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I felt like making TOADETTE REQUESTS

:icontoadettelaplz::icontoadettelaplz::icontransparentplz:EDIIIIIIIIIT :icontransparentplz:!!:icontoadettelaplz::icontoadettelaplz:

all Toadette requests I already made -->…


Yeah... That seemed weird... Offering free requests, all of a sudden... :icondontunderstandplz:
But hey, I had to keep drawing... I've always been used to this. ^^

Why Toadette ? Simple reason :

November 7  2013 is her 10th anniversary !!!

Yes, Toadette has been officially introduced to the world on November 7, 2003 (Japan) :icontoadettelaplz:

Anyone can ask me a request, but before please read the conditions :

:bulletred: There can be other characters but the pic also has to be focused on Toadette.

:bulletred: If you want an OC in the pic, please choose one who isn't too difficult to draw (I should say the same thing if it's another existing character but whatever ^^).

:bulletred: Avoid asking for a background : it's important for me to keep a blank version. But you can post the pic with your chosen background on your gallery, there's no problem about it.
(That said, I may exceptionnally draw a background if it is important for the pic in question)

:bulletred: Not too too too much details. I expect lots of requests...

:bulletred: Gore? Sexiness?... it depends on the content, but, just to warn you : I'm not a fan of these stuffs so I may easily refuse it, or draw it in another way.:no:

Now that I say this, we can start ! :w00t:

Request 01 :iconelliemcdoodler: --> Request 02 :iconruinc: -->
Request 03 :iconaso-designer: --> Request 04 :iconsilverhammerbro: -->
Request 05 :iconbabyluigionfire: --> Request 06 :iconruinc: -->
Request 07 :iconkingasylus91: --> Request 08 :iconjk-kino: -->
Request 09 :icontallsimeon2003: --> Request 10 :iconbabyluigionfire: -->
Request 11 :iconkidai: --> Request 12 :iconsarahthemii: -->
Request 13 :iconrock-raider: --> Request 14 :iconxmariofan101x: -->
Request 15 :iconinflat-a-toad: --> Request 16 :iconhg-the-hamster: -->
Request 17 :iconkingasylus91: --> Request 18 :iconkingasylus91: -->
Request 19 :iconultra-star: --> Request 20 :iconultra-star: -->
Request 21 :iconelliemcdoodler: --> Request 22 :iconaso-designer: -->
Request 23 :iconkingasylus91: --> Request 24 :iconlightdemoncodeh: -->
Request 25 :icontnanananaaa: --> Request 26 :icondededeman7: -->
Request 27 :iconmonsterman25: --> Request 28 :iconruinc: -->
Request 29 :iconrock-raider: --> Request 30 :iconmonsterman25: -->
Request 31 :iconlightdemoncodeh: --> Request 32 :iconnyro1: -->
Request 33 :iconrock-raider: --> Request 34 :iconbowser2queen: -->
Request 35 :iconfanficdude: --> Request 36 :icondededeman7: -->
Request 37 :icongriffinsnset: --> Request 38 :iconcarmen-the-hedjegog: -->
Request 39 :iconroxyfett007: --> Request 40 :iconbombertim: -->
Request 41 :iconlightdemoncodeh:--> Request 42 :iconkaburninator: -->
Request 43 :iconlamarce: --> Request 44 : :iconthousandmilehorizon: -->
Request 45 :iconicefatal: --> Request 46 :iconkingasylus91: -->
Request 47 :iconinflat-a-toad: --> Request 48 :icondededeman7: -->
Request 49 :iconwaluigisrevenge: --> Request 50 :iconbabyluigionfire: -->
Request 51 :iconpheeph: --> Request 52 :icongriffinsnset: -->
Request 53 :iconruinc: --> Request 54 :iconhg-the-hamster: -->
Request 55 :iconkidAi: --> Request 56 :icondededeman7: -->
Request 57 :iconnawel249: --> Request 58 :iconkingasylus91: -->
Request 59 :iconinflat-a-toad: --> Request 60 :iconpowerkidzforever: -->
Request 61 :iconultra-star: --> Request 62 :iconkingasylus91: -->
Request 63 :icondededeman7:-->  done    Request 64 :iconmolesdiaz: --> done
Request 65 :iconsilverhammerbro: --> done Request 66 :iconzucanki: --> done
Request 67 :iconrock-raider: --> done Request 68 :iconelliemcdoodler: --> done
Request 69 :iconpheeph: --> done Request 70 :iconhg-the-hamster: --> done
Request 71 :iconnawel249: --> request Request 72 --> :iconruinc: request
Request 73 :iconlightdemoncodeh: --> request Request 74 :iconcaptor-variety-girl: --> request
Request 75 :iconsilverhammerbro: --> request Request 76 :icontanookidude64: -->…
Request 77 :iconthedemonfox236: -->…

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It would have changed her story and interraction with other characters, not to mention the presence of a female character so early among the toads, it would have a good memory on the little girls of that time... If she was ever created on 1987 that is...
Inflat-a-Toad's avatar
Can I request a pic of Toadette blowing up Toad?
Mloun's avatar
Requests are over
Tanookidude64's avatar
Can you draw ashley toad kisses abdo squirrel on the cheek

Abdo squirrel…

Ashley Toad…
Mloun's avatar
Ah sorry, I draw only request regarding the character Toadette. :)
Tanookidude64's avatar
I have an idea you can draw abdo and Ashley with toadette and daize

That means its a double date
Mloun's avatar
Yes I can do that ^^ (sorry for the late ^^')
Tanookidude64's avatar
Its OK no worries

You can find a picture of me on my profile Id picture
Mloun's avatar
Yes, I already downloaded the two pictures. :)
Tanookidude64's avatar
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damn it i want one!
Mloun's avatar
You can ask for one. :D
But I'll start drawing it as soon as I'm done with the other ones. :3
Cerise-Omega987's avatar
ok, can you draw toadette with my toad ella
Mloun's avatar
Noted. I've just edited the list ^^
LightDemonCodeH's avatar
Toadette as Rouge in Sonic Heroes clothes with Toadette's pigtail orbs as her breasts, saying "they aren't hair, they are actually squishy!" with an embarrassed face.
Mloun's avatar
Ok. I finally got the time to draft your request but do you want Toadette to have Rouge wings as well ? :)
LightDemonCodeH's avatar
yeah but the wings are really fake looking, like cardboard or paper-maiche.
Mloun's avatar
Ok, I'll try not to forget that. :D
LightDemonCodeH's avatar
just curious when can i expect delivery?
Mloun's avatar
Actually they were already done I just didn't find time to color them but I hope I'll do that before next week once and for all ^^; Sorry
HG-The-Hamster's avatar
Alright I'll have a 3rd go lol

How about Toadette giving my FC Lily ( ) a Lily :L

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