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Finally - a real fan art for my favorite gaming franchise! WipEout <3


It is near impossible for me to express my love for this gaming series in one picture.. Especially since the games biggest strength is the sense of speed and adrenaline :'D
But I had alot of fun making this regardless!

WipEout has always been a very underrated and rather unknown gaming franchise. Maybe because they've always been among every PlayStation console release lineup.. Whatever the case might be I really recommend playing any of these games. The newest releases would be Wipeout HD and Fury for the PS3 which are both available on PSN and then we have Wipeout 2048 for the PlayStation Vita : D
But if you still love your PSP you should check out both Wipeout Pure and Pulse.

I remember playing the very first game in the franchise on the very first PlayStation console. It was such a difficult game to be good at but very easy to fall in love with! I mean come on - Who doesn't love hovering racing crafts and pumping electronic music? ;D
(and no, I never played F-Zero)

WipEout - AG Systems by MLeth

WipEout belongs to Studio Liverpool (…)

Please do not use, or alter, my work in any way without my permission.

If you have any questions, have a look at my FAQ first:…
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Have you ever heard of Redout? It's another AG racing game that boasts crazy speed, with games like Wipeout and F-zero being cited as the major inspirations.