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WoW - Eone on Timeless Isle

By MLeth
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Listen to this soundtrack while you read below and look at the painting:…

Wow. I am finally done.:iconwipetearsplz: 
I've been adding to this for ages but now I'll call it done! (for now)

This is my oldest World of Warcraft character named Eone (created 2007) - She is a Blood Elf hunter and she's hunting wildlife on Timeless Isle with her trusty pet Glassbilen! I have transmorged her gear into an older set from vanilla WoW, since I find the look of the old gear to be very charming! Here it is… . I had to take liberties with the design though, since the gear is not 3D rendered at all.

I started working on this about a week ago and I wanted to do something I hadn't done before with this one. Watching a lot of Bluefleys video tutorials and speedpaints I got really inspired and decided to color this in a very different way than I usually do. First off I merged the lineart layer with the basecolors and THEN shaded. Using only one layer for each character/creature. Same with the background. I can't even begin to express how much easier and exciting it is to color this way. You are free to change things as you go instead of being chained to the initial lineart. 
Now, for the painting itself - I see now after I'm done that there are some major scale errors but I honestly I don't care right now because I spent well over 25 hours on this. I hope you will like it anyway!

Bonus drawing of Eone from 2007:
Eone by MLeth

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I think your decision to add the sunlight on the edges of the monster's fur is what boosts the overall painting up to the next level. That being said, as a WoW player myself, I can appreciate your behind-the-scenes time and creativity required to take an armor design from a decade ago and update it while retaining the features which attracted you to the armor years ago.

The overall painting is well-composed both at the thumbnail size AND at regular size, too. (That's an impressive feat, considering how much detail is in the painting.)
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Glad to hear you enjoyed this! It's very flawd from a composition standpoint in retrospect but it holds a dear place in my heart since it's basically my only WoW fanart to this day. WoW has been a part of my life since 2007 so it feels strange to not have made more fanart! Maybe when Classic comes out I'll be more motivated hoho (even if Blood Elves won't be present)
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Är det här porr?
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oi, das link ist broken
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Don't even remember what the song was ):
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oh well... maybe timeless isle music? :)
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That giant yak monster is adorable!
"Ehmagherd, she shert me!"
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Pretty cool!
What is that monster you're fighting?
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It's called an Irunfur Great Bull! They have quite a bad temper xD
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:icondragonwant: Spectacular scene and shading ^_^
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My pleasure ^_^
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Riktigt bra bild med glada färger och fint ljus!
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Man tackar o bockar!
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Haha I love when you out do yourself :clap::D
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it's so cool Avatar For BrutalFruit! 
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You are just so damn cool.
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Haha, thank you, Miss Eli!
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really digging this style. specially with her armor and the lightning effect on that wolf's fur. amazing work as always, mat! :iconyeahplz:
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Booyahrr, thanks bro! <3
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fabulous as always ;w;
I love the lighting! and the detail on her armor! (and her dog looks amazing!!)
very nice dynamics as well x3
its definitely cool to see you try this sort of style on a more full picture! :D I can tell the difference from your previous work.
you did a great job ;w;b

maybe its just my laptop screen.... but id almost say you could push the contrast a touch more, to really make it pop! 8D
(did hell just freeze over, or did I just suggest more contrast to you....? o_____o)
then again, its probably just my laptop! X'D
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She'd better make this shot count as it's her last arrow - and all her previous shots have been rubbish!


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