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Stormtrooper Brooke

I've wanted to draw Brooke aka Bob as a stormtrooper ever since I saw the first trailer to Dice's Battlefront but never got around to it since I didn't buy the game! I'd like to do one for Battlefield 1 too! Not sure what outfit to give her though since I know very little about WW1..

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Mature Content

 Gun Pin Up - AK-47 with Brooke aka Bob by MLeth Bob by MLeth

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Brooke better hope they dont shoot the tummy...

Pawzitivity's avatar
Captain Phasma ain't got nothing on her ;3
MLeth's avatar
Hehe, well for one Brooke will survive longer! Then again, that's not a high bar!
Pawzitivity's avatar
I know, i mean freaking Jar Jar lasted longer then her!! 
Aren't you a little adorable for a Stormtrooper?
MLeth's avatar
Gatekeeping being a Stormtrooper are we? )': 
janus-006's avatar
She makes a very cute and charming stormtrooper. Way too innocent and adorable; she needs hugs instead of combat training.
ccdelvo's avatar
sooooooo cute
Wait0wat's avatar
Stormtroopers never get enough love.
MLeth's avatar
Right? They wouldn't/couldn't hurt a fly!
MLeth's avatar
Thanks man!
grazerone's avatar
CRexFish's avatar
No wonder the stormtroopers miss their targets...
SlyFlySpyGuy's avatar
I knew someone would've said this before me. Dangit.
Brave-Shine's avatar
She also looks awesome in stormtrooper outfit, you're doing a awesome work here! 
ares12's avatar
The armor is useless anyways, so why not show some skin? =P
EsorkZassinGonzalez's avatar
Eh the Storm and Clone Trooper armor can resist Blaster Pistols, but Heavy Blaster Pistols like Han solo and any other rifles can kill them with it. However, thanks to the armor, it's been said that the majority of Storm Troopers who have been shot are not dead, just knocked out.
TheUltimateGravoid's avatar
You have a talent for drawing cute girls. :la:
MLeth's avatar
Hehe thanks! Been drawing em for a while (while ignoring to draw guys) so I'm happy to hear it!
Meteorofbullshit's avatar
Still misses every target.
MLeth's avatar
Then you'll be alive longer so you can check out her belly!
KittyNinee's avatar

Have a stomach like do the same :)

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