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You're Mine Tonight

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29Jan2012 edit: Added more atmospheric color.

No one but you and me...

Simple love~

I've worked on this in small and big doses like everyday for at least a week now :I Finally I'll call it finished!
So yeah. Don't have much else to say about it : ) Enjoy.

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Randomly browsing through Deviantart, coming across this.. simply amazing! o.o
MLeth's avatar
Why thank you!
Theturtleswaterfall's avatar
What a message does up person, and parents
Theturtleswaterfall's avatar
I just feel sorry for yuno
MLeth's avatar
What are you on about? Who's Yuno?
Eduard0002's avatar
They looks like Yuno and Yukki of Mirai Nikki ^u^
MLeth's avatar
And now I'm sad ): Such a messed up anime!
MLeth's avatar
Isn't it the one where the girl is a murdering psychopath?
MLeth's avatar
And you don't find it to be a bit messed up? xD
Eduard0002's avatar
He does it for the love of Yukki XD
Kanisaur's avatar
yOOOOoooo this is so lit, man. Love it. 
Poki-art's avatar
aaaaaaahh i cant stop staring @_@ i love your art!
it's been a long time, wasn't it? xD
MLeth's avatar
Hehe thanks! Have you been away so long that you hadn't seen this yet? 8O
Poki-art's avatar
i had some ups and downs and breaks from deviantart, and i cant remember if i've seen this one, but i still like it. you're doing great job with your art! = D
RoxieIsAlive's avatar
<333 Love this x3 ^///^
MLeth's avatar
HG-The-Hamster's avatar
That glow and values they are perfect
Deus-Ex-Designs's avatar
I love your style! Keep it up :)
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