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Quantum drive

After seeing the latest Star Wars trailer and being generally excited about Star Citizen I decided to make this thing (it's not direct fan art though)! Feels like it's been ages since I did anything about space and it was oddly refreshing to work on this. 
I chose to keep the space really simple - Aka not a million colorful stars, nebulae and planets. I mean, space IS pretty empty amiright? No but I just really wanted to convey a huge scope with this one and first of all the full resolution is something above 7000 pixels wide xD 
The video of a multicrew ship zipping towards a planet and then coming across a huge space station out of nowhere is just so insanely cool. Here's a clip:
I seriously cannot wait for the full game.

I used this model as a frame of reference:…

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damn if only i had half of your skill
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Hey so I know you aren't looking for critique on this composition, but this stuck out to me. I like the idea behind it, I was excited for Star Wars too before I saw it! I'd totally watch it again too. 
But your image is conflicting, you have 2 focal points that distract from the emphasis of the picture. What would work a lot more is if the perspective was moved more so behind the ship to
bring the view of where the ship is going into emphasis. I like the picture though! Love what you post, been watching you for a couple of years now. 
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reminds me of my EVE days :)

an awesome piece indeed.
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Awesome, love it!
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That is one fantastic piece! I'm looking forward to Star Citizen too and i really hope all the current furor about it is groundless
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Yeah, I mean all the drama is basically based on the fact that Star Citizen is the biggest open-development game ever and when worthless "journalists" sees some unfinished stuff being released to the backers they go absolutely bananas. I believe in their vision! :D
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Wop wop, thanks! :D
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Your scifi art is spectacular!!
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Thank you! 
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You're welcome!
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