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[gore] Anything for the queen [ Contest Entry ]

Well here it is ! ^^
I always wanted to draw Crarrie ! owq
I mean look at her ! Her pastels colors are so cute omg
I was really happy to finally draw her babies ^w^ <333
I hope you like it sweetie ! 

Carrie Claus and Ingrid belongs to :iconlittlemissdevil21:
Drawing by me
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(And thank you for being patient!)

You really went all out here, the concept is so creative! You’re also the first person to add Ingrid to an entry! Firstly, I LOVE how Carrie looks in your style; her smirk is so in character! It’s also cool that she’s literally sitting on a pile of dead bodies, my GOODNESS! 🤣😂😅

Super awesome that Ingrid is standing in the background; it really does represent her boss title! The lollipops, the lava, bare trees; I love the hellish elements here! Sure, their Hell isn’t an Inferno but I can imagine this as a cave of some sort!

Overall, this is fantastic!
Thank you so much for entering and good luck! <3
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Awww thank you so much sweetie ! twt
Your words hit me directly in my heart. xwx
I'm really happy you like this idea !
I was really satisfied to draw her so I'm satisfied to know that you like it ! ^^ <333