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Hi, i'm sorry to get a message like that but i have something to tell you..

I will be clear and frank, I can not do MMD any more or see even everything related to mmd (like models). You are probably wondering why.

 it's very simple, my computer can not hold up. 
You need to know that I am using a family computer that can be used by anyone in my family. 

So if this one does not work anymore because of the overload that I make him by doing MMD, this could penalize people who need this computer (for important working...)

I'm sorry for bothering people who asked for models, But I'm in the same trouble as you, 
I take full responsibility, I should not have overworked my computer.

Once again I'm sorry for giving you a misstep.

I had planned to buy a computer even more powerful to be able to do more models and MMD.

I do not know if the page will still be active but I hope.

As soon as I bought a new personal computer, I could do it again. But for now, I can't.

I am again sincerely sorry, but I hope you understand my choice.

Goodbye ❤