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Tanuki Destiny Comic Cover

Hello everyone
Nook's Leaf I hope you are all safe. ^^ Nook's Leaf 2 

Do you know Animal Crossing ?
 You surely do with New Horizons which is really popular during this time.

But do you really know one of the most important main antogonist ?

Toom Nook Blushes Gif 50x50  Tom Nook  Toom Nook Blushes Gif 50x50 

This game is innocent, adorable. But why there will be a vilain ? Owo ?

Internet treat this raccoon as a evil capitalist raccoon. 
First he is a tanuki, a japanese dog. ^^'
Capitalist is a really hard word to describe this character, 
Every journalist tell he is a bad guy with a evil heart (CLICKBAITTTT) but if it's true why the own creator of the game think he is really misunderstood ? :'))))
   Is Internet really interested by him ?
Well no, when I understand that some people don't like him just because "he have money"(Thanks to my brother :))) 
I have to make things clear.

I have decided to make a comic based on his past.
 Of course I'll had my oc ! It's a fan comic.
But I hope it will make him more understandable if it's tells in a comic.
I prefer to not read any comments which tells me it's useless.
Yes, He is my favorite character. ^^'
I hope you will like this story. :DDDDDDD

Seizure Kitty Dance Seizure Kitty Dance Seizure Kitty Dance Seizure Kitty Dance Seizure Kitty Dance Seizure Kitty Dance 

 Hum hum sorry I feel awkward when I criticized ^^''''

I draw this comic traditionally and I colored it on Paint Tool Sai.
It will be easier to make it faster.
 oH and for the lucky who read everything I remake my old comic about Cuphead so be prepared ! ow<

Thanks to all your support.

banned fella (Reactions)  It forbidden to take or steal my art without my permission and if you want to use it you have to notify me banned fella (Reactions)
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Im totally looking forward to this comic! When will it come out?

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Aww thank you for the support ! ^^

No worry, I try to finish the first page ! > <

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love this already
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Awww thank you so much! owq <333
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Oo, looks interesting :0

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Thank you ! owq <3<3<3<3
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