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Welcome to My Little Pony: Ability is Magic. In this newly established My Little Pony oriented group, we will AiM to see your potential in all the types of creative art styles used to make the MLP fan-art we love and cherish; whether it be vector art, traditional pencil and paper, flashed gifs or sweet stamps. Of course, just as any other deviantART group around there will be rules and they will be certainly stressed, but only in the way which will make you guys and gals comfortable. Hope you enjoy all the artwork to come and make good PFFs.
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My Little Guidelines: Restrictions are Magic

Howdy, this here are the rules that'll need to be followed in order to maintain the magic of safety, oh yeah, and magic.

:bulletblue: My Little Pony: Ability is Magic Rules :bulletblue:

:bulletblack: Remember to submit to the proper folder. If you cannot find the proper folder, message me and I will amend the problem.

:bulletblack: No gore or excessive bloody pictures, and ya'll know why . . .

:bulletblack: No r34 material allowed. Flashy stuff is okay in my book, but full-out clop just ain't right.

:bulletblack: Smile, smile, smile! Have fun, guys. No arguing shall occur in this kingdom.

Remember, these are simple guidelines, if you abide to them, you'll have the greatest time here with the rest of us pony folk!

~Message me if you have any suggestions. Outlaw-Marston








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As part of the Pony-Brony community within the confined spaces of deviantART, we must stick together like caramel on an apple! What do y'ah think, buddies?

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Rarijack by eagc7
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Derpy Hooves
Chibi Derpy / Muffin Hooves Plush FOR SALE by My-Little-Plush

My Little Artist: You Are Adored

In this box, the top six deviants with the most favored deviations in the group will be displayed here, in alphabetical order.


Linkara as Earth Ponies by Ripped-ntripps Linkara as Earth Ponies :iconripped-ntripps:Ripped-ntripps 20 2 Linkara hold Green Ranger(spike) Action Figures by Ripped-ntripps Linkara hold Green Ranger(spike) Action Figures :iconripped-ntripps:Ripped-ntripps 18 2 Clone Commander Blitz into Pony by Ripped-ntripps Clone Commander Blitz into Pony :iconripped-ntripps:Ripped-ntripps 49 46 Spoiled Rich X Spike by Ripped-ntripps Spoiled Rich X Spike :iconripped-ntripps:Ripped-ntripps 29 58 Bubble Berry x Spike by Ripped-ntripps Bubble Berry x Spike :iconripped-ntripps:Ripped-ntripps 16 6 Dusk Shine x Spike by Ripped-ntripps Dusk Shine x Spike :iconripped-ntripps:Ripped-ntripps 39 22 Elusive x Spike by Ripped-ntripps Elusive x Spike :iconripped-ntripps:Ripped-ntripps 24 9 Apple Jack x Spike by Ripped-ntripps Apple Jack x Spike :iconripped-ntripps:Ripped-ntripps 20 5 Rainbow Blitz x Spike by Ripped-ntripps Rainbow Blitz x Spike :iconripped-ntripps:Ripped-ntripps 23 6 Butterscotch x Spike by Ripped-ntripps Butterscotch x Spike :iconripped-ntripps:Ripped-ntripps 19 0 MLP Villains - Nightmare Moon by sandara MLP Villains - Nightmare Moon :iconsandara:sandara 14,178 662 MLP - Twilight learning magic by RingTeam MLP - Twilight learning magic :iconringteam:RingTeam 62 8 Trixie Necromancer by Marikyt Trixie Necromancer :iconmarikyt:Marikyt 79 9 Destruction Canterlot by Marikyt Destruction Canterlot :iconmarikyt:Marikyt 181 10 Magic Sonata by Marikyt Magic Sonata :iconmarikyt:Marikyt 262 12 Pony Card Commissions! by Zelda5 Pony Card Commissions! :iconzelda5:Zelda5 3 0
Howdy. I'll keep it brief. I will be updating this journal much more frequently in order for this journal to have a purpose.

News about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
  :bulletgreen: My Little Pony Website Switches from "Rainbow Power" To "Cutie Mark Magic"
  :bulletgreen: Twilight and Trixie Snowball Magic Duel - Friendship is Battle

News about My Little Pony: Equestria Girls:
  :bulletgreen: Further Proof that Aria is Best Dazzling

New Members of January:
  :bulletblack: peabsgirl
  :bulletblack: FelishaMarieArt
  :bulletblack: MLPegasis4898
  :bulletblack: ahmad-mohamed
  :bulletblack: L3Th4lPrOdiGy
  :bulletblack: lunatwilight1235

New Watchers of January:
  :bulletblack: To Be Determined . . .
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