapphmod
Mature Comics Fetish Comics

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Adult Sunset Shimmer by DrAltruist
MLP Show Reviews
MLP FiM: S9 E16: A Trivial Pursuit Review by Cuddlepug
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Come on, smell it, Ms Colorful! by Porygon2z
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If you're reading this, note that next week the MLP-Bronies-Group will close and be deleted. This means we'll be gone from the dA groups. The reason for this closure is not because the shows ending, in fact, the show and it's fans can live long after the final airing of the show. (Just please don't send death threats over how the show ended, your bigger than that.) I'm closing the shop because I'm tired of being the sole runner of this whole group. This means I have to sort all of the images into proper folders, ensure all entries get submitted and if I could be bothered, tell people to put the right images into the right folders. I don't want to do that however as I'd rather have others work with me and hopefully make this group very social. That plan not only failed but the others who've helped me have left. I thank everyone for their submissions and joining the group, getting over 500 members and being up for over six years really puts a big smile on my face. I'll miss running this group but if I ever find myself away for over a week with no proper internet access, then nothing would get submitted and I feel a lot of people would get upset. So thanks for everything everyone and I'm sorry for adding more members-only to have them be lost. Take care everyone and remember, don't spoil the end for the rest of the world if they choose to see the original air date.
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