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December 14, 2015
[Stock & Resources] MLeth's Lens Flare Tutorial (Photoshop) by MLeth is an detailed and well explained walk through of how to add some epic touches to your space and science fiction art. 
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MLeth's Lens Flare Tutorial (Photoshop)

After promising to make one for about 2 years now I finally kicked myself in the ass and made this entire tutorial in one day. I'm weird like that I guess :iconteeheeneplz:
As mentioned in the tutorial itself; If you do have any questions about something you find unclear, feel free to ask and I'll try to explain!
Now, the way I make the Bokeh effect might not be the very best one but it works I guess! I'd be glad if anyone could tell me if there's a better way haha.
Anyways, I do hope this will be helpful! And hopefully there will be less standard Photoshop lens flare filters used out there. If I can make one less person use that horrid filter then I'll count this as a success.

Deviation used in this tutorial:
Quantum drive by MLeth

Glow Tutorial that goes more in depth about layers and layer blending options etc:

MLeth's GLOW Tutorial by MLeth

Coloring tutorial:

MLeth's Coloring Tutorial (Photoshop) by MLeth

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JAMarlow's avatar
Nice turorial!
D4N13l3's avatar
great tutorial!
exist a program dedicated to lens flare: Lensflare studio very fast and simply to use ;-)
MLeth's avatar
Hehe yeah those programs are probably very useful! But I'm guessing they are aimed at proffesional artists. This is a free alternative that anyone can do (well, for people with photoshop haha).
D4N13l3's avatar
right! ;-) 
I think lens flare studio isn't professional it's only a very fast way to add to image some kind of effects ;-)
LindArtz's avatar
Congratulations on your much deserved DD! :clap:
MLeth's avatar
Aw, thank you! :dummy:
SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
Very helpful tutorial!
Thank you so very much for putting it together. 
MLeth's avatar
Pleasure is all mine! If I can make only a handful people stop using the standard photoshop lens flare then I'll be happy!
SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
You're absolutely right. While the built-in lens flare may be useful from time to time... it really is time to get away from it and go beyond. 

Once again, thank you!
OfficialByraine's avatar
Oh man, I love lens flares. Thanks for sharing!
MLeth's avatar
Thanks for looking!
jwdonley's avatar
Awesome stuff. I'm slowly earning my Photoshop scars.
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
MLeth's avatar
Thannk you! :ahoy:
G-e-o-L-o-g-i-c-a-l's avatar
Great tutorial!

I'm doing 3D illustrations but prefer doing lighting effects like these in 2D because they're so much fun! :D

Congrats on the DD too
MLeth's avatar
Hehe, it's fun indeed! 

And thanks :la:
ReclusiveChicken's avatar
This might give me some ideas to use in GIMP.
ultimatesol's avatar
im afraid but whole tutorial could've been shorter
MLeth's avatar
Maybe so! I tried not to go into too much detail but still make it so that beginners have a chance to make their lens flares.
pulahun's avatar
thanks, looks good :-)
Nikolad92's avatar
This will definitely come in handy in a future project.
Thanks for Sharing!
MLeth's avatar
Sweet, good luck!
silverheart-nine's avatar
Aaaah! So cool. I bet this is really going to help me out, thanks! Frog dance 
MLeth's avatar
Great, have fun with it! :D
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