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I finally finish my entry for the Deviantart / Wacom contest "Radical Racer" ! ^^

I really liked the idea of a contest around the chara-design of a racer. It's the first time I try to draw a transportation and a racer, it's really interesting to search references about this subject.
To imagine her design I inspired me with different ideas like the vintage woman hairstyle with a head scarf mixed with the old aviator hat.

Her name is Melissa Serrano, she's Italian and is 23 years old. She's one of the most redoubtable racer of her generation and ride a pure example of the modern technology in the Titan League : The Fallen Monarchy. A unique transportation inspired by her brother's one. Her adversaries always believes that she is someone cold, but she only hide her weaknesses. She's the sister of an ancient racer of the country. Her family always been really serious and her parents never accepted the fact that her brother, Valentino Serrano, left the house to be racer, even if she always admires him. Her sibling died when she was 13, he was shot by an assassin after one of his best race. Since this sad tragedy, she decided to became a racer to perpetuate her brother's honor and to secretly find her brother's assassin. Before her brother was killed, he gave to Melissa the arrival banner he wins to the race. Until that day she tie the banner around her hips to bring her good luck as a lucky charm and to feel that her brother is watching her from beyond.
The racers present at the last race of Valentino were from a high level, so, she decided to graduate and to win every races. Her goal is to be able to finally find the assassin between all the famous racers and take her revenge.  
About The Fallen Monarchy :
Her transportation is one of a kind, it have to be ride like a motorcycle and have many particularities. It have 6 arms for 3 wheels which turn on themselves really fast, the principle of this vehicle is that it can plane for 30 minutes and be totally independent into the air. The vehicle can change of form : the three wheels can stand on only two arms, so the four others can expel some fire to make the transportation faster. She consider her special tricks as her babies, two blue pump nozzle. With, she throw ink on the window of her adversaries to disturb them, like in a famous game that she loved as a child. And with she can also throw fuel, this is her attack the most dangerous for racers life since it's a really good liquid flammable with the fire that is expel from the back.

Thanks for reading everything ! ^^'

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