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Easter 2020

To present my Animal Crossing oc I choose this day : Easter day !!

Toom Nook Blushes Gif 50x50 Seems like this Tanuki chooses the bad day to offer a gift. Toom Nook Blushes Gif 50x50  
Zipper is watching us with Glitchtrap.

❤ Have fun and enjoy this day to forget for a day this complicated period and stay safe ❤

Fun Fact:
I don't have a switch and neither the game new horizon :') (cry inside)
My first and favorite game I ever played is Animal crossing New Leaf. ovo

Animal Crossing
Tom Nook, Timmy, Tommy, Zipper
belongs to Nintendo

Roseline (oc) belongs to me

banned fella (Reactions)  It forbidden to take or steal my art without my permission and if you want to use it you have to notify me banned fella (Reactions)
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What have you done, Tom?! Everyone's supposed to FIND their own eggs, not have said eggs given to them!!!

You've incurred Zipper's wrath upon us all...!! :nuu:

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Oh no ! RUN EVERYONE !! Runn away from the creepy bunny ! XD

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AAAAH I LOVE THEM :'0 hope to see more of Roseline!! <3
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Awwww thank you sweetie ! owqqqq <333
I promise to do more about her ! <3
Kirbypuff326's avatar
Very welcome <33
LittleMissDevil21's avatar
She’s so cute! ❤️
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Awwwwww, your OC is really adorable >w<

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Thank U !! owq <333333333
InesFlower's avatar

You're welcome ^^

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Your OC Roseline is so cutie :3
MlleLynxia's avatar
AWWWW thank youu ! owo 
I'm always happy to hear that my community like my new character! ^^
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You're welcome ^w^
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