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I thought it'd be good to have a FAQ for you guys to check out if you have any questions about me (or most importantly my art). I will try to update this journal when it's needed.
If you have any more questions, please do ask them and I will see if I can add them on here.


1. What programs do you use?

Adobe Photoshop CC for my digital paintings.

Adobe Flash CS4 for my animations and icon-making.

Fruity Loops 8/10 for my music.

2. What tablet do you use?

A Wacom Intuos4, Medium size

3.How do you make your lineart so clean looking?

It's very ironic because my lineart process is very messy! The most common way to make lineart is to first start off with a very messy initial sketch and then sometimes make yet another sketch on top of that before doing the lineart.
But what I do is that I do a sketch but instead of making a new layer I just clean up the first sketch I made and make that into the final lineart. Somehow this works best for me right now.
To answer the question: I have no idea :D

4. How long does it take to finish a picture?

This is a difficult question for me to answer since I really dont pay attention to the time when I'm working on a painting xD
But if the picture have an advanced background and a detailed character it might take around 15-20 hours. A character only with a gradient background takes about 5-10 hours - Depending on the details.

5. How long have you been dealing with art?

Like I use to say: Since the first time my small hands got the hand of a crayon.
But I've been serious about art since around 2005. But more so when I joined DeviantART the following year.

When it comes to digital art I first started playing around with Photoshop as a program before I got my hands on a tablet. Which was back in the early 2007. My first work was merely a colored version of one of my traditional drawings (… ).
And then one year later I made my first real painting…

6. How are you so good at drawing hands?

I wouldn't say I'm good at drawing hands. I'm allright at drawing hands! But basically all it has to do with is that I watch my hands a lot, however weird that sounds. And when I do draw more intricate hand poses I simply put my hand in that pose and draw it! Sometimes you might need a mirror - Especially for poses that are from the front.

7. Do you take commissions or requests?

Yes, I open up a set amount of slots every month.

Requests are only for close friends.

8. Do you go to or did you go to art school?

No. I did go the art-direction in "upper-secondary-school" on the other hand, but those lessons where very very basic and did not teach me any digital coloring. Like many people here on DeviantART I learned by observing others, trying to recreate what I saw. After much practice and observing you end up with your own style! I constantly pick up new tricks from artists as I go. You always keep improving.

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I can't even draw a straight stick figure so I let mother nature do her "art thing" and then just take pictures :P lol