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Toadette and Daize : Chapter 1

Here is the cover of my main comic : Toadette and Daïze.
There are four chapters for the moment

This story deals with a friendship between those two characters since they participated together to the Gand Slam (more information here [link] ) .

Daïze is the name of the paratroopa who taked part in MKDD’s competitions (actually he has no name so I wanted to find him one ^-^ ).
The scene takes place several months after the grand slam…

Here is the beginning :

all "Toadette and Daïze" pics --> [link]

I'd like to thank :iconpeachy4ever: for her help with the orthograph through the whole chapters. :aww:

Toadette and Daïze FAQ --->

Toadette, Patapata © Nintendo
Daïze © Me
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pheeph's avatar
Man, everything has eyes... it's creepy... but I guess that's how the Mario universe works...
Mloun's avatar
Yep. :fear:
Not all the time if we see games like SMB3, but still, we can hardly figure a Mario universe landscape without those eyes somewhere...
Yerdian's avatar
Awww, this is so cute! I also think it's good that you draw backgrounds!
Mloun's avatar
Thank you very much.
I still remember whe I drew it 3 years ago, I really liked this background even if I don't find it that special now.
poptart24's avatar
This is amazing...I:heart:IT!
Mloun's avatar
Oh thank you ! ^^
Romaniya's avatar
Aww, this is a really cute drawing. I like it a lot!
Mloun's avatar
Thank you very much ! ^^

And yet this drawing has 2 years old :XD:
Rock-Raider's avatar
Ah, a friendship that would've been, before Paper Mario, a big taboo.
Mloun's avatar
Sure! ... Who would have accepted that kind of love... Except Birdo and Yoshi? :XD:
so you're the one who did this?i like it a lot!i run into this picture all the time.
Mloun's avatar
^_^ Thanks.
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